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Cartoon Star Fighting Battle Royale is a game for the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Playstation 4.

Playable Characters

Cartoon Network Characters

Picture Name Moves Ultimate Finish Franchise
Dexterrender Dexter

Normal Special-Laser Gun

Side Special-Gear Staff

Down Special-Bomb Robot

Up Special-Alchemy

Robo-Dexo 2000 Dexter's Lab
FinnATR Finn the Human

Normal Special-Sword

Side Special-Blowtorch

Down Special-Crossbow

Up Special-Justice Uppercut

The Enchiridion Adventure Time
Tom and jerry tranparent Tom And Jerry

Normal Special-IN ME POWER

Side Special-Violin

Down Special-Knife

Up Special-Cheese

Bomb Barrage Tom And Jerry

Nickelodeon Characters

Picture Name Moves Ultimate Finish Franchise
SpongeBobNH SpongeBob SquarePants

Normal Special-Jellyfish Net

Side Special-Nasty Patty

Down Special-Bubble Blow

Up Smash-Floating Pants

Jellyfish Swarm Spongebob Squarepants
Aang2 Aang

Normal Special-Water Whip

Side Special-Fire Blast

Down Special-Earth Pillar

Up Special-Air Shield

Avatar State Avatar

Disney Characters

Picture Name Moves Ultimate Finish Franchise
Mickey-2-psd16624 Mickey

Normal Special-Pen

Side Special-Keyblade

Down Special-TV

Up Special-Fighter Plane

Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse
Grapplin hook mabel Mabel Pines

Normal Special-Cat Ammunition

Side Special-Puppet Tickle

Down Special-Smile Dip

Up Special-Grappling Hook

Lemon Babies Gravity Falls

FOX Characters

Picture Name Moves Ultimate Finish Franchise
Watdafu Peter Griffin

Normal Special-Beer

Side Special-Bird Is The Word

Down Special-Peterang

Up Special-Peterdactyl

Chicken Fight Family Guy

Hub Characters

To Be Added Later

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