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Carmello is a fanon Water/Dark type Hostile Pokemon. They live in rivers, hunting for Pokemon that are nearly. Using it gigantic claws, it can crush it prey with one hit. It haves ability Configure, which makes all supereffective moves to damage normally. It can also have ability Adaptability. It evolves from Cargo at lv. 28.



  • Start - Water Sport
  • Start - Trick Room
  • Lv 13 - Water Up
  • Lv 17 - Faint Attack
  • Lv 17 - Water Gun
  • Lv 24 - Embargo
  • Lv 28 - Shadow Smack
  • Lv 30 - Bubblebeam
  • Lv 35 - Dark Pulse
  • Lv 43 - Ice Beam
  • Lv 45 - Mist
  • Lv 56 - Hyper Beam


  • Oddly, Carmelo and Cargo have very different movesets, even if they are in same evolution family.

National Pokédex
← #001: Cargo
#001: Carmelo
#000: ??? →

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