North American Nintendo Switch Boxart
Developer(s) Sactown Studios
Publisher(s) Sactown Studios

Cartoon All-Star Rumble is an upcoming crossover four-on-four based fighting game being developed by Sactown Studios. The fighting game is intended to redefine the concept of both three-on-three, and two-on-two fighting games by incorporating the concept of four-on-four to allow maximum insanity for battles between the characters on the roster. The game is intended to be an "East Meets West" concept, in which both Western Animation, and Eastern Animation will both be featured within the game. The game is set to release as an exclusive title for the Nintendo Switch in 2019, and is intended to be released for other systems in 2020. The game will be the first game by Sactown to utilize the Old School Engine, a game engine that gives the game unique cartoon/anime based psyhics as well as a unique look that will blend the different styles of the series featured.




Opening Movie

The opening to the game begins with a sketch of Mickey Mouse being thrown into what appears to be Earth. Upon it landing within a high-tech modern-day arena, the sketch comes to life, bringing Mickey alive. Another sketch is thrown down which transforms into Goku. The two glare at each other as they prepare to attack each other. More sketches begin appearing, and more characters come to life such as Spongebob, Sailor Moon, Moka Akishiya, Lupin the III, Popeye, Bugs Bunny, and more of the cartoon and anime characters. The entire group begins to battle, with more and more characters appearing to join the fight. The opening then 

Game Modes

  • Arcade Mode - Fight your way through multiple battles to face off with a challenger awaiting the battle at the end!
  • Story Mode - Universes collide, villains team-up, and a mysterious force intends to bring the world into chaos as a alliance of heroes team-up to save their worlds before its too late in this action-packed cinematic story mode!
  • Training Mode - Brush up on your skills with your favorite all-star, or learn how to use a new favorite properly in this mode!
  • Mission Mode - Complete objectives in order to win rewards and prizes, sometimes, even fighters and arenas!
  • Tower of Toons - Take on Story Mode enemies, other fighters, and various other challenges as your team of four takes on 100 floors of insanity!
  • Loco Toon Challenge  - Travel around the many universes in-game for more challenges for costumes as a familiar train takes you around to fight other teams of four. Fight for Fashion you could say!

  • Rumble - Select a team of four fighters, and have a free-for-all on the arena of your choice! 
  • Special Rumble - Special rules and customization lead up to the most insanity you've seen in a fighting game yet!
  • Rotation - Have more than four players? Try this mode, where each player selects a fighter and can battle as normal! Have up to eight people take turns for the battle!
  • Tournament - Up to 36 different teams can be formed for the true champion to be declared within the game, an excellent mode for those fighting game tournaments!
Cool Text - Treasure Chest 258634824432213

Playable Characters

Sactown Studios have confirmed that Rumble's base roster would be a mix of classic, modern, and retro fighters for the game's roster. Although the total amount of playable fighters to be released has yet to be finalized, the game will feature many fan favorites, as well as at least 1-2 new characters to be added every week through DLC free of charge to the player. Many companies are represented within the game through the roster, and many fighters who haven't appeared in years gain slightly upgraded designs. All characters on the roster will feature new voices recorded for the game by their regular voice artists, as well as older characters gaining new ones as well.

Default Fighters

Character Description Voice Actor (s) 


Mickey Mouse

The one and only mascot of Disney, and the most famous cartoon character of all-time. Debuting in 1928, Mickey is a cheerful mouse who always gets into trouble, but often saves the day if he can help it! He's a balanced fighter whose great to pick up for beginners who are new to the game. Mickey's moveset is pulled from his most popular and well-known films such as Steamboat Willie, and Fantasia!

Say it with me, "Hot Dog!"

Chris Diamontopulous



A rough, and tough sailor who doesn't take nonsense from anyone, and often uses a can of spinach to save the day! With or without his famous Spinach Can in hand, Popeye can easily hold himself well within the arena, as his superhuman strength can allow him to toss giant anchors and various other weapons towards his opponents! His Spinach Can gives him even more abilities to work with when activated for Hyper Combos!

"He's strong to the finish 'cause he eats his spinach, he's Popeye the Sailor Man! *toot toot*"

Tom Kenny


Bugs Bunny

A wise-cracking rabbit born in New York City, Bugs Bunny is the most popular Looney Toon of all-time, and one who has outwitted many a hunter or monster, or even alien that has tried to capture him! As such, his arsenal of attacks include many of his famous feats! Dynamite, Carrots, Anvils, where does he get it all anyways?

