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The logo for the game, made by Crimson The Fandraxonian; and the boxarts by Yoshifraga97.
Developer(s) Icy Cold Gaming Industries
Lone Planet Productions
Cartoon Network
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft
Platform(s) Wii U, Playstation 4, Xbox One
Release Date(s)
November 23, 2015 (international)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action Adventure
Series Cartoon Network
Predecessor None
Successor Cartoon Network: Millennium
"Cartoon Network: Legacy" is an upcoming action-adventure game being released on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and the Wii U. It'll be developed by Icy Cold Gaming Industries and Cartoon Network, and will be the first in a series of games. The game is being made to honor Cartoon Network's 23rd birthday and more.

The game, according to the creators, will have more than 200 playable characters, breaking the record for the most playable characters in an action-adventure game.

As of May 22, 2015, Lone Planet Productions has joined ICGI for the game's production. They confirmed it to be the first installment of the Vicinity Saga.

The offical main theme of the game is "Finale" by Madeon.


The game plays out much like the LEGO games, with a hub world which you spawn in and portals to other modes. In this case, the hub world is Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, and it leads to Story Mode, Minigames, Options, and more. You switch between the characters on a seperate menu, and use the analog stick for each system to choose the characters of your choice. After beating a piece of a story, you unlock Free Play mode, in which you can get more collectables as different characters. The game features a combat system similarly to Dynasty Warriors, in which you fight hordes of enemies and can use special attacks on the hordes.


A mysterious cosmic entity dubbed "The Heart" has been discovered by the alien warlord, Vilgax. He seeks to use its power to his advantage and invade alternate dimensions.

Yumi Yoshimura and Ami Onuki, along with the intergalactic hero Ben Tennyson, are given the task of gathering heroes from these worlds to stop Vilgax's plans.


Story Mode: A multiplayer campaign in which up to 2 players can play as over 200 Cartoon Network characters as they go to save the Tooniverse for destruction.

FWF Mode: Short for "Fun With Friends" Mode. Up to 5 players duke it out in one of many maps from Story Mode. Everyone gets prizes in the end.

Dance Party Mode: This mode is where you select your character and do a DDR-styled dance competition. It can be played with up to 4 players.


Default Characters


Image And Name Franchise Attacks



Adventure Time

1: The Finn Sword

2: Crossbow

3: The Demon Sword

4: The Grass Sword

Special: Finn's Hair

Finn takes off his hat and blinds enemies, and gets a chance to attack more.



Dexter's Lab

1: Wrench

2: Backpack Helicopter

3: Memory-Erase Ray 4: Neurotomic Protocore

Special: Dexo-Transformer

Dexter gets in the Dexo-Transformer and launches TNT at enemies.

Knd numbuh1 174x252

Numbuh One

Codename: Kids Next Door

1: Spit Balls

2: G.U.M.Z.O.O.K.A.

3: J.E.T.A.B.O.O.T.S.

4: S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R.

Special: Pepper Ignition

Numbuh takes out two Pepper Sauce Spray guns and attacks with more power.


Steven Universe

Steven Universe

1: Projectile Shield

2: Bubble Shield

3: Phytokinesis

4: Super Strengh

Special: Healing Spit

Steven heals himself, giving him more health, or he can heal his teammates.

B&M Mandy


The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy

1: Martial Arts

2: Chicken Ball

3: Left Hand Of Horror

4: Brain Eating Meteor

Special: Smile

Mandy smiles, and the universe opens a hole to suck in enemies.



The Powerpuff Girls

1: Tornado Generation

2: Ball Blast

3: Thunder Clap

4: Fireball

Special: Energy Ball

Buttercup charges an Energy Ball, then launches it.



Cow And Chicken

1: Flight

2: Super Strengh

3: Cape Blanket

4: Spanish Swarm

Special: Supercow Tustle

Cow becomes Supercow and brutally slams her enemies into the ground.


Mac And Bloo

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

1: Sugar-Mac

2: Hot In Topeka

3: No Surprise Parties!

