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Commander and the Leader
Availability Default
Series The Powerpuff Girls
Chaos Attack Freeze Frenzy

Blossom is one of the playable characters in Cartoon Network: Crossover Chaos!!.


The city of Townsville! A lovely and quiet place where the Powerpuff Girls find their home. The three girls were playing in their rooms like they usually do when there is nothing going on. But once again the hotline goes off and the Mayor request them to head to Mojo's Volcano as there is a weird disturbance there. Once they arrive they see a large portal opened above the volcano and enter it. After having gone through it Blossom finds herself alone, seperasted from her sisters. What was going on?


Name Info
Special 1
Heat Vision
Blossom sends out a heat beam, while performing the move she can angle the beam vertically and even very slightly horizontally. When having an opponent under the heat vision for a certain amount of time they will sustain a burning effect.
Special 2
Flight Dash
Blossom flies forwards at a high speed and causes massive damage when she lands an attack. Once she makes contact with the opponent after doing the dash she can immediately continue landing combo's on the opponent. Although it is a fast move it can be countered.
Special 3
Ice Breath
Blossom counters the incoming attack by blowing ice from her mouth, freezing the opponent instantly in front of her. This leaves them open for combo's. This move can be executed without being attacked as well.
Chaos Attack
Freeze Frenzy
Blossom flies up and creates a blizzard from her ice breath, completely freezing the opponent. She picks the piece of ice up, flies very high in the air and then at full speed crashes the block of ice, with the opponent in it down on the ground.



Win Pose

Victory Screen

Vault Data


Blossom is the commander and the leader of the Powerpuff Girls and represents sugar. Being the smartest of the three Blossom usually comes up with the plans to defeat certain villains and always takes the lead in the fights. Her leading skills are way better than her sisters. Blossom possesses a special ability which only can be used by her, the Ice Breath, which she suddenly discovered one day. Out of the three she also acts the most mature and often has to resolve disputes between her sisters.
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