The Cartridgori (pronounced Car-tridge-or-eye) is a system created by BreakfastSquad in 1990. Made as a competitor to the NES, Sega Master, and Atari 2600, the Cartridgori features Internet Connection and Radio equipment, sold individually from the system and enhanced volume and graphics, being able to have 8 colors per sprite instead of colors, and allowing composed music, which was not in other systems until the Sega Genesis, Atari Jaguar/Lynx, and SNES.


  • 10-bit processors
  • MOS Technology 6502 Core
  • 4 Controller Slots
  • 2 Expansion Slots
  • 5 by 7 inch ROM cartridges


  1. Spikeyfruit (29.64 Million as of September 2000) (Pack-in) (Released 1990)
  2. VVVVVV (19.99 Million as of September 2000) (Pack-in) (Released 1990)
  3. Final Fantasy (2 Million as of March 2003) (Standalone) (Released 1987 originally)


In 1985, the creator of this system originally saw video game consoles on the rise in Japan and America. The creator wanted a system that wasn't 8-bit like the NES and the Sega Master System, but had a bit of a higher level advance-wise. The creator thought of a system which could look similar to the NES but behave as well as a 16-bit system. The team of developers began creation right away.

In 1987, BreakfastSquad showed off their new system at the CES Confrence. Only a few people noticed it. Those who saw it told their friends and at 3:40 AM, January 5th, 1987, the Cartridgori was a hit among casual gamers, who saw the graphics increase, internet connection, and audio increase as striking gold in the video game industry.

In 1990, the system was released with Spikeyfruit and VVVVVV as the Pack-in launch titles. Spikeyfruit was met with extreme popularity, while VVVVVV stayed as the game in Spikeyfruit's shadow. The system stayed stocked in shelves until 2000, when the system was taken out of stores.

Titles (insert any titles you want for this system here)

  • Spikeyfruit
  • Final Fantasy

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