Captain Toadfish
Full Name Captain Toadfish
Current Age 0-89
Gender male
Current Status deceased
Toad Brigade,his Crew
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) sword
First Appearance Captain Toadfishes Odyssey
Latest Appearance Captain Toadfishes Odyssey

Captain Toadfish is a character created by the user Darth Koopa. He is the captain of the ship "The Toadbeast". His cousin is Toad.

Physical Description

Toadfish is a mid-aged Toad who either is depicted with a lengthy beard or stubble. He is a purple Toad, and has a purple Navy man's vest. He also has an eyepatch and a peg-leg, but in flashbacks he is protrayed without these features.


  • "Arrrr! I've lost that blasted beast again!" -from Captain Toadfishes Odyssey
  • "Hello, me mateys, rise and shine!" -from Captain Toadfishes Odyssey
  • "Tonight, we find me treasure! Arrrr!" -from Captain Toadfishes Odyssey


Toadfish is protrayed as a good natured and driven pirate, as he's always looking for gold and "that blasted beast", as he describes it. The beast is a huge Squid, although it could be an oversized Blooper. It has "killed many a Toad" according to him and must be brought to justice. He is also friendly and loyal, as shown when he hunts down gold for an old, blind sailor in "Captain Toadfishes Odyssey".

Game Appearances


Fanfiction Appearances

Captain Toadfishes Odyssey

Captain Toadfish is the main character in the Fan Fiction story "Captain Toadfishes Odyssey".