Carl the Fox
Carl's artwork in Derby Dash
Full Name Carl the Fox
Current Age 20
Date of Birth October 13th, 1993
Gender Male
Species Red Fox
Location Speedtropolis
Class Anti-Hero
Family and Relations
Derby (rival), Franky (rival), King Waru (enemy)
Main Weapon(s) Spiked Gloves, Bombs
Ability/ies Punch, Tricks, Jumping
Vulnerable To Cute Nouns
First Appearance Derby Dash
Wow! You guys are pretty deadly when it comes to that dialouge!
Carl the Fox, Sonic and Fantendo: Universes Meet

Carl the Fox is an anthropomorphic fox without any fingers except for thumbs, so he wears gloves with two spikes at the end of the knuckle part of the gloves. He is also a rival of Derby.


Carl's species is a red fox. He wears dark-orange shoes with grey straps buttoned strongly with 3 tiny spikes on each shoe with a skull printed on both sides and blue socks.


Carl was originally going to be the protagonist of Metal Chaos Inc.'s new game and mascot. He didn't get a name at that point but then Derby Dash took the role and Carl got his role as Derby's rival with a different design.


  • Carl's old design is planned not to be shown in the public and keep the description of the design anyomuous and just say that the design was different from the final.