Cartoon Network 25
The game's American boxart.
Developer(s) Cartoon Network
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo NX
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Crossover Fighting Game
Series Cartoon Network
Predecessor None
Successor TBA?
Cost $59.99
"Cartoon Network 25" or "Cartoon Network: 25th Anniversary" is a crossover fighting game that's coming out in late 2017. It'll be a non-canon game that celebrates Cartoon Network's 25th anniversary. It combines characters from all different shows from Cartoon Network's history being mixed up in a big fighting tournament. Not much is known about it, besides the fact it'll have over 80 characters.

The game's offical theme is Isometric, You're On, OK by Madeon.


The game plays out like a Smash Bros. game...with a few differences. You fight on a stage and half to knock your opponent(s) off to win. You can switch between time and stock matches, and choose if you want items or not. Sounds like Smash? Well, like I said earlier, there are a few differences.

For one, none of the characters are clones of each other. Some of them will have similar moves, but none will be full-on clones. Another change is the Special Moves, in which you can execute a special move. Unlike Smash, however, you have to build it up over time by attacking opponents. Much like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, the gameplay is pretty fluid and fast while staying pretty solid. Items are still present along with "Extra Heroes", which summons a random character to help the one who summoned them, and you can turn them off as well.

To see all of the fighter's special moves, see here.

Starter Characters

There are 25 starter characters. You have to unlock the rest.

Image/Name Cartoon Analysis



Powerpuff Girls

Blossom is one of the three main faces of the Powerpuff Girls, but in terms of popularity, she's the most recognizable. She's the smartest of the three and usually plans out her attacks. She's also very level-headed and calm, but isn't without her flaws.

Blossom is very tactical in battle, making her AI really smart. She can use icy cold breath, pink lightning bolts that cause small paralysis, and pink lazers that shoot out of their eyes. She has the "regular" stats of the three girls, with standard speed and power.



Powerpuff Girls

Bubbles is the cutest of the girls, along with being the sweetest. She has a loving nature for all animals, but is also kind of a scaredy cat. She usually is seen cuddling her octopus doll, but she's still extremly tough, and she's part of the trio of amazing superheroes!

Bubbles' personality translates into her playstyle. She can use her octopus doll for close-ranged attacks, and can use electric attacks, blue lazers that freeze enemies, and use a supersonic scream! She can also communicate with Bullet so he can attack opponents.



Powerpuff Girls

Of all the girls in the Powerpuff Girls trio, Buttercup is clearly the one you don't wanna mess with! Known for her strengh and her brashness, Buttercup can be summed up as "the lovable roughhouser." She still has a heart of gold, just like her sisters!

Buttercup has low speed, but is a master of strengh. She can use Black Hurricane, an Energy Orb, her green blanket for close range attacks, and green lazer beams that inject enemies with poison. She can also punches, kicks, and fireballs.

Dexter Remote


Dexter's Labratory

Dexter is one of Cartoon Network's smartest characters of all time. Over the run of his series, he's built robots, transferred the brains of animals into each other, made a new brother, and more. Then again, his sister DeeDee usually messes with his inventions...

Dexter is known for his speed, but not for his power. He can toss wrenches and command smalls robots. His main feature is his Dexo-Transformer, where he loses speed in exchange for fists, dodgeball launchers, and throwing TNT.

Ben Tennyson - Poise Official Omniverse

Ben 10

Ben 10: Omniverse

Ben Tennyson was once a normal kid until the Omnitrix chose him as it's owner. The Omnitrix is a watch-like device that turns Ben into different aliens with different powers. This version is from Ben 10: Omniverse, the most recent incarnation.

Ben uses melee attacks along with karate, but is overall not physically strong. He utilizes his Omnitrix to turn into different aliens, like XLR8 to go fast, Humungosaur for strengh, and Diamondhead for defense.

Heatblast omniverse official


Ben 10: Omniverse

Back when the original Ben 10 was brought to TV's everywhere, Ben got the Omnitrix. The first alien he ever transformed into was this one: Heatblast. He's been part of Ben's alien line-up ever since.

