Captain Toad: Return of the Brigade
Developer(s) GreenReaperGames
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo CDS
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Puzzle
Series Captain Toad
Predecessor Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad 2:Return of the Brigade (also known as Captain Toad 2) is the sequel to Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. It is being developed by GreenReaperGames and is planned for release in 2018 for the Nintendo CDS.



Captain Toad: Return of the Brigade is the sequel to Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, so it therefore shares many characteristics with the original game. Captain Toad (or any of the playable characters) cannot jump, meaning that they will have to use ladders, platforms, and their wit to traverse the landscape.

The top screen of the Nintendo CDS is used as the camera, while the bottom is used to change characters and solve individual puzzles.


Princess Peach writes Mario a letter, inviting him to come to the castle for cake. She gives the letter to Mailtoad, who hastily brings it to Mario's house. When Mario reads the letter, he runs off to Peach's Castle, not noticing Bowser's Doomship, which can be seen just over the horizon.

Captain Toad and Captain Toadette see Mario run into Peach's Castle. The two return to the Toad Brigade's Lair, where they encounter Toadbert, Banktoad, and Sleepy (who is surprisingly fast asleep)

Then Bowser captures mario,luigui,and princess peach,So captain toad and his friends need to find bowser and take him down.


Name Image Unlocked Powers
Captain Toad
Captain Toad TT artwork05
World 1-1 Captain Toad is the first character unlocked. He has relatively simple powers, such as using a pickaxe or carrying turnips. He can also pilot the Starshroom or a minecart.
Toadette World 3-1
Truppa Toad World 4-1 The Mailtoad is a light purple (or pink due to his coloration) Toad, who is a member of the Toad Brigade. Unlike the other Toad Brigade members, Mailtoad is unique in that he periodically delivers messages to Mario in the Comet Observatory and on Starship Mario. Once his team is rescued in the Honeyhive Galaxy, he will start delivering his mail. He also goes on missions to various other galaxies with the rest of the Toad Brigade. For some reason, he is the only member of the Toad Brigade that does return in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.
Toadsworth World 8-1
Crazy Toad World S-1

The Hub

Bowser's Doomship acts as the hub in Captain Toad: Return of the Brigade. It is unlocked once Captain Toad retrieves all the missing parts for the ship's captain, Toadbert.

The Crew

  • Toadbert
  • Mail toad
  • Banktoad


There is a grand total of 200 levels (plus 15 special levels) in Captain Toad: Return of the Brigade. These levels can be divided into four groups (Adventure Levels, Traveling Levels, Challenge Levels, and Boss Battles). Each level has one main objective, reach the flag. However, several other secondary objectives can be completed if Captain Toad speaks with one of the Doomship Members when the Doomship is currently above a certain level.

Adventure Levels

Traveling Levels

Challenge Levels

Boss Battles

Secondary Objectives

Each member of Bowser's Doomship has a secondary objective that can be completed for each level.

  • Goomba Triplets: Find the three triplets, as they are hidden somewhere inside the level.
  • Booster: Beat Booster in a race through the level.
  • Hamma: Beat the level without taking any damage.
  • Doopa and Bloopa: Additional objective

Chapter worlds

Chapter 1-Departure at camp

World 1 - Mushroom Kingdom(Magikoopa,King Guy)

1-Plunk puling

2-Rotating ruins to roll

3-Maclicious stone steal

4-Rocky plateau all the way

5-Angry arabian palace

6-A shy village with guys

7-Dizzy summit roundy round

8-Glitz for joy

9-Rapid rage in a base

10-Master attack wizard

11-In an speed of time

12-Stranded creeps

13-Salt water holiday

14-Turnip rain cave

15-Western hut farm

16-Time to climb

17-Headquarters drama

18-Snowy Sneak attack

19-Madyday mush

20-King of the guys

Chapter 2-Foward notice for captain

World 2 - Eggtopia land(Eggy crab,Burty the basefull

1-Chute hoots

2-A crack of logs

3-A dusty rail trip

4-Sharpy sign alley

5-Wet water dip

6-Toad has mercy to drift

7-Confusion at pushing walls

8-Little house and big ghosts

9-Rolling cog gear

10-The crab and the egg

11-Dumb ways to hide

12-Keeper of the screws

13-Plant garden switch

14-Transparent warps

15-Going high on cheries

16-Riding the blast!

