Boss Battles returns from Cartoon All-Star Melee, with the only changes being the mix of bosses. The mode is unlocked after the player completes The King of Darkness for the very first time. All bosses are as follows...


Image Name Series
Warhok Kim Possible
Judge Doom Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
The Mad Doctor MickeyMouseFranchise
Man-Ray SpongebobFranchise
The Dirty Bubble SpongebobFranchise
Toy Story
Prospector Toy Story
Professor Z SSB Cars
Sir Miles Axelrod SSB Cars
Naraku Inuyasha
King Candy Wreckitralphcherry
Judge Calude Frollo The Hunchback of Notredame
MLP FiM Series
MLP FiM Series
Doodlebob SpongebobFranchise
SSB Superman
The King of Darkness SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

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