If you couldn't tell, Heatblast is based off...heat...and fire. He can obviously use fire, but he can also shoot fire out of his hands, use fire to propell himself upward, and even breathe out fire. He's also extremely fast.

Propd at char finn


Adventure Time

Finn is one of the two flagship characters of the Adventure Time universe. He's known to have a strong friendship with Jake, his best friend and adoptive brother. He's also known for his friendliness, kindess, and his long blong hair.

Finn is the typical sword user. He can use the Golden Sword, Grass Sword, Finn Sword, and the Demon Sword, all which have different strenghs and weaknesses. He can also construct small catapults that launch projectiles at enemies.



Adventure Time

Jake the Dog is the second-most well known face of Adventure Time, and is Finn's best friend and adoptive brother. He's known for the ability to stretch his limbs and body into different positions and forms, and is usually seen fighting with Finn.

Jake's main moveset is attacking with his stretchy limbs. He can use a giant fist to smash opponents with, tie himself around opponents, and can use dancing for close range attacks. He can also imagine random enemies that attack opponents, along with lava.


Numbuh 1

Codename: Kids Next Door

Nigel Uno, or "Numbuh 1", is the leader of the Sector V Kids Next Door and the Earth representative of the Galactic Kids Next Door. He's very logical and the smartest of the Sector V KND, and is the nephew of Benedict Uno.

Numbuh 1 benefits by using 2x4 technology, along with his own set of skills. He's very fast, and can use B.A.C.K.B.U.R.N.E.R., B.A.J.O.O.K.A., D.A.R.T., and more. Numbuh 1 also benefits by having very athletic moves, like flipping in the air.

Steven Shield


Steven Universe

Steven Universe is a half-Gem, half-human boy that lives on Earth. Being the only male Gem and only half-human Gem, Steven is pretty innocent as a character. He won't stop to do the right thing, and will do anything to protect the Earth!

Steven is a very defensive character. His shield is his main weapon, and it can be tossed at enemies, used for close range combat, or for defense. He can also pull out Cookie Cats to replenish his health when it's over 100%.



Steven Universe

Garnet is the fusion of two Gems, Ruby and Sapphire, who are madly in love. As such, Garnet is the very culmination of their love. The most level-headed of the Crystal Gems, she doesn't hesitate to use force to protect the people she loves.

Garnet is a tank: very powerful. She can launch her gauntlets for far-ranged attacks, and punch with her gauntlets for close ranged attacks. She can also unfused into the duo of Ruby and Sapphire, who both have different movesets.



The Amazing World of Gumball

Gumball Watterson is the son of Richard and Nicole Watterson. He's a fun loving, optimistic, and mischievious cat, and is also the best friend/adoptive brother of Darwin Watterson. Despite this, he tends to have a big ego.

Gumball is a pretty speedy character, but he isn't lacking in power. Gumball can use many of his karate moves on opponents, along with clawing them with his sharp nails. He can also make a sandwich and eat it, replenishing his health.

3042112-mordecai oooohh by zj56-d4sd1re


Regular Show

Mordecai is one of the two main characters from Regular Show. He's more hard-working and usually more likeable than Rigby in terms of personality. He's extremly good at video games, while horrible in Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Mordecai is a very tactital character. He can use his guitar for both hitting and using sound waves for attacks, drink coffee to go faster, Death Kwon Do, and hitting dodgeballs at opponents. He can also drive a motorcycle into opponents.

Rigby te desea suerte by kol98-d54xvrr


Regular Show

Rigby is one of the two main characters from Regular Show. Compared to Mordecai, he's pretty lazy and usually doesn't do his work. Despite that, he's still very good-hearted, even if he is a bit rude at times.

Rigby is one of the fastet characters in the game, and uses that to his advantage. He can use a rake to attack, The Death Punch, but his main method of attack is using the Magic Keyboard to summon items and enemies to help him fight.




Flapjack is the adopted child of Bubbie the Whale and a "friend" to Captain K'Nuckles. He's very peppy and happy, and is also extremly naive at time. He has a heart of gold, though, and would save Captain K'Nuckles if he's in a jam.

