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Captain Yuron DX is an anime cartoon made by Power-light studios.

WARNING: episodes will created which is done by Power-light. Do not Edit without permission!


Session 1
  • 1.Frist Adventure!
  • 2.Air Flight!
  • 3.Too many stones!
  • 4.Candy crazy!
  • 5.Somthings fishy!
  • 7.The Gold Rush!
  • 8.My Homey Yuron!
  • 9.The Honey queen!
  • 10.The Roost!
  • 11.Hourglass?
  • 12.Da Bloopers!
  • 13.Loco Roco quest Part 1!
  • 14.Loco Roco quest Part 2!
  • 15.Loco Roco quest Part 3!
  • 16.How many Dots?
  • 17.Confusion...
  • 18.What's so funny!??
  • 19.The Happy school time!
  • 20.Bad Sport!
  • 21.Banana peels!!!
  • 22.HOCKY PUCK!!!
  • 23.To New York city!
  • 24.Nintendo World?
  • 25.Big BUBBLES!!
  • 26.Falling leaves!
  • 27.At Pumkin hill?
  • 28.Vegtable chase!
  • 29.Turky Turky!
  • 30.Adventure again!??
  • 31.The Ice??
  • 32.Merry Chrismas!
  • 33.The Snow ball fight!
  • 34.Valentine's Day!
  • 35.Race to the Rainbow!
  • 36.Fairy tale fantacy!
Session 2
  • 37.Road to Funky towns!
  • 38.Don't touch that Gabby!
  • 39.The Speed Race!
  • 40.Troble in Funkiki Island!?
  • 41.Paradise in Funky towns!
  • 42.Dreams of Funky towns!
  • 43.To the Villan's den!
  • 44.Collect the shards!
  • 45.To the Hidden relem!


  • Opening theme (full version) (S1)

  • Opening theme (episode version) (S1)

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