For the first time, Captain Toad is ready to fight! He got his own game and now he got his own place for Smash Bros.! He is a Combo Master and his main elements are Plant and Steel.

Special Moves

Neutral Special: Miner Carrel. Captain Toad got his carrel and he throws it... but he can ride it to! If he doesn't ride the carrel, it inflicts 15% of damage, if Toad rides it the damage is 18%.

Side Special: Pickaxe. Toad uses his pickaxe and inflicts 13% of damage. The pickaxe is the only attack which destroy the Hammer (but not the Golden Hammer) if it touches this item.

Up Special: Propeller Jump. Captain Toad gets his Propeller Helmet and jumps very high.

Down Special: Vegetable. Just like Peach.

Fusion Special: Mushroom Block. Captain Toad throws a Mushroom Block and inflicts 9% of damage. Toad can also jump on this but other characters can't do this.

Final Smash: Starshroom. Captain Toad calls his UFO and it inflicts 45% of damage to every opponents who are touched.

Unlock Criteria

Meet him in Story Mode

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