This is a game created by New super sonic kirby X.


Main article: Cartoon Network: Universe Crisis/Adventure Trough Worlds.

Aku and the Lich formed an alliance of villains to end with all the Cartoon Network Multiverse, this alliance has villains like Father, Yellow Diamond, Mojo Jojo, Orgalorg, etc. But TOM the Robot, who awakened after being assaulted by the Diamond Autorithy and disactivated by The Lich and Aku, was able to make portals to all Cartoon Network dimensions as That Hooded Mysterious Man, and call heroes to stop this new menace.


This game is like an animated Beat em'up, the characters have own attacks and own Ultra Attacks, in the levels (based on the series) are coins and boosts/Items.

Playabe Characters

Starter Characters

Image Name Series Moves
Finn the Human
Finn Adventure Time

1. Sword Swap

2. Sword Slash

3. Sword Jump

4. Hero Tornado

Special: Finnsword Combo: He invokes all his swords to attack the enemies

Jake Adventure Time

1. Giant Fist

2. Shapeshift 

3. Jake Jetpack

4. Giant Foot

Special: Giant Jake: Jake becomes giant to be more powerful

250px-Mordecai character
Mordecai Regular Show

1. Paint Shoot

2. Firefist


4. Rake Slash

Special: Mortal Kwon Do: Mordecai becomes more powerful turning into a Mortal Kwon Do Warrior

Rigby te desea suerte by kol98-d54xvrr
Rigby Regular Show

1. Paint Shoot

2. Slash 

3. Rigby Tornado

4. Paint Rain

Special: Paintball: Rigby summons Paint meteors to hit enemies

Gumball Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball

1. Electric Blast

2. Soda Jet

3. Blue Tornado

4. Rainbow

Special: Ultra Gumball; Gumball summons a fire aura and dashes trough the stage

SSBE Steven Universe
Steven Universe Steven Universe

1. Explosive Bubble

2. Rose Shield

3. Levitation

4. Bubble Shield

Special: Lion: Steven summons Lion that attacks shooting sonic waves

Garnet Steven Universe

1. Shoot Gauntlets

2. Shapeshift

3. Starjump

4. Giant Gauntlet

Special: Ruby and Sapphire: Garnet splats in Ruby and Sapphire to attack the enemies. After 15 seconds, the two fusions into Garnet

Flame Princess Adventure Time

1. Flame

2. Fireblast

3. Fire Jump

4. Flameshield

Special: Giant: She turns into a fire beast to attack the enemies

Amethyst Render
Amethyst Steven Universe

1. Whipslash

2. Amethyst Blast

3. Whip Tornado

4. Amethyst Shield

Special: Purple Puma: She becomes Purple Puma to be stronger

Pearl Steven Universe

1. Electric-Blast

2. Slash 

3. Rose Sword

4. Hologram

Special: Ultradash: She traps some enemies and attacks them with her lance and finally kills them with Rose's Sword

Dexter Dexter's Lab

1. Lasershoot

2. Sonic Screwdiver

3. Blastshoot

4. Minirobot

Special: Giant Robot: He summons a giant robot to attack the enemies

Blossom The Powerpuff Girls

1. Pink Laser

2. Blossom Blast

3. Flight

4. Powerpuff Shield

Special: Energy armor: Blossom summons an energy armor (from 2016 show) to attack enemies

Bubbles The Powerpuff Girls

1. Blue Laser

2. Blue Dash

3. Energy Bird

4. Cute Blast

Special: Joy Overload: Bubble makes a powerful blue-yellow-pink explosion to attack

Buttercup The Powerpuff Girls

1. Green Laser

2. Green Dash

3. Teleportation

4. Energy Rocket

Special: Green Tank: She summons an energy war tank to attack enemies

Samurai Jack Samurai Jack

1. Fireblast

2. Sword Slash

3. Swordjump

4. Get Target

Special: Fire Combo: Jack slashes an oponent with his katana and shoots him a Fire meteor

Billy&Mandy render
Billy and Mandy The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

1. Fire Rock

2. Nose Liquid

3. Mandyworm

4. Grimshield

Special: Grim Next Door y MANDROBOT: Billy turns into the Next Door Grimand Mandy into MANDROBOT to attack the enemies

Grim Reaper The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

1. Darkshoot

2. Dark Slash

3. Shoot Head

4. Purple Shield

Special: Monsters: He summons a monster wave from a dark portal

Ami & Yumi Hi Hi Puffy Ami & Yumi

1. Music Blast

2. Guitar Dash

3. Magic Flight

4. Rock

Special: Musicwave: The two create a giant and powerful music wave

Ben 10
Ben Tennyson Ben 10

1. Fire Alien

2. Cold Alien

3. Diamond Alien

4. Speed Alien

Special: Alien Force: Ben summons the original 10 aliens to attack enemies

Rex Salazar Generator Rex

1. Metalshoot

2. Metal Punch

3. Shapeshift

4. Metal Armor

Special: Ultra Human: Rex turns into a metal creature to attack enemies

Robot Jones 300
Robot Jones Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?

