This is the page for the Special Moves in Cartoon Network 25.

Name Special Move


Amethyst shapeshifts into the Purple Puma and punches enemies, a helicopter to get good aerial attacks on opponents, and a chicken to peck at any nearby opponents.

Anakin Skywalker

The Force

Anakin uses The Force to make nearby opponents come towards him, and he uses his lightsaber to slash at them, channeling his hate to attack enemies with stronger attacks.

Ben 10

Way Big

Ben activates the Omnitrix and turns into Way Big and goes into the background. Once there, he can use his fists to slam down on opponents, along with slashing at them.

Billy & Mandy

Tag Team/Smile

Billy throws opponents near Mandy and she attacks them with rapid punches and kicks. For her finishing attack, Mandy smiles and opens up a rift, sucking up the enemies.


Liberty Belle

Blossom transforms into Liberty Belle and hops into the Freedom Mobile and drives off the screen. She comes back and rams into a random opponent, which sometimes end in a one-hit KO.


Harmony Bunny

Bubbles transforms into Harmony Bunny and a wall of bubbles appears, harming enemies. When they're distracted, she grabs her pogo stick and bounces on them, trampling them.



Buttercup transforms into Mange and launches herself onto an opponent. Once she lands on the opponent, she slashes at them rapidly and then launches them into the distance.


Massive Stew

Chowder stirs up a pot of stew and then gulps down the entire thing. However, due to Chowder's horrible cooking, Chowder's breath turns into fire, which can burn opponents.


Dancing Swords

Connie lunges at opponents with her sword. If the sword hits, she jumps up into the sky with her opponent and rapidly slashes at her opponents, ending it with a powerful blow.

Cow & Chicken

Super Cow

Cow turns into her alter-ego, Super Cow, which gives her better speed and power. Chicken clutches onto her back and pecks at enemies while Cow runs at them.



A microwave appears in front of Darwin and he opens it, releasing Kenneth. Kenneth can grab opponents and rapidly attack them, or he can team up with Darwin for a bit.


Diva Dynamite

Dee-Dee transforms into her alter-ego, Diva Dynamite. She can now float, jump higher, and her attacks are fast. She can use rapid kicks, punches, and jabs.


Spirit Spree

Demongo traps his enemies in a fiery cage, and a cutscene triggers where Demongo summons spirits to attack the opponent. The cutscene ends with Demongo delivering the final blow.


Robo-Dexo 3000

Dexter hops into his Robo-Dexo 3000. You can control the robot, and you can shoot missiles, lazers, and punch enemies. It doesn't last for long, though, and you CAN take damage.


Triple Ed Dexule

Edd and Eddy appear and building a "cannon." Ed straps a football helmet on his head and gets in the cannon. If he hits anyone, it's almost guaranteed to be a one-hit KO.


Father's Inferno

Father starts to build up anger over time, and eventually explodes in anger. A stream of fire comes out of his hands, and fireballs bounce around the stage.


Blinding Hair

Finn takes off his hat and reveals his blond hair. The shine makes enemies dizzy if they're in any distance of his hair, giving him the chance to attack enemies with his hair.


Eight-Armed Willy

Flapjack starts singing really loudly while the ocean appears behind him. All of the sudden, Eight-Armed Willy appears and slaps his tentacles on the stage, hitting enemies.


Ruby & Sapphire

Garnet unfuses into Ruby and Sapphire. Ruby is incredibly strong and tosses around opponents, while Sapphire can freeze enemies from Ruby to attack.


Scythe Slash

Grim pulls out his scythe and it starts glowing green. Grim starts to swing around his scythe and eventually throws it at an opponent. If it hits, the opponent can use moves for a few seconds.


Gumball's Highway Madness

Gumball gets into a cleaning bucket, complete with a mop. He'll slowly scoot towards you with the mop before a car comes in from the background and tries to hit an opponent.


Magma Flash

Heatblast starts to charge up energy. Once he's finished, he'll erupt in flames, sending out balls of magma all around the battlefield. Eventually, he'll reform.

Hyper Blossom

Powerpuff Girls Z!

Blossom calls for Bubbles and Buttercup. Bubbles traps them in a bubble, Buttercup smashes them with her mallet, and Blossom attacks them with her yo-yo.


Stretch Storm

Jake morphs into different enemies from Story Mode. He can be a light and easy to KO one, a standard enemy, or a powerful and slow foe.

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Burger, Extra Beef

Johnny grabs barbells and does some exercise, eventually gaining more power. Johnny is able to throw large barbells, move faster, and hit harder.

Mac & Bloo

Sugar High

Mac is given candy from Bloo. When he eats it, not only does he heal a bit, but he goes on a frenzy and pins down enemies. This gives Bloo the chance to attack freely.

Mojo Jojo


Mojo drinks an entire glass of Chemical X and turns into Mojo-Zilla. Mojo is super slow in this form, but makes up for in strengh. He can go under the stage and shake it, sometimes hurting opponents.


Destroyer of Worlds

Mordecai pulls out the Destroyer of Worlds videogame. If he attacks in the span of time the game is out, the Destroyer of Worlds come out and attack enemies.

Numbuh 1

Kids Next Door!

Numbuh 1 calls for Numbuh 2, 3, 4, and 5 and do a large team attack.


Let's Dance!

Pearl starts to do a ballet dance that can hit opponents. Then Pearl breaks into a flurry of attacks, ending by tossing spears at enemies. The spears are more powerful than usual.


Magic Keyboard Palooza

Rigby pulls out his magic keyboard and random things appear. Whether it be a bunch of baby ducks, a broken vending machine, or even Skips, Rigby has it all!


Super Activation

Robotboy activates his Super form. Once in this form, he's heavier and packs more of a punch. He can also shoot lazers and play music.

Robot Jones

Team Zombies!

Cubey ties up enemies with a videogame controller, Mitch keeps them tied together with his headphones, Socks throws them in a basketball hoop, and Robot shoots lazers out of his eyes. at the enemies.

Samurai Jack

Jump Good!

Jack runs up to a nearby enemy and jumps into the air with them in tow. Samurai Jack then proceeds to slash at the enemy, ending with a downwards strike.



Steven creates a bubble around himself and starts to run in it like a hamster in a plastic ball. He can jump up and slam down, spin faster, and roll over enemies.

Uncle Grandpa

Giant Realistic Flying Tiger

Uncle Grandpa calls for Giant Realistic Flying Tiger and hops on their back. The tiger zooms across the screen via rainbow farts, ramming into enemies.

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