Captain Toad and the Treasure Trackers
Kinopio taichō to torejāfainda
The show's logo
Creator(s) Nintendo
Producer(s) Shigeru Miyamoto
Distributor(s) DHX Media
Broadcaster(s) Disney XD (USA)
TV Tokyo (Japan)
Genre(s) Action-adventure
First Air Date(s)
April 4, 2015
Last Air Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Samantha Kelly
Grey DeLisle
John DiMaggio
Frank Welker
Charles Martinet
Harvey Atkin
Opening Theme Captain Toad Intro Level
Ending Theme Captain Toad Intro Level (Instrumental)
Country of Origin Japan
Original Language English
Season(s) 1
Episodes 26 (5 aired)
Runtime 22 minutes (2 11-minute segments)

Captain Toad and the Treasure Trackers (キノピオ隊長とトレジャーファインダ Kinopio taichō to torejāfainda) is an American-Japanese anime cartoon produced by DHX Media Los Angeles and Production I.G of IGPX fame. It is based on the Mario spin-off game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.


When Captain Toad, his girlfriend Toadette and the Toad Brigade were having a peaceful picnic in Plucky Pass, Captain Toad and Toadette noticed a Power Star so they decided to get it. However, Wingo appeared and stole the Power Star along with Toadette, who was touching it. This made Captain Toad sad so he had to told the Toad Brigade about the kidnapping. After that, they began their journey to save Toadette.