Flapjack can use both projectiles and close-ranged weapons. He can candy, slap enemies, and do some pathetic kicks. His main feature is a giant lollipop he uses to whack opponents with, along with slamming it down on them, too.


Cow & Chicken

Cow and Chicken

These two are brother and sister. Cow is the younger and dumber of the two, while Chicken is the meaner but older of the two. Cow really does care for Chicken, though, and would do anything to protect him.

Cow is the stronger of the two, dealing out heavy punches and kicks. Chicken is the weaker of the two, but can heal Cow. He also has his own set of moves, including Ice Skating, tossing Spanish dictionaries, and some small punches.

Billy&Mandy render

Billy & Mandy

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

Billy and Mandy are the opposite of friends. Billy is the dim-witted and stupid of the two, while Mandy is the smarter and more diabolical of the two. Both have befriended the Grim Reaper, and both are ready to fight.

Billy is the stronger of the two, and can use boogers and karate moves. Mandy is more defensive, but can still use karate moves. She can also to cause a rip in the stage to suck up an opponent for a second or two.



The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

Grim is...well, the Grim Reaper! He's been forced to stay with Billy and Mandy for all eternity. He's usually stuck with cleaning up the messes of the two. He's Mandy's "friend-slave" and owns Cerberus.

Grim is extremly agile, and is easily one of the fastest in the game. He can obviously use his scythe to slash at enemies, shoots flames at opponents. He can also turn an hourglass upside down to poison opponents.




Chowder is a young cat...bear...raccoon...thing. He's an apprentice to the elderly Mung Daal. Despite being a bit naive, Chowder is easily one of the nicest characters around. He has a pet fart cloud named Kimchi.

Chowder is pretty fast, but like other characters, lacks power. Chowder can use his hat to grab opponents, smack them around with it, or get Kimchi in the battle to help him have more air mobility.

Mac Bloo-1 web

Mac & Bloo

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Mac & Bloo are a duo, and unlike Billy & Mandy. While one is a troublemaker and one is usually calm and level-headed, neither of them could live without each other! Mac created Bloo as an imaginary friend.

Mac and Bloo are both decent in speed and power. Bloo cam toss eggs, use his paddleball for close ranged attacks, and throw TV remotes. Mac can use small punches and kicks, and can swing his backpack at enemies.


Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo is the definition of a muscle man. He's big, tough, bulky, hot, and has wonderful Elvis hair! So what's wrong with him? He can't get a woman! What he has in muscles is what he lacks in brains!

Johnny is clearly a strong character...with decent speed. Johnny can toss barbells, flex his muscles for higher attack power, and of course, do some simple punches. He can also ride on a motorcycle and hit opponents.

Ed 2


Ed, Edd, & Eddy

If you were to calculate the Ed Trio's intelligence, Ed's would be so low it would go to the center of the Earth! Ed is extremely stupid but kind-hearted. His sister Sarah is usually a jerk to him.

Ed is extremely strong, but the fact that he's dumb also slips into his moveset, as he'll occasionally trip for a second. He can bash his head like a woodpecker, choke-hug opponents, and summon chickens to attack.


Uncle Grandpa

Uncle Grandpa

What is logic? That can apply to anything BUT Uncle Grandpa. An old man who's "everyone's uncle and grandpa," Uncle Grandpa travels in his mobile home to try and help kids all around the world.

Uncle Grandpa is extremely diverse in his moveset. He can toss an infinite amount of noses, use his fanny pack to attack, remove his head to attack enemies, and spawning clones of himself. Good mornin', huh?


Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack

Jack is a human samurai...duh. He was sent to back to the past by the evil Aku, and now must adjust to the future. Jack must now get back to the past and stop Aku to stop the dystopian future!

Jack seems to only attack with a katana, but there's more to him than meets the eye! He can use nunchucks and shurikens, Greek wrestling, and archery! Oh, and he can also use his katana.




Designed to look like a real human child, Robotboy joins the brawl! He has three modes: deactivated, activated (the form you see right now), and super activated. He's the best friend of Tommy Turnell.

