This page is for all of the items that appear in the game Cartoon All-Star Rumble. Pokeballs, Digimon, and Assitants are not included due to having their own pages.

Image Name Description Series
SSBEB,SmashBall Smash Ball Lets the player unleash their Final Smash. SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
2006-12-08-anvil-istock1462798e-270x270 Anvil A standard acme anvil. Players can grab a rope to smash fellow opponents with an anvil. LonneyTunesFranchise
Baseball Bat Baseball Bat Lets players hit opponents with home runs, often resulting in insta-KO's. SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Blue-Bronco Blue Bronco Energy Drink Gives the player a boost of energy. SSB Simpsons
2Burger 250x2501 Krabby Patty Eating this item reduces damage by 50%. SpongebobFranchise
The-Nasty-Patty Nasty Patty Eating this item poisons any fighter that consumes it. SpongebobFranchise
4354banana peel Banana Peel This item can be thrown to opponents slip and fall. Causes 0% damage. SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Inflatable-mallet-hammer-zoom Mallet Once picked up, the mallet can be used for instant knock-outs. LonneyTunesFranchise
0003470006510 500X500 Spinach Can Eating this will boost the power of any character for a shot amount of time. PopeyeFranchise
Duff Beer Consuming this item slows players down for a few seconds. SSB Simpsons
Squisee This item can be thrown at opponents and freeze them in a block of ice. SSB Simpsons
Skillet This item can be used for a powerful smash attack to KO opponents with high damge percentage. HetaliaFranchise
Pokeball2 Pokeball Summons a random Pokemon to help or hither the summoner and/or opponents. SSB Pokémon Series
Dream Master Ball Sprite Master Ball Summons a random legendary Pokemon to help or hither the summoner and/or opponents. SSB Pokémon Series
LuxoBall Luxo Ball Can be bounced around the stage hitting other fighters. SSB ToyStory
Kartmushroom Super Mushroom Makes anybody bigger for a short period of time. SSB Mario Series
Poisonshroom Poison Mushroom Makes anybody smaller for a short period of time. SSB Mario Series
FireFlowerMK8 Fire Flower Allows anybody to shoot out several blasts of fire. SSB Mario Series

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