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Five Nights with Captain Toad
Developer(s) Nintendo/Pyro Enterprises/Scott Cawthon
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Pyrohedron
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D Puzzle/Platformer
Series Super Mario
Media Included Pyrohedron Disc

Five Nights with Captain Toad is a spinoff of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker that takes elements from the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, acting as a mix between the two gameplay styles. Developed by Pyro Enterprises, it was created for the Dumb Dogshit Contest 2016 and based off of an uncreated game that the director had concieved already but never utilized.


The game takes place shortly after the ending of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, where Professor E. Gadd has bulldozed the Treacherous Mansion. Asking Luigi what he'd want to do with the land, the green Mario brother decides to open a pizzeria to help make some extra cash. Luigi begins running the day shift, and eager to let his fear of ghosts rest for a bit, he asks his friend Captain Toad to cover the night shift. Captain Toad eagerly accepts the task; however, the Boos and ghosts who once lived in the mansion seem enraged, and have begun possessing the animatronics for some ulterior motive...

After Night 2, Luigi informs Captain Toad that he believes that something strange is going on at night, and tells him to be more careful. As he is unable to respond directly to Luigi's note, the Captain cannot reply that things have already been going crazy. Determined that things will get better, he stays in his post.

After Night 4, Luigi leaves another note for the Captain, with the green plumber absolutely certain that something is amiss. Before he can instruct the Captain what to do, the note abruptly ends. Frightened, the Captain carries on, with the animatronics seemingly more active.

Once Night 5 is finally complete, Luigi and E. Gadd burst in, wielding Poltergust 3001s. They vacuum out the ghosts and Boos, purifying and exorcising the building. As E. Gadd carts off the captured ghosts, Luigi thanks Captain Toad for a job well done in protecting the building. The Captain salutes and jumps in the air, proud of his success.


Gameplay in Five Nights with Captain Toad takes place in small arena-like stages, similar to the original Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. However, this time stages consist of multiple arenas, which the player navigates between by walking between doors on the rims of the arena. The goal of the game has also changed; instead of simply navigating the stage and collecting a Green Star, it becomes a survival challenge to last until the timer reaches 0 (or 6 AM, depending on the player's settings).

The shape of the rooms and the way they are connected changes between nights, meaning every night is different from the last. Every night will usually only have 2 or 3 of the 7 existing animatronics active, but the game will become more difficult as the nights progress. The Puppet will always be active, and acts similar to the FNAF incarnation of the creature in that he resides in a music box that must be wound to keep him docile. In this game, however, Captain Toad must make his way to the music box to wind it by hand.

Captain Toad can defend himself from the animatronics through multiple measures. He can seal doors to prevent animatronics from entering the room, but he is also unable to leave the room until it is unsealed. He can also turn on a room's lights, which will prevent animatronics in the room from activating or pursuing him. However, both these defensive measures drain the limited battery meter. When the battery meter hits 0, they become unusable, and the animatronics become far more aggressive.


Name Description
Captain Toad
Captain toad smash wii u 3ds render by machriderz-d8yoy1j
The plucky Captain Toad is here for his most frightening adventure yet! Asked by Luigi to take the night shift of the Mario Bros. Family Pizzeria, he thought he'd be guarding the place from thieves. Instead, his biggest threat seems to be the animatronics, gone crazy for some reason and bent on killing him!----

The captain is the sole playable character, and it's his job to hold down the fort while also defending himself from the animatronics. He still can't jump, so navigation across stages relies more on sneaking around and taking shortcuts whenever possible.

Luigi (Mario and Luigi Patners in Time pose)
After the events of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, the younger Mario Brother took over the land the Treacherous Mansion was built on, and decided to make the Mario Bros. Family Pizzeria to make some extra cash on the side. Running the day shift while Captain Toad takes the night shift, he supplies his Toad buddy with helpful tips.----

Luigi can't do much to help Captain Toad out on his own, but he is capable of leaving notes, messages, and tips for him. As such, Luigi acts as the stand-in for the Phone Guy from the Five Nights series, being a sort of tutorial or guide.