Robotboy has the best air mobility in the entire game. He can zoom around extremely fast, and can use his rocket feet for other attacks. He can also use freeze rays, toss his head, and use light vision.

Unlockable Characters

Image/Name Cartoon Analysis

Dee Dee-1


Dexter's Laboratory

Dexter's older sister, Dee-Dee joins the fight! She's usually sneaking into Dexter's lab and messing with his inventions, causing more trouble than good. She's kind hearted, though. She also loves ballet.

Dee-Dee is extremely light and floaty, rivaling other characters in their aerial mobility. Dee-Dee's attacks mostly consist of different ballet moves, spins, kicks, and turning into a frog to attack faster.


Mojo Jojo

Powerpuff Girls

Mojo Jojo is the main villain of the original Powerpuff Girls. In terms of personality, he's not the most threatening villain, but his inventions and plans to take over the world help him stand out between the other PPG villains!

Mojo Jojo isn't very powerful at all, but what he lacks in strength, he has in inventions! Mojo can shoot energy shots out his lazer gun, send mini robots to explode near opponents, and use a giant robot fist.

Momoko Akatsusumi-Hyper Blossom

Hyper Blossom

Powerpuff Girls Z

Hey! Did you know that Powerpuff Girls was once an anime? It was called "Powerpuff Girls Z," and it looked pretty darn good in terms of animation. All of the main characters came back, including Blossom!

Hyper Blossom is a heavier and less floaty version of Blossom, but she has mostly new moves. She can throw her bow like a bomb, but mostly uses her yo-yo to attack. Spinning? Throwing? She has it all!

Amethyst Render


Steven Universe

Amethyst was supposed to be a Kindergarten gem, but was late to the party, to say the least. Amethyst was then accepted into the Crystal Gems. In terms of a motherly figure to Steven, she's sort of like a big sister,

Amethyst has decent speed and attack. For her main attacks, she can attack or tie up enemies with her whip. She can also roll up and do a spin dash-like attack. In addition, she can shapeshift into a story mode enemy and attack opponents.



Steven Universe

Once a slave to a diamond, Pearl joined the Crystal Gems alongside Rose Quartz. She may have had romantic feelings for her, too. Even if she misses Rose, she loves Steven like a son and cares deeply for him.

Due to her weight and her height, Pearl is one of lightest character in the game. She can use her spear for main attacks, but her grace helps have better attacks. She can also pin people down with her spear.

Connie - Sworn to the Sword Model PNG


Steven Universe

Connie Maheswaran is the best friend of Steven from...well, Steven Universe. Before Sworn to the Sword, she went with Steven on his adventures. After the episode, she's learned how to swordfight via Pearl.

Connie is a sword-wielder. Without her sword, she wouldn't be as heavy as she is, but the sword makes her one of the heaviest characters to use. Connie can get good combos with her sword, and can slash at enemies. Duh.



Codename: Kids Next Door

Benedict Uno, also known as Father, is the uncle of Numbuh 1 and the leader of the Delightful Children From Down The Lane. Mostly staying in the shadows, Father is the main villain of the series.

Father can use fire as shields, projectiles, and other weapons. He can shoot flames in a beam-like form, make a copy of himself, use telekenesis, and levitate. In terms of punches and kicks, he's not that strong.



The Amazing World of Gumball

Darwin Watterson is the adopted goldfish son of the Watterson family. He was once Gumball's pet goldfish, but one day, he grew legs and learned to talk, and eventually adapted to life outside of water.

Darwin plays like a heavier yet faster Gumball. Darwin's swimming is translated into his moveset, as he's incredibly graceful. Darwin can use karate moves, toss DVDs, and set traps disguised as pizza boxes.



Samurai Jack

Demongo is Aku's right-hand man/demon. He's known for his squeaky voice, but he's also known for his power to take souls from people and use them for his own personal gain. He's one of Aku's strongest minions.

Demongo can freeze you in place for a second by "absorbing your soul." He can teleport and summon ghost minions to attack the opponents. He can also whip you with his cape and shoot out blue flames.

Robot Jones 300

Robot Jones

Whatever Happend To...Robot Jones?

