Caroram, the Void Predator
Full Name Caroram (From Fused Latin for "Flesh Coil")

Elder Beast

Current Age Unknown, at least 25,000,000,000,000
Gender Genderless
Species Unknown
Align Evil (Possibly Order)
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Teeth


Acidic Blood

Razor Plates

Club Tail

Height Unknown (At least 700,000,000m)
Weight Unknown
Caroram is a giant Worm-like creature that is known to inhabit space. It's origins are widely unknown and is suspected to possibly originate from a primordial universe.


Caroram has a somewhat segmented body, it appears to have four distinct parts. It's head is primarily just its mouth with has a leech-like shape to it with 11 Outer Teeth and thousands of inner teeth. Caroram has no eyes so it is unknown how the creature can see where it is going although it is suspected it is able to use a super low-frequency sound to help itself. The creature's first segment is covered in various sized needle-like structures which are incredibly sharp. Most needles are too small to see when the entire creature is visible however and it is believed the creature is able to shift these needles into various shapes to increase either its movement or its surface area.

The second section of the body is a large oily surface covered in large bubbly sacks that can release its acidic blood if burst or when it is willing. This entire body segment seems to squirm while the creature is moving, possibly indicating the presence of the creature's digestive system (if it has one). The third body segment has large plated body segments making it look like giant chainmail. The creature's skin in this section is particularly tough capable of breaking diamonds that try to bore into the skin and the metallic plates around the edges are impossible to grip onto making it easiy to fall off. The skin has been described as feeling leathery and is possibly the most resilient part of the body.

The final segment of the creature appears torn and battered although the skin formation does not indicate scarring, likely meaning the creature was born this way. the outer skin is furry although emits a noxious gas in close range that can dissolve plastics making it extremely dangerous to those wearing space suits. In addition the under skin is rocky and sharp making it dangerous for ships, in particular its tail which has a club-like shape on the end allowing it to slam into ships to break them. In addition the under skin absorbs light effectively neutralizing any effectiveness of laser weaponry against the last segment.


It is unknown how Caroram thinks, if it even has a brain is debated. The creature is so absolutely massive and yet is capable of disappearing extremely quickly likely meaning it has some sort of stealth mechanism. Although it appears beastial by nature its appearances indicate that it does have some form of memory as it frequently targets similar ships. In addition the creature seems to have an unsettling howl when its about to attack which is possibly to intimidate its prey.

The creature has been called; Destructive, Monsterous and Exceedingly Violent and appears to have a particular hatred for ships and larger species that emit excessive amounts of light. The creature likely dwells in dark locations and is suspected to actually have come from a black hole. The creature is also extremely proficient at destroying said ships that it targets being capable of wiping out an entire armada at one stage in what was estimated in being about 4 Earth Hours.


Physically the creature is able to use each of its body segments to protect itself from its incredibly sharp needle structures to its acidic blood, stronger than diamond plates and club-like tail the creature also possesses some Psychic Abilities as victims of this creature prior to death have been described as suffering from extremely painful headaches as well as unnatural movement of limbs. Whether the creature truly possesses Psychic Abilities and Telekinesis of any form is unknown and it may be a side effect of the creature's alarming appearance.


Little to nothing is known about Caroram, aside from its destructive tendencies the creature almost enver appears and has a habit of disregarding most force fields and shields making it extremely dangerous to those it targets. There are two theories on its origin; The Primoridal Universe and Another Dimension.

The first and surprisingly more accepted theory is that Caroram is an Elder Beast, creatures from the early moments of the universe or just preceeding it. Although referred to as one, it is unknown of Caroram is one as unlike the others it is massive in size, lacks any apparent sentience and has been physically seen. The creature has been known to pick up debris from ships and wreckage from its attacks tends to include debris that has detached from its body from earlier attacks which has confirmed it has existed at least since the first species attained space exploration capabilities.

The second theory is that Caroram is a monster from another dimension, although not the first time such a thing has happened, due to the difficulty of obtaining solid DNA of Caroram it has been impossible to find out if it comes from another dimension. If so some have proposed that it was stranded in this dimension and has influenced its violent tendencies. Attempts to return it to any dimension have proven fruitless as most are shut down due to lack of evidence while the others are made futile due to Caroram's random appearances.


  • Caroram is inspired by Lovecraftian Horrors, mostly from Ghatanothoa due to its segmented appearances and worm-like body
  • Caroram's four body parts may also reference the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse due to their appearances with the order being; War, Pestilience, Famine & Death
  • Caroram's 11 Outer Teeth, technically aren't teeth and are actually giant nails, similar to claws in a sense, this can be seen due to them moving independently of each other
  • From a distance the needle section of Caroram's body looks blue however when close to the beast they are actually silver in colour
  • Caroram's blood is so acidic that it cannot be contained in conventional containers and whatever chemicals make up said blood decay so quickly it is nearly impossible to contain it in the first place

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