Cartoon's Greatest All-Stars
An all-star fighting game featuring your favorite characters!
Developer(s) SMSC Games
Publisher(s) SMSC Games
Platform(s) Wii U
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting Game
Series Cartoon's Greatest All-Star
Cartoon's Greatest All-Stars is and all-star fighting game in which you fight opponents in a 2D environment. It was created by SMSC Games for the Wii U. It features multiple different characters from different cartoons and anime.


Two characters are placed on a 2D stage in which they must fight each other. Each characters has a health bar. If the health bar is depleted to zero, the character is defeated. Every character fights using standard and special attacks. Unlike most 2D fighting games, the fighters can move around freely. The two fighters are either controlled by a player or a computer.

All-Star Bar

The All-Star Bar is a bar underneath the player's health bar. If it is filled up the player can choose to do one of two attacks, the All-Star Attack or the Partner Blast.

All-Star Attack

If a character's All-Star Bar is filled, they can choose to use an All-Star Attack. This attack is a super powerful attack that the player uses once and then it's over. Each characters has an individual All-Star Attack

Partner Blast

If a character's All-Star Bar is filled, they can choose to use this attack instead. With this attack, the partner stays for a short period of time either healing you or hurting the opponent. You use your normal attacks when using this.

Game Modes


Fight an opponent, controlled by another person locally, another person online, or with a computer.

Story Mode

Play through the story mode. You can unlock characters by completing it.


View your collected cards or trade them online.



Image Description Moveset Series
Mickey Mouse is one of

the most well known

characters in the history

of cartoons. He is the

mascot of Disney. He is

a good character for


Standard: Mickey pulls out

a golf club and swings it.

Side Special: Mickey flies

his plane from "Plane

Crazy" forwards.

Up Special: Mickey blasts

a magical beam upwards.

Down Special: Mickey

summons Pluto to bite the


All-Star Attack: Mickey

turns into his Wizard's

Apprentice form at blast a

bolt of lightning.

Partner Blast: The Walt

Disney statue falls out of

the sky and uses strong

but slow attacks.

Mickey Mouse
Goofy is one of Mickey

Mouse's best friends,

even if he is a klutz. He

may not be the smartest

but he has a big heart!

Standard: Goofy whacks a

baseball at the opponent.

Side Special: Goofy uses

"The Perfect Cast" to pull

the opponent towards him.

Up Special: Goofy uses his

"Knight's Shield" and

bashes upwards.

Down Special: Goofy trips

and falls forward,

damaging the foe on the

way down.

All-Star Attack: Goofy flies

his plane from "Goofy's

Barnstormer" and crashes

it on the opponent.

Partner Blast: Goofy's son

Max comes out and skate

boards around, hitting the

foe along the way.

Mickey Mouse
Donald Duck is one

Mickey's best friend,

even if he can be a little

mean sometimes.

Despite this, he'll do

whatever it takes to

help his friends.

Standard: Donald hits his

hammer downwards.

Side Special: Donald

throws a sink forward.

Up Special: Donald pulls

out his Mage's Staff and

sends a blast of magic up.

Down Special: Donald

uses a plunger and stabs it


All-Star Attack: Donald

throws a tantrum, running

around the stage and

punching everything.

Partner Blast: Donald's cat

Tabby jumps around the

stage scratching people.

Mickey Mouse
Mickey's arch nemesis

and a big bully, Peg-Leg

Pete is one of the

strongest characters.

He is one of Disney's

oldest reoccurring


Standard: Pete unleashes a

giant punch forward.

Side Special: Pete charges

forward, running down any


Up Special: Pete throws an

exploding bowling ball.

Down Special: Pete jumps

up and then stomps down.

All-Star Attack: Pete

smashes the stage with his

super-sized tree.

Partner Blast: Mortimer

Mouse uses his cattle to

attack the opponent.

Mickey Mouse
The Krusty Krab's best

fry cook is here to battle

! He is a weaker

character, but he can

still put up a fight!

Standard: Spongebob

throws his spatula like a


Side Special: Spongebob

jumps forward, doing a

karate chop.

Up Special: Spongebob

flips a krabby patty, sending

a it flying at a diagonal angle

Down Special: Spongebob

swats his jellyfishing net


All-Star Attack: Spongebob

turns in to Invincibubble and

shoots a bunch of bubbles.

Partner Blast: Patchy the

Pirate and his parrot attack

the opponent.



This big, lovable idiot is

SpongeBob's best friend

. He isn't smart or fast,

but he's super strong

and defensive.

Standard: Patrick throws a

bar of chocolate.

Side Special: Patrick does a

cartwheel forward, doing

damage if he hits anyone.