Robot Jones is a small automaton that was created for one purpose: to learn about human behavior. He's friends with Socks, Cubey, and Mitch, and the enemy of the Yogman Twins. He's in love with Shannon Westenburg.

Robot Jones has one unique ability: to take the most powerful ability from their enemies. However, if he gets hit once, he loses the power. He can toss Wonder Cubes, do top-spins, and shoot out lazers.

Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Before becoming Darth Vader, he was a Padawan known as Anaking Skywalker. Anakin represent Cartoon Network's old ties with Star Wars, specifically the Clone Wars animated series.

Anaking Skywalker is good with both The Force and his lightsaber. Anakin is extremely agile and light, but his attacks make up for it. He can pull someone close with The Force, slash at them with his lightsaber, and more.



Teen Titans

Robin was once the sidekick to Batman, but broke apart from him. He then formed his own team known as the Teen Titans, consisting of Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy. Robin took up the position as leader.

Robin is the only member of the Teen Titans to not have real super powers. Robin is very fast but lacks the strength of characters like Johnny Bravo. He can use Birdarangs, smoke pellets, his Bo Staff, and Flash Bombs.


Bugs Bunny

Looney Tunes

Out of all iconic cartoon characters, Bugs Bunny still stans tall as one of the most popular. He's one of the many Looney Tunes, and next to Daffy Duck, he's by far the most popular. "What's up, Doc?"

Bugs Bunny, as stated a few times before, is from Looney Tunes, which is all about squash and stretch. Bugs can eat carrots, bounce high, make it Duck Season, throw pies, and more.

Unlocking Methods

Name Methods
  1. Play Adventure Mode as any character.
  2. Play 10 versus matches.
  3. Find the character in Story Mode.
Mojo Jojo
  1. Play as all default Powerpuff Girls 10 times in any mode.
  2. Play 20 versus matches.
  3. Find the character in Story Mode.
Hyper Blossom
  1. Unlock the ??? stage.
  2. Play 30 versus matches.
  3. Find the character in Story Mode.
  1. Beat 10 events as Steven.
  2. Play 30 versus matches.
  3. Find the character in Story Mode.


  1. Beat Adventure Mode as Garnet on Challenge difficulty.
  2. Play 40 versus matches.
  3. Find the character in Story Mode.
  1. Play as all default female characters in Versus Mode.
  2. Play 50 versus matches.
  3. Find the character in Story Mode.
  1. Play as Numbuh 1 and get a score of 15,000 or higher in Minigame Mode.
  2. Play 60 versus matches.
  3. Find the character in Story Mode.
  1. Get a score of 20,000 or higher as Gumball in Minigame Mode.
  2. Play 70 versus matches.
  3. Find the character in Story Mode.
  1. Beat Classic Mode as Samurai Jack on Hard difficulty.
  2. Play 80 versus matches.
  3. Find the character in Story Mode.
Robot Jones
  1. Play as Robotboy in Adventure Mode on Normal difficulty.
  2. Play 90 versus matches.
  3. Find the character in Story Mode.
Anakin Skywaler
  1. Beat Adventure Mode as all characters.
  2. Play 230 versus matches.
  3. Find the character in Story Mode.
  1. Beat Minigame Mode as all characters.
  2. Play 240 versus matches.
  3. Find the character in Story Mode.
Bugs Bunny
  1. Beat all modes as all characters.
  2. Play 250 versus matches.
  3. Find the character in Story Mode.

Default Stages

These are stages that you can play from the very start of the game.

Image/Name Cartoon Analysis


The Hub

Cartoon Network 25 This is The Hub! The location where all Cartoon Network fighters fell in and got their start in this wacky world! You start the stage standing on the logo, which seperate and opens a hole to a beautiful landscape, revealing cliffs, water, cities, and the sun. It has no hazards.


The Network

Cartoon Network 25 You land on a giant platform...nothing happens...and then BAM!! You get sent flying through a TV into the world of Cartoon Network! Many different clips of shows are played in the background, from Cow & Chicken to We Bare Bears! Like The Hub, there are no hazards.



