Carson North: Slience is a Horror Game developed by Cometech for the Cometech Flare. It was released worldwide on June 30, 2014, and is the first game in the Carson North series.
Carson North: Silence
Developer(s) Cometech
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Cometech Flare
Release Date(s)
June 30th, 2014
Age Rating(s)
T for Teen (Animated Blood and Dark Themes)
Genre(s) Horror
Series Carson North
Predecessor N/A
Media Included MiniDiscus and eShop Download (8.3 GB)


You play as reporter Carson North, who was hired by Greenleaf City News to enter the old, abandoned, library that was built as a safe haven for German Rebels during World War II. All he knows about the library prior to his exploration of it is that even though its main purpose was to house the rebels, it was also a fully functional library up until it closed in 1962.

Several people reported paranormal activity in the library for years after the war ended, and because it had already served its main purpose, it was decided that the government order it to close so that they'd stop recieving reports about the apparent cries and screams heard after hours.

However, despite this, people walking past the abandoned building at night still reported hearing unsettling noises from the library. Closing it just caused the noises to be muffled because they are now inside the walls of the library.

Greenleaf City News, an American newspaper, wants a 'juicy story' that will promote them and help them get a more serious readership. Carson has told them that he doesn't want to go, but after they offer to pay for his plane ticket and meals, he agrees, because he's always wanted to see Europe.

These wants are soon diminshed as the newspaper tells Carson that he isn't allowed to visit any landmarks until he gets a good story that their editors approve of. He tells them that he no longer wants to go if he has to wait until night time to do anything. It's finally decided that Carson just needs to get enough raw footage of the library on his first night in Germany before he can be a tourist the next day.

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