Carnival Beach
Greater Location Earth (pre-Abstraction)
Space (post-Abstraction)
First Appearance Abstracted Planet
Latest Appearance Abstracted Planet
Location Type Island
Included Environment(s)

Carnival Beach is one of the many islands Earth was separated into after The Abstraction, and one of the worlds available in Abstracted Planet.

Notable Features

Abstract Motes

  • Found floating slightly above the rollercoaster track (within jumping height)
  • Found on a floating rollercoaster car in the ocean, near the track

Glass Shards


  • Water Sprite: Water which has been granted sentience through the Abstraction's Sprite Machines, which lay along the beach.


  • Sprite Machine: Machines which produce hostile Water Sprites. They can be rebuilt for ten metal to create friendly Water Sprites instead.
  • Rollercoaster: Can be repaired for 50 metal, allowing fast transport around the world.

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