4: Mac-Attack

Special: Bloonan The Bloobarian

Bloo becomes Bloonan, puts Mac on his shoulder, and takes out hordes of enemies.

Mordecai Lapis 5


Regular Show

1: Golf Cart

2: Guitar Waves

3: Death Kwon Do

4: Dodgeball

Special: Motorcycle

Mordecai gets on his motorcycle and drives through hordes of enemies.

Gumball fighting stance by bornreprehensible-d6wcyjq


The Amazing World Of Gumball

1: Ukulele Slam

2: Decent Cook

3: The Joy

4: DVD Whack

Special: Tina

Gumball summons Tina, rides on her back, and tramples through enemies.


Ben 10 (Alien Force)

Ben 10: Alien Force

1: Toilet Plunger

2: Hand-To-Hand Combat

3: Soccer Kick

4: Echo-Echo

Special: Humungousaur

Ben becomes Humungosaur and charge into them. He rarely may be his Ultimate form.


Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack

1: "Jump Good!"

2: Shaolin Praying Mantis

3: Tiger

4: Nunchucku's/Shurikens

Special: Stalking And Concealment

Jack hides from enemies, then pops out and brutally attacks them.




1: Poison Dish

2: Kimchi Dodge

3: I'm Not Your Boyfriend!

4: Meveled Eggs

Special: Big Meal

Chowder cooks up a meal, eats it, then burps so loud, enemies go bye-bye!


Captain Planet

Captain Planet

1: Earth!

2: Wind!

3: Fire!

4: Water!

Special: I Am Captain Planet!

Captain Planet flies around, and eventually kicks some enemy butt!



Hi-Hi Puffy Ami-Yumi

1: Drum Solo! (Ami)

2: Guitar Waves!(Yumi)

3: Magic Pony Beans (Ami)

4: Ninja Training! (Yumi)

Special: Stu-Pi-Doh!

Ami and Yumi pull out Stu-Pi-Doh cards and summon the creatures to attack!

Clarence Clarence render



1: Pizza Poppers

2: Backpack Whack

3: Clarence Dollars

4: Jeff's Fries

Special: Tappy Card Rain

Tappy Cards rain on the enemies, with the finishing blow being his own hand-made card.



Courage The Cowardly Dog

1: Shattered Sun

2: Snake Courage

3: Club Courage

4: Agility

Special: Scream Of Courage

Courage screams so loud that enemies get dazed, giving him a chance to attack.



Over The Garden Wall

1: Lantern Break

2: Potatoes

3: Veggie-Songster's Car

4: Beatrice Summon

Special: Clarinet Blast

Wirt brings out his clarinet and plays, immobilizing enemies for some time.

Double DEd.1

Edd and Ed

Ed, Edd, and Eddy

1: Small Jawbreakers (Edd)

2: Television Set "Yum!" (Ed)

3: Magnifying Smash (Edd)

4: An Apple A Day (Ed)

Special: Ed The Monster

Ed dresses as a monster and kicks the butt of enemies in his way.



Ed, Edd, and Eddy

1: Jawbreakers

2: Cardboard Fortress

3: Ed Flakes Cereal

4: Lava Lamp Smash

Special: Ray Of Riches

Eddy puts on a monocle and shoots rays shaped like dollars, trapping enemies.

CampLazlo Lazlo render


Camp Lazlo

1: Pigeon

2: Forest Llama

3: Stack Of Beans

4: Fruit Throw

Special: Fruita Quicka Truck

Lazlo hops on his parent's truck, and runs over enemies.

I.M. Weasel

I.M. Weasel

I Am Weasel

1: Barbells

2: Cave Weasel

3: Drink

4: Kidney Throw

Special: Building A Bridge

Weasel builds a bridge across enemies, then runs across it and flattens them.


Uncle Grandpa

Uncle Grandpa

1: Clones

2: Arm Boomerang

3: Nose Throw

4: Wizard Powers

Special: The UGRV

Uncle Grandpa gets in the UGRV and drives over enemies, and then stops.




