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In Cartoon All-Star Melee, the only coustumes that were in the game were only for characters that had alternate forms. In Cartoon All-Star Rumble, all playable characters recieve alternate coustumes. The list of alternates are as follows...


Image Coustume Trivia
Vector garfield by ilhajaot-grey Nermal
  • Resembles Nermal
Vector garfield by ilhajaot-green Green
Vector garfield by ilhajaot-blue McKinley
  • Resembles McKinley, a blue version of Garfield as seen in Garfield & Friends.

Hong Kong Phooey

Image Color
HongKongPhooeyBlue HongKongPhooeyYellow
Blue Gold

Ash Ketchum

Image Costume Trivia
Ash Ketchum BW Unova Ash
  • Ash as he appeared in the Unova saga of the anime.
Ash DP 1 Sinnoh Ash
  • Ash as he appeared in the Sinnoh saga of the anime.
Hoenn Ash
  • Ash as he appeared in the Hoenn saga of the anime.
Classic Ash
  • Ash as he appeared in the Kanto, Orange Islands, and Johto sagas of the anime.

Betty Boop

Image Costume Trivia
Betty boop Pink
Betty boopretro Retro
  • Betty Boop as she appeared in the original cartoons from the 1930's.


Image Coustume Notes
Classic Misty
  • Misty as she appeared in the Kanto, Orange Islands, and Johto sagas in the anime.

Little Lulu

Image Image Image
Little-lulu-purple Little-lulu-teal Little-lulu-yellow
Purple Teal Yellow
Little-lulu-tyedye Little-lulu-electricblue ?
Tye-Dye Electric Blue ???


Image Coustume Trivia
Gallery3-1 WWI Uniform
  • Italy's WWI Uniform that was seen in the first episode of Hetalia Axis Powers.
Nyotalia Italy

Arthur Read

Image Coustume Trivia
King arthur read by andrewsurvivor-d32cm6w King Arthur
  • Resembles an outft most likely worn by a king.
Emperor arthur read by andrewsurvivor-d38h8wx (1) Emperor Arthur
  • Resembles a formal outfit most likely worn by an emperor.
Prince arthur by andrewsurvivor-d326o0f Prince Arthur
  • Resembles an outfit most likely worn by a prince.

Edward Elric

Image Coustume Trivia
Edward Elric Military Edward
  • Resembles Edward's military uniform.
Edward Elric Gryffindor by kra Gryffindor Edward
  • Resembles a Gryffindor student from the Harry Potter series.

Haruhi Suziyama

Image Coustume Notes
Suzumiya-haruhi White
Haruhi31 Casual
  • Resembles Haruhi's summer casual outfit.
Haruhi-pics-haruhi-suzumiya-character-8432267-618-782 Dark
-large--AnimePaper-scans The-Melancholy-Of-Haruhi-Suzumiya darkchiichan(0 5) THISRES 134385 RPG Haruhi
  • Resembles an RPG outfit.

Sir Topham Hatt

Mickey Mouse

Spongebob Squarepants

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