The Joy and Laughter
Availability Default
Series The Powerpuff Girls
Chaos Attack Sonic Scream Barrage

Bubbles is one of the playable characters in Cartoon Network: Crossover Chaos!!.


The city of Townsville! A lovely and quiet place where the Powerpuff Girls find their home. The three girls were playing in their rooms like they usually do when there is nothing going on. But once again the hotline goes off and the Mayor request them to head to Mojo's Volcano as there is a weird disturbance there. Once they arrive they see a large portal opened above the volcano and enter it. After having gone through it Bubbles finds herself alone and is scared. Luckily she finds a friend who is willing to guide her through all of this.


Name Info
Special 1
Sonic Scream
Bubbles releases a sonic scream that covers a wide range. The longer the move isn't used the more damage it will do when it is used. The range also enlarges when not using it for a longer amount of time. It doesn't cost Bubbles more stamina if she uses it less for a bigger effect.
Special 2
Lightning Strike
Bubbles can let a jolt of lightning descend from the sky on the ground. When she performs the move a shadow will appear on the ground marking the place where the lightning will impact. She can move the shadow around to select her preferable location.
Special 3
Laser Zapper
As she counters when getting hit, Bubbles will rapidly fire multiple lasers out of her eyes into the opponent. They receive no knockback whatsoever though.
Chaos Attack
Sonic Scream Barrage
Bubbles will use her Multiplication ability to make many copies of herself that then surround the opponent. When the opponent(s) are closed in by the clones they all will start to use their sonic scream inflicting massive damage on them.



Win Pose

Victory Screen

Vault Data


Bubbles is the joy and laughter of the three Powerpuff Girls. She represents 'everything nice' when she accidentally was created with the help of Chemical X as an accident by Professor Utonium. Bubbles is often seen as the heart of the team always trying to think positive. However once Bubbles gets mad, she really is mad. She has mastered the Sonic Scream ability and has the ability to speak multiple languages and even speak to animals!
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