The Toughest Fighter
Availability Default
Series The Powerpuff Girls
Chaos Attack Teethbreaker

Buttercup is one of the playable characters in Cartoon Network: Crossover Chaos!!.


The city of Townsville! A lovely and quiet place where the Powerpuff Girls find their home. The three girls were playing in their rooms like they usually do when there is nothing going on. But once again the hotline goes off and the Mayor request them to head to Mojo's Volcano as there is a weird disturbance there. Once they arrive they see a large portal opened above the volcano and enter it. After having gone through it Buttercup finds herself alone separated from her sisters. She concludes that she doesn't need them and heads out alone trying to find Mojo Jojo.


Name Info
Special 1
Buttercup forges a fireball in her hand and throws it forwards at high speed. It is a common projectile move that doesn't have much to it. However it may inflict a burn effect occasionally.
Special 2
Vortex Spin
Buttercup twirls around and creates a green vortex. She then spins around for a while (or until her stamina is depleted) and during this time she can repeatedly damage her opponents by bashing against them. The opponents get pulled in once the vortex is near them.
Special 3
Earthquake Punch
After Buttercup counters the move of an opponent she punches the ground making it crack. The grounds shakes and causes the opponent to be rendered useless. They fall down to the ground in a dead state but recover afterwards. The attack is powerful and gives time for Buttercup to flee afterwards.
Chaos Attack
Teeth Breaker
Similar to her vortex spin, Buttercup twirls around and creates a huge vortex. The vortex pulls in anyone that is close, the camera shifts to the inside of the vortex where Buttercup deals some heavy punches to the opponents, knocking their teeth out of their mouth.



Win Pose

Victory Screen

Vault Data


Buttercup is the toughest fighter out of the three Powerpuff Girls, representing the ingredient 'spice'. She is a typical tomboy who prefers hanging out with boys and playing rougher games. She is the rudest of the three and most often gets into trouble because of her agressiveness. Despite all this she always tries to do what is right. She excells at preforming a vortex spin and can conjure fire out of nothing, although both are later also learned by her sisters.
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