Remind me, was it Duck Season, or was it Rabbit Season?

"Eh, What's Up Doc?"

Jeff Bergman


Spongebob Squarepants

Who lives in a Pineapple under the sea? Spongebob's a cheerful and well-meaning sponge who resides in the under-sea city of Bikini Bottom with his friends. Often, when not flipping Krabby Patties at the Krusty Krab, he's often found doing Karate, bubble-blowing, or of course Jellyfishing! All of these, plus his insane boating skills lead to an interesting character of chaos, and insanity!

"I'm Ready!"

Tom Kenny


Homer Simpson

"Mmm.... donuts!" Homer Simpson is the happily married father of three who resides in the city of Springfield. Although he often means well, his antics tend to cause trouble for those around him, especially when they tie into schemes of his to get rich real fast. Homer's moveset is comprised of the many fighting attacks he has performed within his home series, and even the video games based off of him!


Dan Castellaneta


Sailor Moon

Stephanie Sheh



Sean Schemmel


Twilight Sparkle

Properly known as the Princess of Friendship in Equestria is none other than Twilight Sparkle! An alicorn who is the former student of Princess Celestia, and who represents the element of Magic, is a force to be reckoned with in the battlefield! Twilight's immense knowledge of magic, force fields, and many spells lead to an interesting fighter with loads of potential combos! Tara Stong


Invader Zim

Richard Steven Horvitz


Star Butterfly

Eden Sher


Scrooge McDuck

The richest duck in the world, and a world-renowned Scottish adventurer who also is also the uncle of infamously bad tempered Donald Duck! Scrooge's wealth is extreme (mines, treasure, etc!), and no matter what, he always feels that it isn't enough for him to live on! Of course, being rich doesn't mean selfish, and Scrooge allows the help of his nephews, Mrs. Beakley, and her granddaughter Webby to help him in battle for his moveset! Top it all off with planes, robots, lasers, rocks, and even a dive in the famous money bin! David Tennant


North Italy

Todd Haberkorn


Arthur Read

Jacob Urzomazo


Recess Gang

A group of six best friends who attend Thrid Street School, known by their first names, TJ, Spinelli, Vince, Mikey, Gretchen, and Gus. Each one has a different personality, TJ's the leader, Spinelli's the no-nonsense tomboy, Vince is the athletic one, Mikey's the oddball, Gretchen's the smart one, and Gus is the Military Brat. Of course each of these combine for an interesting moveset! Dodgeballs, science experiments, basketballs, brute strength, and burping? Well, they've got it all haven't they?



Carlos Alazraqui


Ryuko Matoi

Erica Mendez



Richard Ian Cox


Steven Universe

Zach Callison


Donald Duck

Tony Anselmo


Daffy Duck

Jeff Bergman


Shrek and Donkey

Michael J. Gough (Shrek)

Dean Edwards (Donkey)


Sheriff Woody

Jim Hanks


Tom & Jerry

A cat and mouse duo that normally work towards outwitting each other at any given cost, often with mass destruction, violence, and other horrific things that occur. The duo have surprisingly forged an alliance to take down any oppoenents by any means needed! Dynamite, axes, hammers, firearms, poison, clubs, and steel pipes!?!? It's quite amazing that these two haven't gone to jail yet...

Don Brown (Tom)

Sam Vincent (Jerry)


Sir Topham Hatt

Sir Charles Topham Hatt II is the controller and the man in charge of the North Western Railway on the Island of Sodor. A firm, but fair father figure, he simply wishes for his railway and his engines to be really useful and right on time. Of course not everything goes to plan for the Fat Controller! Due to his experience in railway business, Sir Topham's moveset revolves around various tools such as shovels, pokers, coal, and more unorthadox things such as his car! Did I mention that his engines can be summoned too? Keith Wickham


Betty Boop

A caricature of a Jazz-Age flapper Heather Halley



Ashleigh Ball


Sugar Mama Proud

Suga Mama, whose real name is actually Alice Jay Proud is the hip wrestling-loving grandmother of Penny Proud. An older woman who is both sassy and straight to the point, she brings her style to the Rumble to show the younger generation, so that they will show her some respect. Suga Mama uses a various amount of moves in battle, such as wrestling, tae-bo, and even things such as football tackles! Her constant companion, Puff appears in several attacks to help out his master too! Jo-Marie Payton


Dipper and Mabel


Patrick Star

Patrick Star is the bottom-feeding, dimwitted best friend of Spongebob Squarepants... Bill Fagerbakke