Powerpuff Girls Townsville is the city where Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup reside. It's usually the site for many supervillain attacks, such as ones from Mojo Jojo and HIM. A giant Mojo Jojo robot may appear in the background and shoot lazers at you. Other than that, the stage is flat.

Mojo's Volcano

Mojo's Volcano

Powerpuff Girls Mojo Jojo may have a big brain, but his knowledge wasn't on his side when he made his lair on a the middle of Townsville...what? You fight inside his lair, and different inventions of his may try and saw you in half aka KO you. If Mojo is being played as on this stage, he'll be replaced by Robo-Mojo.


The Laboratory

Dexter's Laboratory The Laboratory is Dexter's...laboratory. What else is there to say besides..."Wow, this kid is smart?" Anyway, The Laboratory is mostly flat with some platforms, but lazers are appearing and firing at opponents at certain points in the battle. Inventions like the Talking Dog can be seen in the background.

Bellwood 001


Ben 10: Omniverse Bellwood is Ben 10's home town. The incarnation you fight on is from Ben 10: Omniverse. You fight on top of buildings for half of the fight, but halfway through the battle, the stage lowers to the street. Mr. Smoothy can be seen in the background, standing there in all his smoothy glory.


The Tree Fort

Adventure Time The Tree Fort is the home of Finn and Jake, and is located in the Land of Ooo. As the name implies, it's a fort that was built within the foundation of a large tree. The stage is massive, taking you inside the treehouse and all it's rooms. Chickens from the fort's chicken coop may come in and fly around, hitting the opponents.


Goblin Kingdom

Adventure Time The Goblin Kingdom is just a castle, really. After Xergiok was disposed of, the position of king was given to Silent Dan. You fight in the Goblin Palace's throne room, with other rooms to the upper left and right, along with the lower left and right. Silent Dan is seen on his throne along with Goblins in the background.

Sector V Treehouse

Sector V Treehouse

Codename: Kids Next Door The Treehouse is where the KND operatives of Sector V are located. It towers over all nearby houses, as seen by the image. You start out in the briefing room, a flat dome-like area. You fall through the ground and land in the hangar. You fall on a ship that takes off, eventually reseting to the briefing room.


Beach City

Steven Universe Beach City is a small town by the pier located in Delmarva. It is where Steven and the Crystal Gems live. You fight on the sandy beach in front of the temple. You can fight on top of nearby rocks and platforms. Sometimes a Gem Monster will appear in the background and launch projectiles on the battlefield.

The elmore


The Amazing World of Gumball Elmore is the town that The Amazing World of Gumball takes place in. However, instead of fighting IN Elmore, you fight on the interstate going through Elmore. As you pass by on many of the cars, you can see houses, the school, and more locations from the show. Some cars may slow down or speed up at certain times.


Stormalong Harbor

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack When Captainn K'nuckles suggested him and Flapjack should go to Candy Island, Bubbie suggested otherwise and led them to Stormalong Harbor. You fight on the dock as different ships float by that you can use as platforms to fight on. Sometimes, barrels may roll down the ramps and try and hit you.


The Park

Regular Show The Park is where most of the events of Regular Show takes place. Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, and more work here. You fight on the park grounds, with buildings that act as platforms, such as the house, the snack bar, and the garage. Muscle Man may run by and latch onto a random opponent.


The Underworld

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy The Underworld is where Grim learned how to be the Grim Reaper, and it's home to many colorful faces and horrifying creatures. The Underworld in the show has a sort of "modern" take on it. You fight on a platform surrounded by fire and lava, while the court and junior high are in the background. Falling in the lava results in an instant KO.



Chowder Marzipan is the main location of the Chowder series, and is usually where the series takes place. If you fall off the stage, sometimes the giant holding it up will slap you, earning you an instant KO. Speaking of the giant, sometimes he'll start moving, shaking the stage a bit. Many memorable locations can be seen in the background.


Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends This tall mansion was once Madame Foster's own home, before she transformed it into a foster home for imaginary friends. The mansion is a scrolling level, as it takes you through the lobby, the hallways, the dining hall, the kitchen, the laundry room, ajd Mr. Herriman's office. You see many imaginary friends as you pass by.