17-Whirling winds in the sky

18-Top crash clash

19-Inferno alcove

20-Fluffy burt blitz

Chapter 3-Objective:Search for creeps

World 3 - Bountiful Bay(Froggy,Naval pirhna

1-Funny sunsaw

2-Bleeping plaza

3-Pichax and hammers

4-Drop off stump

5-Itty bitty stroll

6-Run off switch

7-Mine cart trooper

8-Multi mayhem panel

9-Rockland fort

10-The frog has a crook

11-Shadow den war

12-Razzle table game

13-Furryous fun run

14-Fright night train

15-Ghost sleep keep

16-Twisty twist hill

17-Sink across gambit

18-Orange turmoil

19-Crate roate color

20-Poison pirhna bog

Chapter 4-High trials to suffel

World 4 - Cloud Kingdom(Magikoopa,Wingo)

1-Tricky japan hallway

2-Deep space switch

3-Magma dash marathon

4-Tower sinkhole

5-Feline fuzz hill

6-Trouble in the grotto

7-Beanpole aim

8-Money and honey hive

9-Rapid water fun

10-Tackle aside the duel for wiz

11-Assulting the clash

12-Desert chop off

13-Puffy blow route

14-Shadow alley play

15-Rolling over the lawn

16-Catch me toad,if you can

17-Step aside aganist us

18-Passage to defile

19-Supertank platoon

20-Wingo in the wild

Chapter 5-Search for clues and key

World 5 - Haunted Highhouse(Batty bat,King boo)

1-Snow drift skate

2-Beware of mesh grid

3-Ghost carpet floor

4-Panic from sugar

5-Out the way from magic

6-Pipe sea bay

7-Dash per speed

8-Seasaw troll

9-Assult on the express

10-No good very bad bat

11-Flying tent clash

12-Troopers at the canyon

13-Swampy crawling

14-Brodler rolling rock

15-Tropic sun koopa

16-Acrobatic dream

17-Revenge to rematch

18-Wild call in the evening

19-Explosive basement

20-King boo's real nightmare

Chapter 6-Farewell the merioes

World 6 - Technological Terror(8bit alien,8bit king kong)

1-Fun eating balls

2-Crabs and koopas

3-Cars to avoid

4-Bike run road

5-Duckies to hunt

6-Mushrooms in blocks

7-Angels in the sky

8-Sword to swing

9-Space shooting

10-Alien invasion

11-Escape falling blocks

12-Eating favorite foods

13-Fox fight ride

14-Adventure fantasy play

15-Fighting fighters

16-Bouding on earth

17-The bear and the bird

18-Gerudo of time

19-Smash brawl fight

20-Mean kong to battle

Chapter 7-Trials of the bird

World 7 - Murky Mountains(Raphel the raven,Wingo)

1-Klonk castle

2-Pipes to the sky

3-Spooky wreck ship

4-China hands to tactile

5-Bullies to duel

6-Evil wind storm

7-Furry fuzz mine

8-Bomb Army tanks

9-Firey citade fort

10-Showdown at the clash

11-Turnips go boom

12-Who turn off the gloom

13-The waltz of arrowa

14-Brolders agiainst us

15-Hot trap ambush

16-Volcanic pit dance

17-New clash in the lair

18-Spike prickel bridge

19-Dune rallye

20-Wingo strikes agian to stumble

Chapter 8-Captain toad to the rescue

World 8 - Bowser's kingdom(Mecha koopa,Bowser)

1-Rush in the express

2-The sound of bright light

3-Lights out in the manor

4-Lava valley roll

5-Legend of rainbows

6-Super way to space

7-A mess of wood

8-Find the flag and keep it

9-Super bomb block

10-Tower climb with mecha koopa

11-Hexagon stellar

12-Giga cave of giants

13-Coins from the fog

14-Cosmic of risky stars

15-Rolling puzzle panik

17-Pricky luck at the top

18-Back from the shadow alley

19-Scream in the ghost ship

20-Legends of all legends

World S - Star World

1-Nearly blue lake

2-Shocking circus wire

3-Fuzzy and the water mine

4-Hurry up toads

5-Morning at the wild

6-Slient boo floor

7-Panic from the clack

8-Honeycomb in space

9-Private spike spy

10-Paradise of rage

11-Flame lake play

12-Carry on their way

13-Myserty house time

14-Puzzle platforms

15-Champion route


Shy guy,


Super mushroom,Double cherry,Pickax,1up shroom,? block,

Level Creator


Amiibo 2.0 Support

The game received amiibo functionality in an update. Scanning the Toad amiibo takes the player into a game 8bit minigame on the current stage, in which the player must complete the stage similar to the land of Super Mario bros with 8bit toad (called "Pixel Toad") by traveling in the Wii U GamePad.[7] The player can not jump in game on a given stage after clearing it.




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