Haruhi Suzumiya

Wendee Lee


Monkey D. Luffy

Colleen Clinkenbeard


Peter Griffin

A man of Irish descent who resides in Quahog, Rhode Island with his family and friends. A huge KISS fan, Peter often has harebrained schemes to make money that often go horribly wrong, often at the expense of his family, friends, and others that are around him! Peter's moveset is comprised of a loose version of the "Drunken Master" style of martial arts, along with his own arsenal of weapons and attacks at his disposal. Roadhouse kicks? Check. Punching? Check. Farting with flames? Uhhh... Seth MacFarlane



Tara Strong


Olive Oyl

Olive Oyl is the girlfriend of Popeye the Sailor, and the main reason that Popeye must always save the day when Bluto or the Sea Hag are involved! Of course, Olive Oyl hasn't always been the damsel in distress, having once proven her worth to defend Popeye from a Hillbilly woman while on a camping trip! Olive's comedic self-defense comes into play with her moveset, alogside other things such as roller skates and even a can of Popeye's famous spinach!

Grey DeLisle


Pinkie Pie

A comedic earth-pony that was raised on a "dreary rock farm", Pinkie Pie is natural-born party animal who strives to bring happiness and comedy to those who need it! (Or don't!) Cheerful, energetic, and talkative are perfect words to describe her personaility as well as her moveset! Party cannons, cake, balloons, and even a toothless baby alligator help her through the rumble! Andrea Libman


Fred Flintstone

Coming from the town of Bedrock, which resides in a world where dinosaurs co-exist with cavepeople and their "primitive" versions of modern technology is none other than Fred Flintstone! The husband of Wilma Flintstone, and the father of both Pebbles Flintstone and Stoney Flinstone, Fred leads his blue-collar family man persona into the rumble! Rocks, clubs, dinosaurs, and even bowling come to play with Fred in battle!


Jeff Bergman



A human that represents the nation of Germany, and the unwitting ally to the Italy brothers and to a lesser extent, Japan. Germany worships his ally's deceased grandfather, the Roman Empire, and strives to be the best that he can be, mainly through strict discipline, and many other tactics such as war planning, fitness training, and yelling, lots of yelling. His moveset incorporates these tactics very well, lending him a brute strength that could rival Bluto! Patrick Seitz


Hong Kong Phooey

Kevin Michael Richardson


Moka Akishiya

Alexis Tipton (Outer Moka)

Colleen Clinkenbeard

(Inner Moka)


Lola Bunny

Kath Soucie


Agent P.

Dee Bradley Baker



Crispin Freeman


Tsukune Ano

Todd Haberkorn



Christopher Sabat


Sailor Mercury

Kate Higgins


Tuxedo Mask

Robbie Daymond


Porky Pig

Bob Bergen
Pooh Bear Jim Cummings
Johnny Bravo Jeff Bennett
Ash Ketchum Sara Notchenny
Dora Marquez Fetmia Ptacek
Mr. Magoo Jim Conroy
Korra Janet Varney
Miss Frizzle Lily Tomlin
Buzz Lightyear Mike MacRae
Finn & Jake
Princess Bubblegum
Japan Christopher Bevins
Mighty Mouse Patrick Pinney
Shaggy Rogers & Scooby-Doo
A-Ko Magami Terry Rothery
Grunkle Stan Alex Hirsch
Pearl Deedee Magno Hall
Goofy Bill Farmer
Minnie Mouse Russi Taylor
Daisy Duck Tress MacNeille
Marge Simpson Julie Kavner
Ichigo Johnny Young Bosch

Sandy Cheeks

A no-nonsense squirrel  Carolyn Lawerence
Ed, Edd, N Eddy
Gumball & Darwin
Garfield Frank Welker
Edward Elric
Alphonse Elric
Lois Griffin
He-Man Cam Clarke


Rick & Morty

Spike Spiegel Steve Blum
Tigger Jim Cummings
Mordecai JG Quintell
Rigby William Salyers
Death the Kid Todd Haberkorn


Revy Two-Hands

Maryke Hendrikse


Joseph Joestar

Benjamin Diskin



Christopher Sabat



An aspiring 15 year old fashion designer who resides in Paris, France with her family and friends. As her alter-ego Ladybug, she gains enhanced speed... Cristina Valenzulea
Lupin the III
Haruhi and Tamaki
Cutie Honey

Unlockable Fighters

Character Description Voice Actor (s)


El Tigre

El Tigre is the half-superhero, half-supervillain form of Manny Rivera, a resident of Miracle City and the son of the superhero White Panterra, and the grandson of the supervillain Puma Loco. His attacks include mostly attacks from the power of his mystic and mysterious El Tigre Belt.