1: Lazers

2: Record Player

3: Extreme Strengh

4: Speed Dodge

Special: Super Activation

RobotBoy grows stronger and attacks enemies in a stronger manner.



The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack

1: Blood Leeches

2: Conch Shell Throw

3: Tee-Hee!

4: Lollipop Smack

Special: Bubbie

Bubbie appears and swallows up nearly all the enemies in sight.

Buck Tuddrussel 303Larry3000

Buck And Larry 3000

Time Squad

1: Detatchable Limbs (Larry)

2: Cheeseburger (Buck)

3: Flashlight (Larry)

4: Maximum Security Bank (Buck)

Special: Time Squad Officers

A horde of Time Squad officers appear and shoot the enemies, stunning them for a time.

JakeSpiderMonkeyAdam Lyon

Adam And Jake

My Gym Partner's A Monkey

1: Backpack Smack (Adam)

2: Butter Butt (Jake)

3: Clown Summer Camp (Adam)

4: Baseball Cap Toss (Jake)

Special: Big Butt

Jake's butt covers the sun, then lands on the enemies, crushing them.


Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo

1: Motorcycle Crash

2: Work-Out

3: Toss O' The Comb

4: Chop Barrage

Special: Johnny Burger, Extra Beef

Johnny starts throwing barbells and exercize equipment at enemies, killing them.


Andy And Rodney

Squirrel Boy

1: Toast (Rodney)

2: Puffy Pirate Shirt Puffs! (Andy)

3: Sticky Bun Throw (Rodney)

4: Box Full Of Combs (Andy)

Special: The Fighting Worms

Rodney summons his Little League team to attack enemies, while he heals other heroes.



Evil Con Carne

1: Unicycle

2: Tightrope

3: Chomp

4: Claw Slash

Special: Feral Boskov

Boskov becomes scarier and meaner, and attacks any enemies in his way.




1: Rockball

2: Molten Mortar

3: Lava Lake

4: Fire Blast

Special: Infernites Max

Flain mixes with the others and becomes his Max form, and tackles enemies.


Juniper Lee

The Life And Times Of Juniper Lee

1: Energy Absorption

2: Magic Vision

3: Guitar Smack

4: Volleyball

Special: Banishing Spell

Juniper uses a banishing spell to get rid of enemies in her way.

Deedee Dexter's Lab

Dee Dee


1: Animal Communication

2: Koosalagoopagoop

3: Ballet Spin

4: Fanciful Unicorn

Special: Invention Detonation

Dee Dee presses a button, making an invention explode on enemies.



Powerpuff Girls

1: Fire Breath

2: Ice Breath

3: Lightning Bolts

4: Pink Lazers

Special: Bow Bomb

Blossom throws her bow, revealing it to be a bomb, as it blows up enemies.



Powerpuff Girls

1: Glass Shatter

2: Supersonic Scream

3: X-Ray Vision

4: Octi Throw

Special: Electricity Ball

Bubbles throws a ball of electricity at the enemies, obliterating them.



Generator Rex

1: Big Fat Hand

2: Battle Saw

3: Combat Drill

4: Slam Cannon

Special: Punk Busters

Rex's legs become the Punk Busters, and he kicks and stomps on enemies.

Numbuh Two 300Numbuh 3Numbuh4Numbuh5

Kids Next Door

Codename: Kids Next Door

1: B.A.J.O.O.K.A. (Numbuh 2)

2: Rainbow Monkey Toss (Numbuh 3)

3: S.C.A.M.P.P. (Numbuh 4)

4: Were Dog (Numbuh 5)

Special: KND Collision

The 4 of them get together and tackle enemies using their attacks, taking out hordes of enemies.

Billy CN


The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy

1: Booger Toss

2: Karate

3: Chicken Ball Toss

4: Mickey Munchie Card

Special: Intelligence

Billy actually becomes smart and like Mandy, opens a wormhole for enemies to die in.



