Captian Blade is the seventh boss in Skip and Sqak TV Game. He is the Captian of the pirates sailing in Blood Water Ocean. He is hired by Rexes to make the SSFF "Shark Food".


Captian Blade is the most dangerous pirate in his own crew. Anyone either thief, stow away, or intruder has to walk the plank and into the water, where they get eaten alive by sharks. When Rexes came to his world, he bribes Captian Blade 1 000 000 coins to kill off the SSFF. Blade accepts, and decides to turn the SSFF into "Shark Bate".

The SSFF arrived in the Blood Water world to stop Captian Blade. When they got to his Ship, Captian Blade sends his pirate crew to attack, but they defeated the pirate crew and battled Captian Blade on top of the Crow's Nest. The SSFF pushed Blade far enough off the nest and falls into the water, where he gets attacked by sharks. It was unkown if he survived the attack.

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