El Tigre must be unlocked before he can join the rumble.

Alanna Ubach



Bluto is the arch-enemy of Popeye the Sailor, as well as the rival of him for the affections of Olive Oyl. Due to being a sailor much like Popeye himself, Bluto uses his Navy training to take down his opponents, in addition his brute strength, his abilities include swords and even a giant vulture!

Bluto must be unlocked before he can join the rumble.

Garry Chalk


Queen Beryl

A former Earth Sage who was said to be kind-hearted and who deeply loved Prince Endymion only to become filled with intense hatred after he fell for and married Princess Serenity. Sensing her hatred, Queen Metaria possessed her and she became the Queen of the Dark Kingdom. Her many attacks stem from both her Earth Sage powers as well as the Darkness from Metaria. 

Queen Beryl must be unlocked before she can join the rumble.

Cindy Robinson


King Sombra

King Sombra is the former tyrannical ruler of the Crystal Kingdom, and a practioner of dark magic. Sombra had previously tried to take over the Crystal Empire, only to be banished to the Frozen North. Before his banishment, he had put a curse on the Crystal Empire, making it vanish into thin air. His moveset incoporates his dark magic abilities.

King Sombra must be unlocked before he can join the rumble.

Big Jim Miller


Rainbow Dash

A pegasus pony who represents the element of loyalty, Rainbow Dash is considered the best flyer in all of Equestria. A tomboy whose job is to help clear the clouds and skies of Ponyville, she can often be found going on adventures with her friends. Her moveset involves her flying abilities, including her famous Sonic Rainboom!

Rainbow Dash must be unlocked before she can join the rumble.

Ashleigh Ball



Caillou is an average four-year old boy with a love of machinery. Caillou also has a big imagination, which can come true within battle. His moveset involves his many imaginations including summoning his toy dinosaur Rexy to life!

Caillou must be unlocked before he can join the rumble.

Bryn McAuley
Plankton & Karen

Sheldon J. Plankton is the archnemises of Mr. Krabs Despite the fact that he owns his own resturant, The Chum Bucket, he has tried to steal the Krabby Patty formula multiple times, often with intense failure on his part. His computer wife Karen is the one who tries to dissaude him from the plans, sarcastically, I might add. The two bring their concepts together as Plankton has modified Karen to be a mech suit!

Plankton and Karen must be unlocked before they can join the rumble.

Mr. Lawarence (Plankton)
Grampa Simpson

Abraham Simpson is Homer Simpson's father who also happens to be a WWII vet. Often known for his long, rambling,  and often quite inaccurate stories, and his general incompetence. Being a former member of the Flying Hellfish in WWII, Grampa surprisingly fights well-roundedly for an old timer!

Grampa Simpson must be unlocked before he can join the rumble.

Dan Castanella
Bill Cipher Bill Cipher must be unlocked before he can join the rumble. Alex Hirsch
Squidward Tentacles Squidward Tentacles must be unlocked before he can join the rumble. Rodger Bumpass
Mr. Krabs Mr. Krabs must be unlocked before he can join the rumble. Clancy Brown
Ice King Ice King must be unlocked before he can join the rumble. Tom Kenny
Princess Sofia Princess Sofia must unlocked before she can join the rumble.
Penny Proud Penny Proud must be unlocked before she can join the rumble. Kyla Pratt
Bravestarr Bravestarr must be unlocked before he can join the rumble. Patrick Fraley


Slyvester & Tweety

Slyvester and Tweety must be unlocked before they can join the rumble.
Wendy Coudrey Wendy Coudrey must be unlocked before she can join the rumble.
Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson is the oldest son of both Homer and Marge Simpson as well as their only son, and the older brother to both Lisa and Maggie Simpson. Bart's a natural born troublemaker whose arsenal of weapons 

Bart Simpson must be unlocked before he can join the rumble.

Nancy Cartwright
Lisa Simpson Lisa Simpson must be unlocked before she can join the rumble. Yeardly Smith
Papa Smurf Papa Smurf must be unlocked before he can join the rumble. Jack Angel
Butt Witch Butt Witch must be unlocked before she can join the rumble.
Magica De Spell Magica De Spell must be unlocked before she can join the rumble.