1. Electric Bolt

2. Extended Arms

3. Jetpack

4. Electric Shield

Special: Mad: He becomes mad and a lot more powerful

Captain Planet Captain Planet and the Planeteers

1. Earth

2. Water

3. Fire 

4. Ice and Heart

Special: Gaia and The Planeteers: He summons the Planeteers and Gaia the spirit to attack

Chowder. Chowder. TBA.

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Series How to Unlock Moves
Original Ice King
Ice King Adventure Time.

Complete the two Adventure Time level

1. Iceblast

2. Ice Shuriken

3. Snow Pillar

4. Snowman

Special: Snow Army: He summons a Snowman army to attack enemies

Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost Regular Show Complete the 2 Regular Show levels

1. Paintball

2. Fire Basketball

3. Ghost Tornado

4. Ghost Bubble

Special: RV Dash: They summon the RV to attack enemies

Darwin  The Amazing World of Gumball Find him in Story Mode

1. Waterball

2. Fireblast

3. Water Pillar

4. Fish House Bomb

Special: Darkwin: He becomes evil and more powerful

Bobert The Amazing World of Gumball Defeat him in Story Mode

1. Eye Laser

2. Spin

3. Jetpack

4. Giant Hands

Special: Giant Bobert: He becomes Giant and more powerful

Real Penny
Penny The Amazing World of Gumball Rescue her in Story Mode

1. Bird Form

2. Squid Form

3. Medusa Form

4. Shadow

Special: Dragon Form: She turns into Dragon Form to attack

Smol Peridot by Lenhi
Peridot Steven Universe Complete the 2 SU levels

1. Telekinesis

2. Gem Disistabilitor

3. Telekinesis

4. Flask Robonoid

Special: Peri-Mech: Peridot rides her Giant Robot to attack

LapisWIP redo
Lapislazuli Steven Universe Find her in Story Mode

1. Water Ball

2. Water Laser

3. Flight

4. Water Pillar

Special: Ocean Dash: She grabs all the ocean to attack

Mandark Dexter's Lab Defeat him in Story Mode

1. Laser Shoot

2. Laser Saw

3. Evil Robot

4. Cape Fly

Special: Evil Mandark: He becomes giant, evil and more powerful

TOM Toonami Complete the fifth Story Mode level

1. Plasma Shoot

2. Laser Shoot

3. Jetpack

4. Hack

Special: SS Toonami: He rides in SS Toonami to attack the enemies

The Bears We Bare Bears Find them in Story Mode

1. Roar (Grizzly)

2. Shuriken (Ice Bear)

3. Bambu Punch (Panda)

4. Separate Tower

Special: Charlie: They summon Charlie the Bigfoot to attack the enemies

Demongo Samurai Jack Defeat him in Story Mode

1. Hellfire

2. Dark Ball

3. Dark Tornado 

4. Summon Demon

Special: Jack-O-Lantern: He turns into Jack-O-Lantern and becomes more powerful

Scotsman Samurai Jack Complete the 2 Samurai Jack levels TBA
Mac & Bloo
Mac and Bloo Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Find them in Story Mode TBA
Mojo Jojo The Powerpuff Girls Defeat him in Story Mode TBA
Clarence Clarence render
Clarence Clarence Unlock Clarence House's secret zone in Townsville TBA
Uncle Grandpa Uncle Grandpa Discover UG's RV in The Park in Story Mode TBA
Wirt Over the Garden Wall Find him in Story Mode TBA
Ed edd n eddy c by acts2 38isfarout-d3iyyte
Ed, Edd & Eddy Ed, Edd & Eddy Unlock the Cul-de-sac in Endsville TBA
Classic bugsbunny
Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes Destroy the 5 Warner Bros. Tanks in Elmore TBA
Ash Ketchum BW
Ash Ketchum Pokémon Find a Pikachu in Ooo TBA



  • The timelines are updated, for example, Finn has 17 years, Gumball is a little higher. 

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