Up special: Patrick throws

a big rock upwards.

Down Special: Patrick does

a cannonball on top of the


All-Star Attack: Patrick's

house falls on the battlefield.

Partner Blast: Patrick's

gives Patrick a cookie,

healing him.



Plankton is an evil tiny

restaurant owner that

wants to steal the

Krabby Patty Formula.

He is one of the lightest

characters in the game.

Standard: Plankton makes

his tank shoot forward.

Side Special: Plankton

shoots his death ray.

Up Special: Plankton pulls

out his helicopter pack and

flies up, the blades doing


Down Special: Plankton

plants a land mine.

All-Star Attack: Plankton

gets into his Chumbot. While

in it his punches are

extremely powerful. He can

also shoot lasers.

Partner Blast: Karen covers

the opponent in chum,

slowing them down.



Finn is the last remaining

human in the Land of

Oo. Jake is an epic party

animal and magical

stretchy dog. They are

a balanced tag-team.

Standard: Jake does a long

ranged punch.

Side Special: Finn dashes

forward with his sword.

Up Special: Finn does an

uppercut with his sword.

Down Special: Jake makes

his fist huge and slams it on

the ground.

All-Star Attacks: Jake turns

huge and stomps around the


Partner Blast: BMO gives

Finn and Jake some bacon

pancakes, making them




When Simon found his

crown, he had no idea

what it would do to him.

He now has ice powers

and can fly. He also likes

to steal princesses.

Standard: Ice King shoots

a blast of ice, freezing the


Side Special: Ice King

shoots an icicle forwards.

Up Special: Ice King

summons a giant icicle to

pop up out of the ground.

Down Special: Ice King

drops an ice sculpture of

Fionna and Cake on the


All-Star Attack: Ice King

creates an ice storm, the

falling ice dealing damage.

Partner Blast: A bunch of

Gunters swarm the enemy

while smacking them.



Princess Bubblegum is

the ruler of the Candy

Kingdom. She may be

a princess, but she is

super smart and has

saved Finn multiple


Standard: Bubblegum

throws a potion, the effects

it might do include fire, ice,

poison, or weaken.

Side Special: Peppermint

Butler lurches at the enemy.

Up Special: Bubblegum jabs

a giant lollipop upwards.

Down Special: Bubblegum

throws a candy bomb.

All-Star Attack: The candy

zombies flood the screen,

doing damage to the enemy.

Partner Blast: Lady

Rainicorn shoots a rainbow

at Bubblegum, making her

invincible for a short time.



Goku is one of Earth's

greatest protectors. He

is a Saiyan that was

sent to Earth as a baby.

Standard: Goku shoots a


Side Special: Goku does a

Ki Blast.

Up Special: Goku flies

upwards, doing an uppercut.

Down Special: Goku uses

Dragon Break.

All-Star Attack: Goku goes

Super Saiyan, making all his

attacks more powerful.

Partner Blast: Grandpa

Gahan appears on the stage

and uses Jan Ken.

Dragon Ball
Krillin is Goku's best

friend. He is one of the

greatest human martial

artists. Even though he

settled down with his

family, he's ready to

fight again! His fighting

style is very similar to


Standard: Krillin shoots a


Side Special: Krillin uses

his signature Best Headbutt.

Up Special: Krillin does a

reverse kamehameha kick


Down Special: Krillin jumps

forward and farts.

All-Star Attack: Krillin goes

Super Saiyan and uses

Double Tsuihikidan.

Partner Blast: Master Roshi

comes onto the stage and

uses the original


Dragon Ball
Timmy is just an average

kid that no one unders-

tands. Until you meet

his fairy godparents! He

uses their magic to help

him fight.

Standard: Timmy shoots

a Cosmo water gun.

Side Special: Timmy rides

his skateboard, damaging

anybody he hits.

Up Special: Timmy does an

uppercut as Cleft the Boy

Chin Wonder.

Down Special: Cosmo and

Wanda turn into anvils and

fall on the enemy.

All-Star Attack: Timmy

wishes to be a t-rex and

stomps around on the stage.

Partner Blast: The Crimson

Chin flies around punching

the opponent.

Fairly Odd


Dexter may look like an

average nerdy kid, but

he's actual a super

genius. He uses his

many inventions to beat


Standard: Dexter shoots a

laser gun.

Side Special: Dexter rides

his Alligator Lawnmower


Up Special: Dexter throws

the Bread Slicer upwards.

Down Special: Dexter lays

down a time bomb.

All-Star Attack: Dexter gets

into the Dexo-Transformer.

While in it he can shoot

dodge balls and TNT.

Partner Blast: Deedee

jumps onto the stage and

presses a button, causing

it to blow up.