Earl Robert

Earl Robert must be unlocked before he can join the rumble. Mike Grady
Maggie Simpson Maggie Simpson must be unlocked before she can join the rumble.
Ned Flanders Ned Flanders must be unlocked before he can join the rumble.
Rarity Rarity must be unlocked before she can join the rumble. Tabitha St. Germain
Mojo Jojo
Princess Morbucks
Roy Mustang
Winry Rockbell
America Eric Vale
Yosemite Sam

Sea Hag



Astro Boy
Itsuki Koizumi
Yuki Nagato
Mikaru Asahina
Pan Elise Baughman
Meg Griffin
Chris Griffin
Stewie & Brian Griffin
Cat Noir
Felix the Cat Dave Coulier

How to Unlock

Downloadable Content

DLC Fighters

DLC Fighters are free of charge, and are automatically added to the game's roster every week. These fighters appear after the game is updated with balance patches.

Skin Packs

Skin packs are sold for the price of $5.99 per pack, and gives the entire roster new skins to select from. Although many of them are pulled from the franchises included within the game, many have also been created specifcally for the game.

Images Skin Pack Description Characters
Toon Disco Get your groove on with these Disco outfits! Rock out iconic characters in hilarious yet fashionable disco outfits! 

Arthur Read

Mickey Mouse

Donald Duck 

Minnie Mouse

Daisy Duck


Band Geeks

Squidward's bought the Bikini Bottom Marching Band to the rumble! Mickey Mouse has also brought his band as well! Popeye too?!?

Spongebob Squarepants

Patrick Star

Squidward Tentacles

Sandy Cheeks

Mr. Krabs


Mickey Mouse

Donald Duck


Minnie Mouse

Daisy Duck


Olive Oyl


Tropical Vacation Aloha! These toons are ready for vacatation! Might wanna rest on a beach somewhere now.... drinks are on the loser of the Rumble!


A grand total of __ arenas are available to play on in Cartoon All-Star Rumble. __ of these arenas are ready to play from the start, while the other __ arenas must be unlocked.

Default Arenas

Image Name Franchise Description Soundtrack
House of Mouse Mickey Mouse (2013 TV series) logo A stage set in the middle of the famous House of Mouse nightclub located on Main Street in Downtown Toon Town, many Disney characters appear in the background as spectators to the fight, and will often send out items to help or hinder the fighters as the fight goes on!
Steamboat-willie-mickey-mouse-disney-1928-001b Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse (2013 TV series) logo The famous boat that made Mickey Mouse a star! As the steamboat travels, fighters battle while avoiding the typical 1920's/1930's cartoon physics. Retro Disney sailors appear during battle as obstacles!
Vicarstown Station A large city station that serves as the stop inbetween both the Island of Sodor and the United Kingdom. Engines such as the world famous Flying Scotsman and many famous Sodor engines run through with trains every five seconds! Of course trains don't stop, so watch out, for the battle is taking place in the middle of the tracks and the platforms!
Draw-the-Krusty-Krab-Step-34 Krusty Krab Mr. Krabs owns this greasy spoon that happens to be the most popular eatery in Bikini Bottom thanks to those delicious Krabby Patties! Players battle in the middle of the dining room where obstacles such as grease traps, barrels, and other objects such as patrons hinder the battle!
AcmeLooniversity Acme Looniversity A special high school located in Acme Acres where young cartoons learn how to be masters at comedy from the legendary Looney Tunes crew! All sorts of cartoon hijinks happen here!
GravitonCity Graviton City
Ponyville Library
Hundred Acre Wood
Evergreen Terrace
Acme Acres
Bonnie's Room
Lester's Possum Park
Ulfstead Castle
The Drunken Clam
Beach City
Shrek's Swamp
World W Academy A mysterious school located somewhere in New York City where nations of the world attend classes in order to properly learn how to become nations
North High
Yagami High School
Springfield Elementary
Moon Castle
Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie

Unlockable Arenas


Image Name Franchise Description
SummonerCrystal Summon Crystal CartoonAll-StarRumble Summons a random character to either help out or hinder the team that summoned them through the crystal.
Wizard Hat Sorcerer's Hat
Clipart-dynamite-256x256-ba4a Dynamite Stick
Krabby Patty Krabby Patty SpongeBob SquarePants logo.svg
Ray-gun-green-and-black-no-shadow-hi Ray Gun
Zap apple jam by zapapplejam-d4m42oe-1 Zap Apple Jam My Little Pony Friendship is Magic logo.svg
Donut... Frosted Donut The-simpsons-logo
Free-vector-wooden-club 102563 Wooden club Bedrock Club
Honey Pot Emoji large Honey Pot
A719671100c789e0e6ba81a5bbdfa1de Beehive
119498479391699263wooden mallot benji park .svg.hi Mallet
Baseball-bat-clipart-baseball bat art christmas xmas toy-3333px Baseball Launcher
Time Machine
Nasty Patty
Kids-cooking-clipart-black-and-white-12387028081954057375rugby471 tango style frying pan.svg.hi.png Skillet
SSBEB,Banana Banana Peel
Duff Beer
Hot Sauce Pin Icon Volcano Sauce
Anvil by scarletlightning565-d7j5w15 Anvil
Luxo Ball
A1846-512 Fan