Ed, Edd, and Eddy Unlike most other CN shows, Ed, Edd, and Eddy mostly takes place in this small community of houses. You fight on the different houses, along with the different yards and the middle of the street. Due to the nearby creek, the Cul-De-Sac can get flooded. The Kanker Sisters sometimes appear and throw items at you.



Uncle Grandpa The UG RV is the main location of the Uncle Grandpa series. It helps Uncle Grandpa and his friends travel around the world to help kids. You fight either inside or outside the RV. The roof is just a flat platform set in front of a moving landscape, while the inside is a whole world of chaos! Watch out for weirdness and bouncing noses!

Dome of Doom

Dome of Doom

Samurai Jack The Dome of Doom is a horrible place where creatures from all over the world are kidnapped and brought there to fight. This is no different. It's mostly a flat area with platforms to jump across, but sometimes champions from the dome appear and run across the battlefield, trying to KO you and the opponents.


Bay Area

Robotboy Home of Tommy, Gus, Lola, and Robotboy, the Bay Area is the main location of the series. Kaziland, Kamikazi's base, is located near the shore of the island. You fight on the bridge, and you can see the buildings from the top. If you go across the rails, you slide down and can crash into other opponents.

Unlockable Stages

Image/Name Cartoon Analysis


Townsville II

Powerpuff Girls Yeah, I know. We already HAD a Townsville stage, and it's even in the same game! Yeah, but this one is very different from the other stage! In Townsville II, you fight on top of different buildings in the actual city. You can see monsters fighting in the background with Dynamo and building chunks may fly your way.


Gem Warship

Steven Universe TBA

GKND Space Ship

Galactic KND

Codename: Kids Next Door TBA

Elmore Junior High

Elmore Junior High

The Amazing World of Gumball TBA


Polyneux Middle School

Whatever Happened to...Robot Jones? Robot Jones was sent off to learn about how humans work. In order to do that, he was sent to Polyneux Middle School where he made friends and enemies. You fight inside the school in the middle of the hallway. You can jump on top of the lockers for additional platforms. If a locker opens and you get stuck in there, you take damage until you're freed.



Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Mustafar is a lava-filled planet where "Jedi go to die," according to Hera Syndulla. It's where Anakin and Obi-Wan had the fight where Anakin was burned. You fight on three large platforms moving across lava. If you fall off the stage, you bounce off the lava, but if you hit the lava with over a 100% damage, you immediantly get a KO.


Titans Tower

Teen Titans In the middle of Jump City, there is a small island with a tower in the middle of it. This tower belongs to the Teen Titans. No duh. You fight in the top of the tower, which is the Main Ops room. It contains a living room and a kitchen, so you can fight on the couch and the counter. Sometimes you'll see some of the Titans in the background.

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote (The Looney Tunes Show)

ACME Desert

Looney Tunes In these old cartoons, Wil E. Coyote always tried to find ways to kill the Road Runner and turn it into his meal. He would fail 100% of the time. You fight in the middle of the desert, which has small hills out can use as platforms to fight on. The Road Runner and Wil E. may run through the desert. If they hit you, you take a lot of damage.


  • Heatblast almost didn't make it into the final game...sort of. Young Ben was going to take his place and use different alien transformations, and one of those was Heatblast. However, the game's director felt a personal bond with Heatblast, as he was one of his favorite aliens from the series, along with being the first one introduced. This history helped Heatblast get his own character slot, while cutting Young Ben.
  • More of the game was shown at the Fantendo Carnival Showcase 2016.
  • There was going to be a Cow & Chicken themed stage, but the developers couldn't find any notable locations for the stage to take place in. There were similar plans for a Johnny Bravo themed stage.
  • The demo showed at E3 2016 was a 4 player battle featuring Dexter, Blossom, Steven, and Finn, who all fought on The Hub. However, there were noticeably 2 characters that were planned to be playable at the demo: Ben 10 and Samurai Jack. There were also plans to let players fight on The Network.

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