The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy

1: Possession

2: Scythe Slice

3: Pandora's Box

4: The Magical Trunk

Special: The Dead Walk Again!

Grim opens a crack in the ground, and the bodies of the dead come out, tackling enemies.



Adventure Time

1: Stretch

2: Wicked Dance Moves

3: Weapon Limbs

4: Skateboarding

Special: Imagination Of Jake

Jake imagines a lava floor, which actually burns enemies, or makes them sink.

Ben10 (5)

Ben 10

Ben 10

1: Upchuck

2: Ditto

3: Wildmutt

4: Wildvine

Special: Diamondhead

Ben turns into Diamondhead and makes crystals rise into enemies, killing them.



Ben 10: Alien Force

1: Charm Of Bezel

2: Energy Blast

3: Shield

4: Mana Whip

Special: Reality Warp

Gwen does what the name says: she warps reality, killing enemies in the process.

Robot Jones 300

Robot Jones

Whatever Happened To Robot Jones?

1: Lightbulb Flash

2: Data Log Entry

3: Garage Band

4: Lazer Eyes

Special: Overload

Robot Jones goes crazy and starts firing Wonder Cubes and lazers at enemies.

Rigby Lapis 5


Regular Show

1: Magic Keyboard

2: Death Kwon Do

3: Scratch/Bite

4: Bank Shot

Special: Send Em' To The Moon

Rigby sends enemies to the moon, and they come back down, KO'd.



Over The Garden Wall

1: Pet Frog

2: Mrs. Daniel's Rock

3: Molasses

4: Teapot Smash

Special: Animal Friends

Greg breaks out in his musical number with his animal friends, who destroy the enemies.



Steven Universe

1: Electrokinesis

2: Gauntlet Launch

3: Future Vision

4: Gauntlet Punch

Special: Ruby And Sapphire

Garnet seperates into Ruby and Sapphire, and they clobber all the enemies in sight.

250px-Steven amethyst 174x252


Steven Universe

1: Whiplash

2: Spin Dash

3: Double Whip

4: Tiny Car

Special: Purple Puma

Amethyst becomes Purple Puma and uses more powerful attacks against enemies.



Steven Universe

1: Pssamokinesis

2: Double Spears

3: Energy Projection

4: Hologram Pearl

Special: Opal

Pearl fuses with Amethyst to make Opal, and she launches arrows at enemies.



Cow And Chicken

1: "Shields"

2: Egg Throw

3: Plastic Surgery

4: Ice Skates

Special: Wonder Wattle

Chicken becomes Wonder Wattle and throws a barrage of Spanish Dictionaries at enemies.

Darwin Watterson


The Amazing World Of Gumball

1: Mexican Food

2: Pen Chewing

3: Garbage Can Toss

4: Karate Kick

Special: Kenneth

Kenneth appears and devourers any enemy he sees, destroying them all.

Unlockable Characters


Image And Name Franchise Attacks How To Unlock

Real Penny


The Amazing World Of Gumball

1: Pom-Poms

2: Medusa Form

3: Monster Arm

4: Gargoyle Form

Special: Dragon Form

Penny turns into her dragon form and uses her wings to kill enemies.

1: Play as Gumball in FWF Mode 5 times.

2: Find her in Story Mode.


Captain K'Nuckles

The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack

1: Wrestling

2: Candy Mugs

3: Maple Syrup Bottle

4: Corn Dogs

Special: Candy Storm

K'Nuckles runs away as a wave of candy kills enemies in their path.

1: Play as Flapjack in FWF Mode 5 times.

2: Find him in Story Mode.



Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

1: Chocolate Milk

2: Pony Toy

3: Carrot Knife

4: Go-Kart

Special: Super Sonic Scream

Cheese screams so loud, enemies are blasted into oblivion.

1: Die as Mac and Bloo in FWF Mode 6 times.

2: Find him in Story Mode.