Crystal Summons

Image Name Franchise Description
Swee'Pea When summoned, Swee'Pea pulls out a can of Spinach, eats it, and then proceeds to attack the nearest opponent with a gaint punch. He then vanishes.
Pearl Krabs When summoned, Pearl brings out her pom-poms, and jumps around with her massive body slamming the ground and launching opponenets in the air. She then vanishes.
Mrs. Puff When summoned, Mrs. Puff turns herself into a typical pufferfish by inflating herself on the nearest opponent. She then vanishes.
Gary the Snail When summoned, Gary will slowly go around the stage leaving slippery slime for opponents to slip on. He then vanishes.
Oscar Proud When summoned, Oscar Proud asks if the opponents would like to try his tasty Proud Snacks, and proceeds to throw out the snacks with various effects
Pepe Le Pew When summoned, Pepe Le Pew releases a stink cloud which will make opponents dizzy due to the odor. After finishing with the deed, Pepe disappears.
Granny When summoned Granny will pull out her umbrella and randomly select an opponent to whack with it. She will then chase the opponent down until she vanishes.
Marvin the Martain
Witch Leezah
Pluto When summonned, Pluto will randomly select a place to dig up a hole, which can bury any unlucky oppoents for a while. Pluto then digs up a bone, and vanishes.
Glenn Quagmire
Switzerland When summoned, Switzerland will pull out his rifle, and begin shooting at the opponents, claiming that they are on his property. After shooting, he will also leave some healing apples before disappearing.
Jon Arbuckle When summoned, Jon Arbuckle will run around the stage while holding a water gun, and will spray the opponent with enough water to knock the opponent down. He then vanishes.

Special Intros

All fighters have special battle intros towards opponents, these are played up for certain rivalries for the fighters, and are used against certain opponents in place of the usual quotes said by the fighters. They are as follows.

Characters Actions & Dialogue
Daffy Duck Donald Duck
Homer Simpson Peter Griffin
Mr. Krabs Scrooge McDuck
Johnny Bravo Any Female Opponent
Plankton Mr. Krabs

Arcade Mode

Arcade is a mode similar to ones found in the Super Smash Bros, and the Street Fighter franchises. The goal of the mode is to face various opponents before reaching the boss at the end of the mode. The boss of the Arcade mode in Cartoon All-Star Melee, The Cartoonist has returned with new attacks, and weapons. In addition, he is now joined by a female counterpart, known only as The Mangaka, whose attacks are based off of various techniques that are found in manga and anime, similar to how The Cartoonist uses attacks that are based off of various techniques found in cartoons and comic books. The mode has no set order when it comes to the characters fought and can be quite random with it.

Reveal Trailers

All trailers reveal the characters to appear in the game, regardless of the character being default or unlockable.

E3 2018 Trailer

References to Other Media



  • Cartoon All-Star Rumble marks the first time that both Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny appear in the same production at the same time since the 1988 feature film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which also featured Daffy Duck and Donald Duck sharing a scene in the film. In addition, Porky Pig, Yosemite Sam, Tweety, Slyvester, GoofyMinnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Peg-Leg Pete, Woody Woodpecker and Betty Boop all appeared in the film as cameos. In addition, Popeye, Bluto, Olive Oyl, Little Lulu, Tom & Jerry, Mighty Mouse, Superman, and Casper were planned for cameos, but were all cut from the final draft of the film due to legal issues.
  • Although the game is rated T for Teen due to the content, as well as the violence, several changes were made to many of the fighters to fit in with the game's style, as well as be apporopriate. They are as follows...
    • The characters Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, and Revy Two-Hands had their bullets replaced in favor of lasers from their guns. Intrestingly, early gameplay footage showed bullets as a part of their movesets, however the most recent build shows lasers instead, this is believed to have been scrapped by the development team in order to keep the game T for Teen in North America.
    • Many characters that swear have been reduced to the words "damn", "hell", and "ass" for their swearing in the game.