Carbon is a Kirby that has grey skin, and orange hair. He is playable in Kirby Dimension Gate. He doesn't have the ability to fly or swallow enemies, but he is extremely acrobatic and performs various moves others can't. His weapon of choice are small daggers that he can spawn.


Carbon can wall jump, backflip, double jump (by jumping when he hits the ground) and triple jump. He can also perform a longer jump by jumping while sliding, and he runs a lot faster than Kirby. His slide is capable of performing a much higher amount of damage than the other characters. He can also throw daggers, and when he is near an enemy he can stab them. If he throws a dagger while sliding it causes more damage.


Carbon was once a thief, however his sister Snow mysteriously disappeared one day and he decided to become a good guy. When Kirby and Meta Knight began recruiting for people to go rescue King Dedede in the Dimension Gate, he thought that was where his sister may have gone and so he decided to help.

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