Assistants are characters that can be called out to either help or hither the fighters. There will be a total of __ assistants in the game.

Image Name Description Series
300px-303px-Gary the Snail.svg Gary Gary moves around the stage while leaving a trail of blue slime all over the stage, causing players to slip and fall. SpongebobFranchise
SweePeaPIC Sweepea Sweepea eats a can of Spinach and punches any opponents of the summoner. PopeyeFranchise
Speedy Speedy Gonalaz Runs around the stage kicking opponants and drooping cheese bombs. LonneyTunesFranchise
Pluto1 Pluto Pluto digs holes all around the stage, and if oppanants fall in the holes, they become stuck in them for one minute. MickeyMouseFranchise
Toy-story-alien2 The Aliens Pull out "The Claw", which will pick any random player, and chuck them into the air. SSB ToyStory
Randall Weems Snitches on fellow fighters, and informs about attacks. Recess
Quagmire Glenn Quagmire When summoned, Quagmire will run around the stage, and try and suduce any female fighters. If there are no females, he shouts "Eww!", and vanishes. SSB FamilyGuy
Krustytheclown Krusty the Clown Throws pies at opponents, and laughs at them while doing it. SSB Simpsons
Abe simpsons Grampa Simpson Puts opponents to sleep by telling a story, and babbaling about stuff. SSB Simpsons
Groundskeeperwillie Groundskeeper Willie Attacks opponents with his shovel or his tractor. SSB Simpsons
MoeSzyslak Moe Syslak Attacks with  his shotgun or throws beer glasses at opponents. SSB Simpsons
Lg-thomas tcm657-94748 Thomas the Tank Engine Rams into opponents for a few seconds. Thomasicon
Huggy Official Art Captain Huggyface Captain Huggyface will select an random opponent, and pounce on them for a few seconds. WordGirl
King Jellyfish Stings any opponents, sometimes knocking them out completely out of the stage. SpongebobFranchise
Ludwig von Drake Throws out various chemicals on the stage causing random side effects to occur. MickeyMouseFranchise
Cameroon When summoned, Cameroon will either kick or bounce soccer balls from his head into opponents. HetaliaFranchise
Hetalia bw bulgaria by vikamarco-d65bknq Bulgaria When summoned, Bulgaria will pick a random opponent, and throw sticks at them. HetaliaFranchise
Australia When summoned, Australia will throw boomerangs at opponents. HetaliaFranchise

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