Carnaga is the main overworld of the spin-off Blatly and Imp: Northern Menace. It is located up in the north from Sunny Villa island, and it appears to be a parody of the real world country Canada.


Since it's a Northern country, Carnaga has a lot of woodland areas with pine trees, swamps, snow mountains, lakes and small islands. Carnaga is also known to have many business factories in each province, with the most famous factory being Sully's Syrup up in Belches Island.

In Northern Menace, Blatly and Imp arrived to Carnaga to congratulate Skip and Sqak after they overheard that the two were invited by Sully Bear to guest star in an advertisement for his maple syrup. However, they eventually discovered that a mysterious machine called Toxic is mutating the local critters into vicious creatures under his control.


  • Licious Lagoon
  • Tree Top Country
  • Frosty Forest
  • Under River
  • Mount Cubvick
  • Slimy Sewers
  • Belches Island
  • Maple Fly Kingdom (Secret World)


  • Originally, Northern Menace (earlier titled "Summer Chaos") was going to take place in a tropical resort. This was then changed because Yellow Apple Games felt like it would make the franchise to repetitive with the main overworld areas (since most games in the series take place in summer/tropical-like areas).
  • Dr. Gearz mentions that several citizens in Carnaga have alot of money, which most likely explains his motivation of moving his new business up there.