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Cartoon All-Star Rumble is a crossover fighting game currently in development by Sactown Studios, and the first installment in the Cartoon All-Star franchise. As the name implies, the game is a crossover of many forms of animation, with characters being pulled from cartoons, anime, movies, and many more different types of animation. The game is intended to be a tribute to the legendary cartoons and anime represented in the game. Characters from many different companies such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Hasbro appear alongside series that wouldn't be represented in a typical fighting game, such as Arthur, the Magic School Bus, and many other


Cartoon All-Star Rumble plays in a very similar way to the Super Smash Bros. Series. The point of the game to knock your rival off of the stage. When the battle starts all characters start out at 0% damage. Depending on the type of attacks executed, damage will increase at the bottom of the screen. Usually when a character gets up to 100% or higher they can be knocked off of the stage or can be sent flying in the air for a "Rocket K.O.". The highest percent of damage a character can get up to is 999% where then the character is the easiest to knock off of the stage. All characters have four special attacks that can be used against other opponents on the stage. Players need to complete specific objectives in order to receive more extras. (characters, stages, trophies, music, etc.)


16px-Def A svg - Basic Punch, Kick, or Slap
16px-Def B svg - Use special attack (Instead of special attacks, Pokemon Trainers call out their Pokemon to battle)
16px-Def Stick svg - Move around the stage
16px-Def X svg - Jump
16px-Def Y svg - Jump
16px-Def L svg - Shield
16px-Def R svg - Grab/Dodge
16px-Def Pad svg - Taunt

Playable Characters

Characters whose names that are in italics are new to the series. There will be a total of __ initial playable characters. __ of these characters are ready to play from the start while __ of the characters must be unlocked before they can become playable.

Starting Fighters
Mickey Mouse
SSB Popeye
Bugs Bunny
SSB LooneyTunes2
Spongebob Squarepants
SSB Spongebob
Homer Simpson
SSB Simpsons
Sailor Moon
SSB SailorMoon
SSB DragonBallZ
Twilight Sparkle
MLP FiM Series
MickeyMouseCASR BugsBunnyCASR SpongebobCASR HomerSimpsonCASR SailorMoonCASR GokuCASR TwilightSparkleCASR
Invader Zim
Star Butterfly
Scrooge McDuck
SSB DuckTales
North Italy
SSB Hetalia
Arthur Read
SSB Arthur
Recess Gang
SSB Recess
NorthItalyCASR RikochetCASR RobinCASR
Ryuko Matoi
SSB KillLaKill

Arcade Mode

Arcade is a mode similar to ones found in the Super Smash Bros, and the Street Fighter franchises. The goal of the mode is to face various opponents before reaching the boss at the end of the mode. The boss of the Arcade mode in Cartoon All-Star Melee, The Cartoonist has returned with new attacks, and weapons. In addition, he is now joined by a female counterpart, known only as The Mangaka, whose attacks are based off of various techniques that are found in manga and anime, similar to how The Cartoonist uses attacks that are based off of various techniques found in cartoons and comic books. The mode has no set order when it comes to the characters fought and can be quite random with it.

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