This page is for all of the assistants in the Wii U game Cartoon All-Star Melee. For the Pokemon please click on the link reading Pokeballs in the game's main page!

Image Name Description Series
Granny Granny Granny runs around the stage whacking people with her umbrella, or her purse, which will only cause 5% damage. Looney Tunes
LisaSimpson Lisa Simpson Lisa will come on the stage and will either punch, kick or throw books at rivals. The Simpsons
MoeSzyslak Moe Syslak Moe walks around the stage and will either use his shotgun, or throw beer glasses at rivals. The Simpsons
Wanda-and-Cosmo-the-fairly-oddparents-23686288-420-300 Cosmo & Wanda Cosmo & Wanda fly around the stage with their wands and cause random things to happen to the stages. (Fire, Ice, Earthquakes, etc.) The Fairly Oddparents
273px-Benson character Benson TBA Regular Show
300px-303px-Gary the Snail.svg Gary TBA Spongebob Squarepants
Toy-Story-3-Aliens The Aliens Pull out the "claw" which selects a random fighter and throws them out of the arena. Toy Story
Toad Super Mario Super Show 3D Toad TBA The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!!!
1000px-CastleCreator BigMacintosh Big Macintosh TBA My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Spike2 Spike TBA My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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