Name Description
Mr. Koopers An animatronic Koopa Troopa. Gentlemanly and wears a hat and tie. Doesn't really do much.

Mr. Koopers is a more basic animatronic. After a certain amount of time has passed, he activates and takes the fastest direct route to the Captain. He deactivates when exposed to light, and if he comes across a locked door, he will find another path to take. If he is completely blocked off from the Captain, he will return to his starting point and rest.

Mrs. Wiggly An animatronic Wiggler. Wears pretty makeup and jewelry, seems like a nice lady. Often ridden by young children.

A simple yet more threatening animatronic. She activates later than people like Mr. Koopers, but upon awakening, she climbs up into the vents in the ceiling. She then begins following the maze created by the vents in order to eventually reach the Captain. She can only appear in rooms that have vent entrances and exits, but due to the vent placement, she is not bothered by locked doors at all.

The Guard An animatronic Bob-omb with a fuzzy hat and 'stache. Wait... weren't Bob-ombs pretty much animatronic already.? At any rate, parents love this guy.

The Guard is the least active animatronic, simply walking from place to place slowly and uncommonly. While he is moving, he cannot detect you, but while standing still, he possesses an infinite line of sight directly in front of him. If he sees the Captain, it's good night for sure...

Magikoopa Mike An animatronic Magikoopa. Dressed like a stereotypical nerd. Almost pacifistic in nature.

Mike is not a typical offensive animatronic. Instead, he acts as the "debuffer" enemy, only triggering if Captain Toad's been using his defensive measures a little too well. If he comes across the Captain's path, it's not game over. However, he does drain all of his battery meter and alert some of the other animatronics to your location. If you move, they won't come after you, they just head for that marked location.

Mowser An animatronic mouse decked out in all the hippest, most stylish trends. Incredibly selfish and jerky-looking.

Mowser is the closest thing to a ranged animatronic there is. He only wakes up on some of the harder difficulty stages, but when he does, he wanders about aimlessly, not really going after the Captain unless he intentionally runs into him. However, he likes to leave bombs scattered all over, each of which having a time limit. If the Captain doesn't defuse them before they go off, all other animatronics wake up and head for him!

The Puppet An evil-looking puppet monster. Not even Luigi know how this one got here.

The Puppet is near identical to the original FNaF version in terms of design and functionality. He hides in a music box that slowly plays a song; when the song is finished, the Puppet is unleashed. It seeks out Captain Toad, phasing through walls and terrain objects to instantly wipe him out. However, if the Captain walks over to his music box, he can rewind it to keep the beast sleeping longer.

Flappy An animatronic Fluzzard. The goofiest of the bunch, nobody really seems to remember him.

Flappy possesses the advantage of flight, and while he rarely wakes up, he immediately makes a beeline for the Captain when he does. He's slow, but his flight grants him the ability to easily avoid plenty of obstacles, and just heads for the player's current position. You can disorient him with lights, more so than any other animatronic.

Bowser An animatronic of the Koopa King himself. Mario designed this one, based off of the Mecha Bowser from Isle Delphino.

The most fearsome of all the animatronics, Bowser is a force to be reckoned with. He only triggers when the battery meter is low or when the timer is almost up, but his incredible strength more than makes up for his slow speed and sluggish activation time. He's so strong that he can break down locked doors with his bare hands! Be careful!

Dark Bowser IT'S ME

A blue and grey palette swap of the Bowser animatronic. It appears broken down and lifeless, and only appears if the Captain has been exploring and looks at a rare, randomly-spawning Dark Star poster. If that happens, the player has a chance to be lead into a small void instead of a normal room when they open the next door, containing nothing but Dark Bowser. He then instantly kills you... Better not find him.

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