Steven Universe

1: Water Walk

2: Roar Of Fury

3: Rose's Scabbard

4: Lion Lickers

Special: Lion's Mane

Items pop out of Lion's mane, hurting the enemies.

1: Play as all default Steven Universe characters in FWF Mode 3 times.

2: Find him in Story Mode.

AlienX Ben 10: Alien Force

1: Space Warp

2: Time Waves

3: Self Duplicate

4: Telekinesis

Special: Flood

Alien X releases a flood, which wipes out enemies in the flood's way.

1: Play as all 3 Ben Tennysons in FWF 20 times.

2: Find him in Story Mode.


Flame Princess

Adventure Time

1: Flame Disc

2: Flambit Scatter

3: Fire Pillar

4: Ignition Point

Special: Fire Giant

Phoebe becomes into a giant flame version of herself, killing the enemies.

1: Complete a battle between Finn and Jake on FWF Mode.

2: Find her in Story Mode.



Adventure Time

1: Bat Form

2: Green Eye Lazers

3: Bass Whack

4: Wolf Form

Special: Tentacle Monster

Marceline becomes a tentacled monster and attacks the enemies.

1: Beat Flame Princess in FWF Mode 17 times.

2: Find her in Story Mode.

Arctiguana official


Ben 10: Omniverse

1: Ice Shot

2: Freeze Blast

3: Blizzard

4: Frost Clash

Special: Ultimate Articguana

Articguana goes in his Ultimate form, and clobbers any enemies in sight.

1: Unlock Ben Tennyson (Omniverse) in FWF Mode.

2: Find him in Story Mode.

Eduardo - Flame Icejin


Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

1: Potato Sack Whack

2: Guard Horns

3: Paco

4: Bullsmall Summon

Special: Bus

Eduardo grabs a bus and shakes it back and forth, hitting enemies in it's way.

1: Beat Mac and Bloo in Dance Party Mode.

2: Find him in Story Mode.

CNvN2 Mung&Schnitzel render

Mung Daal and Schnitzel


1: Mustache Whack (Mung Daal)

2: Pink Rock (Schnitzel)

3: Meal Heal (Mung Daal)

4: Godzilla Costume (Schnitzel)

Special: Mr. Fist (Mung Daal)

Mung becomes giant and kills enemies with Mr. Fist and his wife, Aliene.

1: Beat Chowder in Dance Party Mode.

2: Find them in Story Mode.


Ben 10 (Omniverse)

Ben 10: Omniverse

1: Ball Weevil

2: Gravattack

3: Atomix

4: Eatle

Special: Buzzshock

Ben turns into Buzzshock and shoot green electricity, killing nearby enemies.

1: Play as both Ben's in FWF Mode.

2: Find him in Story Mode.



Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

1: Egg Lay

2: Egg Explosion

3: Broken Lamp

4: Coco Cards

Special: Egg Reaction

Coco lays a dozen eggs, which explode near each enemy.

1: Beat all other FHFIF characters in FWF Mode.

2: Find her in Story Mode.

Otto 302

Otto Osworth

Time Squad

1: Gun Shootin'

2: Throwing A Good Book

3: Karate...Or At Least, Some

4: Fishing For Fish

Special: Fishing For Trouble

Otto catches a large fish, which goes on to trampe enemies.

1: Beat Buck and Larry in FWF Mode.

2: Find him in Story Mode.



Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

1: Baseball Bat

2: Chips Recovery

3: Pinning The Blame

4: Flowerpot Smash

Special: Sink Flood

Bendy breaks the knob off a sink, causing a flood to kill any nearby enemies.

1: Die 32 times.

2: Find him in Story Mode...then beat him.

Moxy Cartoon NetworkMoxy Moto The Moxy Show

1: Melody Obsession

2: Flea

3: Breakdancing

4: Noisy Catchphrase

Special: Cartoon Chaos

Several creatures of different animation techniques start beating up the enemies.

1: Unlock all other characters in FWF Mode.

2: Find him in Story Mode.



