Captain Toad Triple Trek (Or Captain Toad and Toadette) is the sequel to the puzzle platformer game Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. It is very much like the first game, but with slightly smoother and vivid graphics, more levels, additional gameplay mechanics and extra content. It will be released on April 21, worldwide.

Captain Toad: Brigade Quest
Developer(s) Nintendo

1-UP Studio

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
April 21st Worldwide
Single Player
Genre(s) Puzzle Platformer
Series Captain Toad
Predecessor Captain Toad Treasure Tracker


Captain Toad, Toadette and the rest of the Brigade are walking along a path when they see a glimmer in a tree. They stack up on top of each-other, with Toadette on top. She reaches out for a box, when the bottom Toad falls over and the box breaks when its knocked to the ground. Dark energy forms from the box as it wells up. A Star-coin formed on top of the box, and Toadette takes it, when a Mummy-Me appears. Toadette tries to run away, when Toad takes the coin and places it in his backpack. The wind picks up, the Mummy-Me struggling against the wind as it flies into the air. Toadette takes out the coin once again, but then Wingo appears and lifts her up into the air. The Brigade sees this, and treks on to save her.


Captain Toad: Brigade Quest offers several new gameplay mechanics. