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Developer(s) Sactown Studios
Publisher(s) Sactown Studios

Cartoon All-Star Rumble is an upcoming crossover four-on-four based fighting game being developed by Sactown Studios. The fighting game is intended to redefine the concept of both three-on-three, and two-on-two fighting games by incorporating the concept of four-on-four to allow maximum insanity for battles between the characters on the roster. The game is intended to be an "East Meets West" concept, in which both Western Animation, and Eastern Animation will both be featured within the game. The game is set to release as an exclusive title for the Nintendo Switch in 2019, and is intended to be released for other systems in 2020. The game will be the first game by Sactown to utilize the Old School Engine, a game engine that gives the game unique cartoon/anime based psyhics as well as a unique look that will blend the different styles of the series featured.



Playable Characters

Sactown Studios have confirmed that Rumble's base roster would be a mix of classic, modern, and retro fighters for the game's roster. Although the total amount of playable fighters to be released has yet to be finalized, the game will feature many fan favorites, as well as at least 1-2 new characters to be added every week through DLC free of charge to the player. Many companies are represented within the game through the roster, and many fighters who haven't appeared in years gain slightly upgraded designs. All characters on the roster will feature new voices recorded for the game by their regular voice artists, as well as older characters gaining new ones as well.

Default Fighters

Starting Fighters
Mickey Mouse Popeye Bugs Bunny Spongebob Squarepants Homer Simpson Sailor Moon Goku Twilight Sparkle
MickeyMouseFinalRumble! PopeyeFinalRumble! BugsBunnyFinalRumble! SpongebobSquarepantsFinalRumble! HomerJSimpsonFinalRumble! SailorMoonFinalRumble! GokuFinalRumble! TwilightSparkleFinalRumble!
Invader Zim
Star Butterfly
Scrooge McDuck North Italy Arthur Read Recess Gang Rikochet
InvaderZimFinalRumble! StarButterflyFinalRumble! ScroogeMcDuckFinalRumble! NorthItalyFinalRumble! ArthurReadFinalRumble! RecessGangFinalRumble! RikochetFinalRumble!
Ryuko Matoi Inuyasha Steven Universe Donald Duck Daffy Duck Shrek & Donkey Sheriff Woody Tom & Jerry
RyukoMatoiFinalRumble! InuyashaFinalRumble! StevenUniverseFinalRumble! DonaldDuckFinalRumble! DaffyDuckFinalRumble! ShrekandDonkeyFinalRumble! SheriffWoodyFinalRumble! Tom&JerryFinalRumble!
Sugar Mama Proud Johnny Bravo Dipper & Mabel Pines Patrick Star Pooh Bear Ash Ketchum Sir Topham Hatt Dora Marquez
SugarMamaProudFinalRumble! DipperandMabelFinalRumble! PatrickStarFinalRumble! StephenTophamHattFinalRumble!
Haruhi Suziyama Monkey D. Luffy Peter Griffin Chowder Olive Oyl Betty Boop Mr. Magoo Applejack
HaruhiSuzumiyaFinalRumble! MonkeyD.LuffyFinalRumble! PeterGriffinFinalRumble! ChowderFinalRumble! OliveOylFinalRumble! BettyBoopFinalRumble! ApplejackFinalRumble
Korra Miss Frizzle Buzz Lightyear Pearl Finn & Jake Princess Bubblegum Goofy Pinkie Pie
Grunkle Stan Minnie Mouse Daisy Duck Germany Japan Shaggy Rogers & Scooby-Doo Fred Flintstone Marge Simpson
GermanyFinalRumble! FredFlintstoneFinalRumble!
A-Ko Magami Ichigo Mighty Mouse Hong Kong Phooey Porky Pig Lola Bunny Gumball & Darwin Moka Akishiya
HongKongPhooeyFinalRumble! LolaBunnyFinalRumble! MokaAkishiyaFinalRumble!
Tsukune Ano Blossom Bubbles Buttercup Garfield Kyon Vegeta Tuxedo Mask
TsukuneAonoFinalRumble! KyonFinalRumble! VegetaFinalRumble! TuxedoMaskFinalRumble!
Sailor Mercury Porky Pig Edward Elric Alphonse Elric Agent P Sandy Cheeks
SailorMercuryFinalRumble! PorkyPigFinalRumble! AgentPFinalRumble!

Unlockable Fighters

Unlockable Fighters
Plankton & Karen Grampa Simpson Bill Cipher El Tigre Squidward Tentacles Mr. Krabs Ice King Princess Sofia
Penny Proud Bravestarr Slyvester & Tweety Wendy Coudrey Bart Simpson Lisa Simpson Papa Smurf Bluto
Butt Witch Magica De Spell Earl Robert Maggie Simpson Ned Flanders Rainbow Dash Rarity Fluttershy
Queen Beryl Mojo Jojo Princess Morbucks King Sombra Roy Mustang
QueenBerylFinalRumble! KingSombraFinalRumble!

DLC Fighters

DLC Fighters are free of charge, and are automatically added to the game's roster every week. These fighters appear after the game is updated with balance patches.


A grand total of __ arenas are available to play on in Cartoon All-Star Rumble. __ of these arenas are ready to play from the start, while the other __ arenas must be unlocked.

Default Arenas

Image Name Franchise Description Soundtrack
House of Mouse
Vicarstown Station
Krusty Krab
Acme Looniversity
Graviton City
Hundred Acre Wood
Evergreen Terrace
Acme Acres
Bonnie's Room
Lester's Possum Park
Ulfstead Castle
The Drunken Clam

Unlockable Arenas


Image Name Franchise Description
SummonerCrystal Summon Crystal CartoonAll-StarRumble Summons a random character to either help out or hinder the team that summoned them through the crystal.
Wizard Hat Sorcerer's Hat
Clipart-dynamite-256x256-ba4a Dynamite Stick
Krabby Patty Krabby Patty SpongeBob SquarePants logo.svg
Ray-gun-green-and-black-no-shadow-hi Ray Gun
Zap apple jam by zapapplejam-d4m42oe-1 Zap Apple Jam My Little Pony Friendship is Magic logo.svg
Donut... Frosted Donut The-simpsons-logo
Free-vector-wooden-club 102563 Wooden club Bedrock Club
Honey Pot Emoji large Honey Pot
A719671100c789e0e6ba81a5bbdfa1de Beehive
119498479391699263wooden mallot benji park .svg.hi Mallet
Baseball-bat-clipart-baseball bat art christmas xmas toy-3333px Baseball Launcher
Time Machine
Nasty Patty
Kids-cooking-clipart-black-and-white-12387028081954057375rugby471 tango style frying pan.svg.hi.png Skillet
SSBEB,Banana Banana Peel
Duff Beer
Hot Sauce Pin Icon Volcano Sauce
Anvil by scarletlightning565-d7j5w15 Anvil
Luxo Ball
A1846-512 Fan

Crystal Summons

Image Name Franchise Description
Swee'Pea When summoned, Swee'Pea pulls out a can of Spinach, eats it, and then proceeds to attack the nearest opponent with a gaint punch. He then vanishes.
Pearl Krabs When summoned, Pearl brings out her pom-poms, and jumps around with her massive body slamming the ground and launching opponenets in the air. She then vanishes.
Mrs. Puff
Gary the Snail
Oscar Proud When summoned, Oscar Proud
Pepe Le Pew
Marvin the Martain
Witch Leezah
Glenn Quagmire

Special Intros

All fighters have special battle intros towards opponents, these are played up for certain rivalries for the fighters, and are used against certain opponents in place of the usual quotes said by the fighters. They are as follows.

Character 1 Character 2 Actions & Dialogue
Homer Simpson Peter Griffin Homer runs into the stage and kicks Peter Griffin to the other end of the arena while saying "Out of my way Jerkass!" followed by Homer also saying, "Look at that blubber fly!" After groaning in pain, Peter then looks at Homer, pounds his fist into his hand, and ends the intro by saying, "That's it, you're history pal!"
Mr. Krabs Scrooge McDuck Mr. Krabs and Scrooge McDuck enter the arena at the same time, and both spot a penny on the ground. The two then run towards it to claim the money. Upon both realizing that the other one wants the money, they both back off and get ready to battle.
Johnny Bravo Any Female Opponent Johnny Bravo runs into the arena, and proceeds to attempt to hit on the female opponent, by approaching them and saying "Hey there baby!" The offended female opponent then punches Bravo back to the other side of the arena. Bravo then finishes by saying, "Sassy!"
Plankton Mr. Krabs Plankton's robot lands in the middle of the arena as the other three fighters on his team join him. If Mr. Krabs is the opponent, Plankton will say "Well, Well, Eugene Krabs!" Mr. Krabs will then respond with "Save the formalities for your Mother-In-Law, Plankton!" 
Daffy Duck Donald Duck
Popeye Bluto
Sailor Moon Star Butterfly
Bart Simpson Little Lulu
Buzz Lightyear Zurg
Timmy Turner Jimmy Neutron
Mickey Mouse Bugs Bunny

Arcade Mode

Arcade is a mode similar to ones found in the Super Smash Bros, and the Street Fighter franchises. The goal of the mode is to face various opponents before reaching the boss at the end of the mode. The boss of the Arcade mode in Cartoon All-Star Melee, The Cartoonist has returned with new attacks, and weapons. In addition, he is now joined by a female counterpart, known only as The Mangaka, whose attacks are based off of various techniques that are found in manga and anime, similar to how The Cartoonist uses attacks that are based off of various techniques found in cartoons and comic books. The mode has no set order when it comes to the characters fought and can be quite random with it.

Reveal Trailers

Cartoon All-Star Rumble/Reveal Trailers


  • Cartoon All-Star Rumble's Story Mode acknowledges many gags, and trivia from the respective franchises represented within the game.
    • A-Ko notably calls both Superman and Wonder Woman, "Mother and Father", and questions what they are doing within the events of the mode. This is a reference to Project A-Ko where both Superman and Wonder Woman were implied to have married and settled within Graviton City, the film's main setting, along with having A-Ko as their daughter.
    • In addition, B-Ko notably calls Iron Man, "Father", and questions what he is doing within the events of the mode. Again, this is a notable reference to the film's sequel where Iron Man is implied to have settled in Graviton City, and has B-Ko as his daughter.

Voice Cast

English Dub Cast

Image Name Characters Voiced
Chris Diamantopoulos Mickey Mouse
Tony Anselmo Donald Duck
Bill Farmer Goofy Goof
Russi Taylor Minnie Mouse
Tress MacNeille Daisy Duck
David Tennant Scrooge McDuck
Billy West Popeye, Invader Zim
Tabitha St. Germain Olive Oyl, Rarity
Jeff Bergman Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck
Bob Bergen Porky Pig
Rachel Ramras Lola Bunny
Tom Kenny Spongebob Squarepants
Bill Fagerbakke Patrick Star
Carolyn Lawerence Sandy Cheeks
Rodger Bumpass Squidward Tentacles
Clancy Brown Mr. Krabs
Doug Lawerence Plankton
Jill Talley Karen
Dan Castellaneta Homer Simpson, Grampa Simpson
Julie Kavner Marge Simpson
Nancy Cartwright Bart Simpson
Yeardley Smith Lisa Simpson
Stephanie Sheh Sailor Moon
Kate Higgins Sailor Mercury
Robbie Daymond Tuxedo Mask
Cindy Robinson Queen Beryl
Sean Schemmel Goku
Christopher Sabat Vegeta
Tara Strong Twilight Sparkle
Ashleigh Ball Applejack, Rainbow Dash
Andrea Libman Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy
Big Jim Miller King Sombra
Eden Sher Star Butterfly
Todd Hankerborn North Italy, Tsukune Aono, Natsu Dragneel, Keroro, and Death the Kid
Patrick Seitz Germany
Christopher Bevins Japan
Michael Yarmush Arthur Read

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