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Picture Name Appearance Abilities
Super Diamond Super Diamond The Super Diamond is a small clear gem with small eyes. The diamond itself changes colors from blue to pink due to refracted light. This turns characters into their Diamond form upon contact, which gives them the same clear, refractive appearance of the diamond. In Diamond form, characters will become much heavier, sinking to the bottom of water and instantly crushing objects beneath them as if they had ground-pounded it. Despite the extra weight, jump height and speed are not decreased.
60px Goo Mushroom The Goo Mushroom is a green mushroom with lime green spots. However, the Goo Mushroom is more realistic than previous Mushroom power-ups, having a skinny stem and flatter cap. This turns characters into their Goo form, which gives them green and lime coloration. In Goo form, characters will be turned temporarily into puddles of goo upon being crushed by an object. This can be used to navigate through small corridors, though the time that can be spent in them is limited. They can also walk on normally hazardous toxic material.
60px 2D Card The 2D Card is a flat, blue-and-white card with small eyes on it, which is always located next to a wall. This turns characters into their 2D form which causes them to lose a bit of detail and merge with the wall that the card was next to. In 2D form, characters shift to a 2D platforming mode along the wall the 2D Card was next to, letting them navigate through the wall. They can also be affected by objects along the wall, and vice versa. Players exit the wall by crouching and not moving for a certain amount of time or by taking damage.

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