Car-Nage (game)
Carngae Cover
Developer(s) Clover Entertainment
Publisher(s) Criterion Games
Platform(s) Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U
Release Date(s)
October 4th, 2012
Single Player, Multiplayer, Sandbox
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action,

Sandbox Vehicular Combat Destruction

Media Included Disk
Car-nage is an upcoming 2012 action vehicular-combat game by Clover Entertainment. It will be released on October 4, 2012, for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U. It features amazing car combat with fully destructible arenas. Clover once stated that Twisted Metal, Burnout, and Flatout: Ultimate Carnage were some of the inspirations for the game.


The game is an action vehicular combat game. The game has at least 16 different characters and their cars to unlock. The object of the game is to destroy all the opponents in the arena until you are the last one standing. There are 20 different environments, all of which are large and fully destructible, all thanks to Clover's ever-evolving Clover Engine 3.0, the most realistic destruction engine to date. Each vehicle has a light weapon and a heavy weapon. The light weapon fires faster, but does less damage. However, the heavy weapon fires slower but is much more powerful. The vehicles themselves vary, too. If the vehicle is large, it is slower but capable of plowing through traffic and sidewalk objects with ease. If a car is small, it is faster but not as tough. There are also power-ups that can help you dominate the battlefield. One of the power-ups can protect in a shield, making you invincible for a short period of time. Another enchances your weapons, making them stronger and capable of demolishing buildings, traffic, and enemies faster.

One of them can even enchance the speed of your car. You can even use the destructible environments to your advantage. Like in the desert level, you can shoot a missile at a rock cliff to send an avalanche of rocks falling onto your foes if timed correctly. Same goes with buildings. If you shoot it properly, you can send a barrage of debris from the building on top of your enemy. There's also a unlockables shop, where you can buy more cars, more characters, more skins and other bonus content, such as trailers for the game. When in multiplayer, players can compete in 14-player online matches. As said before, the arenas are extremely large to fit all the players in the same match.

Truckimus Prime Gameplay

Truckimus Prime on the rampage


Name Image Description
John Oswald
John Carnage
A truck driver from southern Missouri, he was fired from his job for something he didn't do. Now, he's on a rampage of destruction in his fully upgraded and armed truck to get revenge. But when he was invited to join in a demoliton derby tournament, he'll take out any opponents that stand in his way.
Veggie the Toucan
Veggie the Toucan

Veggie is a bad-tempered toucan from the Amazon rainforest. But when his rainforest home was destroyed, he vowed to get back at humanity. He will now have his chance by earning $1,000,000 in the demoltion derby.

Note: Veggie is a parody of Nintendoofah64's Fruity the Toucan.

Mikey Carnage
A taxi driver from New York City, Mikey is an average taxi driver until he was invited to join the demolition derby tournament for $1,000,000. Now, he must drive like a madman to get the prize. You won't be seeing him on Cash Cab.
Lemme Tellya
Let me tell you about it
He was annoyed by a buncha dudes at the convention he was guarding, and their constant shoutings of telling him about... something. He was so enraged by this, he wanted to blow up crap for a billion bucks.
Mike the Robot
Robot Mike
Mike is a robot that was created to drive buses and get people places better than a human could. However, Mike became self-aware and went on a rampage in a bus. He was believed to be destroyed when the army drove him off a cliff, but he survived, and attended the new demolition derby tournament. Now, he's ready to win $1,000,000,000.
Super Cop
Super Cop
A genetically enhanced police officer that is determined to stop the tournament contestants by any means necessary, even if it means he has to wreck stuff up.


Name Image Description
Truckimus Prime
Truckimus Prime

Truckius Prime Robot

This massive semi truck is pretty much the ultimate death machine. It is equipped with 2 missile launchers, and 2 miniguns. It is the vehicle of choice for John Oswald.

Unique Ability: Robot Form

The truck is capable of turning into a giant 40-foot robot that has a minigun, enchanced strength, and a pop-out missile launcher from its shoulder.

Death Taxi
Death Taxi

This is a Ford Crown Victoria taxi, except with assault rifles attached to it and a larger engine to make it go faster. It is the vehicle of choice for Mikey.

Unique Ability: Nitrous

This allows the cab to go faster with a huge burst of speed for a short time.

Apache 2

This is a military helicopter that is equipped with missiles and 2 miniguns. It is one of the few vehicles in the game that can fly. This is the vehicle Veggie the Toucan uses.

Unique Ability: Mounted Minigun

This is a powerful minigun that you can use to zoom in up close from the air. This gives you more precise aim at your opponents and anything else.

Bigfoot 2
Monster Truck
Car Crushing

While it's wheels are not as big as Bigfoot 5, it makes up for that with its 125mm cannon, which is capable of destroying entire buildings on its own. This is a vehicle driven by Lemme Tellya.

Unique Ability: Wheel Crush

The large wheels on BigFoot 2 k can crush your opponents' car if they get too close.

The Super Van
Super Van
Battering Ram

A 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan that has 2 plasma cannons that shoot out powerful lasers that can destroy anything, including buildings and enemies.

Unique Ability: Battering Ram

If you press the correct button, the van will enter a charging state which can smash anything it rams into to pieces. Traffic, buildings, enemies, you name it.

The Cool Bus
The Cool Bus

A huge School Bus that is capable of plowing through traffic and into enemies with ease. This behemoth has a machine gun, and a 25mm cannon.

Unique Ability: Energy Blast

Unleashes a massive blast of energy that obliterates enemies and everything else surrounding it in a 20-foot radius.

Super Cop Car
Super Cop Car
A Dodge Charger police car that is enhanced with increased speed and 2 rapid-fire laser guns.


Car-Nage Gameplay

The sheer of destructive nature of Car-Nage is shown in this gameplay photo.

Single Player Campaign

Crash and Smash your way to victory as you rampage through the streets of the city, the open country roads, and the suburban neighborhoods and defeat your rivals for glory and riches.


You can play this in Single Player or Multiplayer. You can choose which character and vehicle to play as, select the arena and let the carnage begin.

Last Man Standing

No respawns in this one. It's an absolute fight to the death. Last player still alive wins. Kill or be killed.


Take one of your vehicles and start destroying everything in sight in a city. Blow up things with your weapons, demolish buildings, and litter the streets with shattered wreckage and debris. Playable with 1, 2, 3, or 4 players.

Free Roam

This is the mode where you can roam the gigantic area environments and explore the streets...and of course, BLOW CRAP UP!!!

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