Cartoon Network Movie (1992)
Director Ted Turner
Distributor(s) Cartoon Network Studios
Warner Bros. pictures film
New Line Cinema
Columbia Tristar
MGM Studios
Universal Studios
Genre(s) Comedy
Country of Origin American
Age Rating(s)
Mature (18+)
Original Language English
Runtime 3h58m
Series Cartoon Network
Prequel(s) Super Secret Crisis War (2014)
Sequel(s) Cartoon Network II: Past of the Glory (1996)
Cartoon Network Movie is an live-action film directed by Ted Turner. The films have a comedy, thriller, fantasy and adventure was distributed by Cartoon Network Studios with Warner Bros. pictures film,New Line Cinema, Columbia Tristar, MGM Studios and Universal Studios on 1992.


This Story about Cartoon Network Universe, the word of maker call "Toon City. This Toon City you'll never find a better hive of vice, sex, corruption and memorable characters. It's got all the usual tropes: large buildings, diverse population, think like that. The People here aren't what some call "normal". Into mysterious human of behind to dark, he enter restaurant to seach piece, but there looking some mystery, uses gun and smash door to left kill anybody, pops call police and mysterious human have escape to get car, when can find then will be soon, and i live in the beating heart of it all every was changed.

Voice Cast

  • Yuri Lowenthal – Ben Tennyson
  • Candi Milo – Dexter
  • Cathy Cavadini – Blossom
  • Jeff Bennet – Johnny Bravo
  • Phil LaMarr – Samurai Jack
  • Tony Sampson – Eddy
  • Richard Kind – Tom
  • Dana Hill – Jerry
  • Frank Welker – Scooby Doo
  • J. G. Quintel – Mordecai
  • William Salyers – Rigby
  • Steve Blum – TOM


Cartoon Network's current programming includes original programming such as Dexter's LaboratoryThe Powerpuff GirlsJohnny BravoSamurai JackEd Edd n Eddy and Tom and Jerry. Acquired animated programming from other studios include Adventure TimeXiaolin ShowdownGenerator Rex, Regular Show, and Robotboy. Live-action programming, only introduced in recent years, formerly included original live-action/animated hybrids Out of Jimmy's Head and The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange, and live-action original productions such as Level UpTower Prep and Incredible Crew. In addition, the network reruns various Looney Tunes theatrical short subjects and Tom and Jerry, which has been in constant rotation since Cartoon Network's 1992 launch.

Aggressor Edition

A remastered and extended cut of the film, named the Aggressor Edition was released in 2013. The edition is approximately 16 minutes longer than the original cut, and features eight new scenes.[2] The scenes were storyboarded by Synder during the production on the original film but never finished due to time and budget constraints.[3] They were animated in 2013 by Duncan Studio, which employed several animators that worked on the original film. The Aggressor Edition was about collection with sequel and prequel in future.

HD Remaster

The movie was Digitally Remastered for High Definition and aired by a TV station in Europe on May 3, 2013. It will also be aired by other TV stations in America.