Image And Name Franchise Description



The Powerpuff Girls The Broccoloids are alien veggies who shot projectiles out of their veggie guns. They briefly appear in Elmore in Story Mode.


Crystal Ants

Adventure Time These multi-colored Crystal Ants come with different weapons, like daggers or swords. They briefly appear in Stormalong Harbor in Story Mode.



The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy These zombies come in all shapes and sizes, and slowly stumble towards you. They briefly appear in Tokyo in Story Mode.



Courage The Cowardly Dog Were-Moles are evil moles (duh) that turn you into a Were-Mole if they bite you. They briefly appear in Dexter's Lab in Story Mode.



Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends Blooplegangers are Bloo's dopplegangers who attack in large clusters. They briefly appear in Townsville in Story Mode.


Candy Pirates

Codename: Kids Next Door Stickybeard's pirate goons...who like to steal candy. Wow. Real scary, mate's. They briefly appear in Polyneux Middle School in Story Mode.

Giant Characters

Giant characters are characters that are exclusive to two levels. They work similar to how Giant Bowser did in Bowser's Inside Story, with you playing as one big character fighting another big character.

Image And Name Franchise Description



Steven Universe

Alexandrite is the fusion on Garnet, Amythest, and Pearl...but no Steven. She can reveal her second mouth under her face and even throw buses.

Stage 1: Alexandrite See, Monkey Do (VS Mojozilla)

Stage 2: Hand-To-Hand Combat (VS Gem Warship)


Way Big

Ben 10: Alien Force

Way Big is a giant alien, which is Ben 10 as said alien. Way Big can cross his arms and create a cosmic ray, although smaller than usual.

Stage 1: Way Big Problem (VS Dynamo)

Stage 2: Whale Of A Good Time (VS Bubbie)



The Powerpuff Girls

Mojo Jojo becomes a giant and goes pretty crazy, sending his impersonators to attack and throwing building at enemies in his way.

Stage 1: Alexandrite See, Monkey Do (VS Alexandrite)

Stage 2: 5 Hours Until Domination (VS Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant)



The Powerpuff Girls

Dynamo is a robotic Powerpuff Girl made by Professor Utonium. It can use it's bow as scissors, roll into a ball, and shoot missiles.

Stage 1: Way Big Problem (VS Way Big)

Stage 2: Day At The Zoo (VS Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant)

250px-Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant

Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant

Adventure Time

This is the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant, Finn's wish. It can shoot out of it's shotgun tusks while flying via it's feet.

Stage 1: Day At The Zoo (VS Dynamo)

Stage 2: 5 Hours Until Domination (VS Mojozilla)

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 8.31.40 PM

Gem Warship

Steven Universe

The Gem Warship seems to be just a giant hand with a few tricks. It can use it's fingers as methods of attack, and launch escape pods with enemies.

Stage 1: Hand-To-Hand Combat (VS Alexandrite)

Stage 2: Into The Portal (VS All)



The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack

Flapjack's mother-like figure and the moving house of K'Nuckles and Flapjack. She can use her whale tail to whack enemies, along with making waves.

Stage 1: Whale Of A Good Time (VS Way Big)

Stage 2: Dragon Up! (VS Dragon Aku)

Aku dragon loon by dark337-d743fhm

Dragon Aku

Samurai Jack

The shapeshifting master of darkness as a dragon! As a dragon, Aku can breathe streams of fire onto enemies, along with other moves.

Stage 1: Dragon Up! (VS Bubbie)

Stage 2: None

FWF Stages (Default)

All default stages for FWF will be listed here.


Image And Name Franchise Description



Powerpuff Girls Townsville is the city the Powerpuff Girls live in and usually save. The Giant FishBalloon may appear in the background at times and attack a building or two.


Dexter's Lab

Dexter's Laboratory ♪In Dexter's Laboratoryyyyy, lives the smartest boy you've ever seeeeeen... but Dee Dee blows his experiments, to smithereeeeeens!♪

Dexter's Lab is jam-packed with devastating machines, conveyor belts, and lasers. It is the hardest default stage in FWF Mode.


Foster's Home

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends Foster's Home is a giant orphanage for old imaginary friends. You can go through doors that take you to different parts on the house!

The elmore


The Amazing World Of Gumball Elmore is the town where Gumball and other colorful characters stay. It switches between Gumball's house, Elmore Junior High, or the gas station.


Polyneux Middle School

Whatever Happened To Robot Jones? Polyneux Middle School is the school which Robot Jones attends. Like Elmore, it keeps switching, so you could be in a classroom, a hallway, or in front of it!


  • Candi Milo as Dexter, Coco
  • Kathy Cavadini as Blossom
  • Kat Cressida as Dee Dee
  • Tara Strong as Bubbles
  • Elizabeth Daily as Buttercup
  • Jacob Hopkins as Gumball Watterson
  • Terrell Ransom, Jr. as Darwin Watterson
  • Jessica McDonald as Penny Fitzgerald
  • Jeremy Shada as Finn the Human
  • John DiMaggio as Jake the Dog
  • Janice Kawaye as Ami Onuki
  • Grey DeLisle as Yumi Yoshimura, Mandy, Shannon Westerburg, Frankie
  • Benjamin Diskin as Numbuh One, Numbuh Two
  • Lauren Tom as Numbuh Three
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Numbuh Four
  • Cree Summers as Numbuh Five
  • Keith Ferguson as Blooregard Q. Kazoo
  • Sean Marquette as Mac
  • Tom Kenny as Eduardo
  • Phil LaMarr as Wilt
  • Yuri Lowenthal as Ben Tennyson
  • Nicky Jones as Chowder
  • Teresa Gallagher as Nicole Watterson
  • Kyla Rae Kowalewski as Anais Watterson
  • Richard Horvitz as Billy
  • Greg Eagles as Grim
  • Shelby Rabara as Peridot
  • Eddie Deezen as Mandark
  • Pamela Adlon as Beau
  • Lara Jill Miller as Julie
  • Tom Kane as Virus, Professor Utonium

Computerized Voices

  • Macintalk Junior as Robot Jones
  • Microsoft Sam as Thrownaway Soldiers


The game received mixed to positive reviews after its launch. IGN gave it a score of 8/10, explaining that "Legacy is an improvement from past Cartoon Network crossover video games; it manages to keep up the pace with current shows, but at the same time uses as many of its classic franchises as possible, providing a wide variety of heroes and villains -- even if they're not all in the story."

On the contrary, Tim Turi of Game Informer gave the game a 6.5/10, saying, "The plot is rushed and doesn't even try to incorporate all of the characters in the roster. Is it a sort of bias? The game may be a bit fun to play, but that can't overshadow the flaws in the story mode."

In response to the criticism, Lone Planet has announced that they will be developing a Director's Cut set for a 2018 release. This version of the game will fill in the plotholes left lying around in the original game.


  • On June 11, 2015, a teaser was uploaded online, showing a picture of what appears to be a mix of the Lich King, Peridot, Mandy, and an unknown character. It was shaded, so it was supposed to be brightened up.
  • An unknown person hacked into the game files. While looking in them, he found unused models of Atomic Betty, The Cramp Twins, Sunny Bridges, and Johnny Test.
  • There was also a file with the name "perilich.avi," which showed a character select icon with Perilich in it. This suggests Perilich will be added as a playable character when the first DLC pack comes along.
  • A leaked image online showed an image of Batman standing in front of Bugs Bunny. Both properties, DC and Looney Tunes, have had a prominent role in Cartoon Network's history, and it's speculated that this may be the defining feature of the rumored sequel.
  • At the E3 on June 15, 2015, the official game trailer was shown, showing off the battles in Elmore, Tokyo, and Polyneux Middle School. At the end of the trailer, two silhouettes are shown: one girl with frizzy hair and a green border and one boy with curly hair and a blue border.
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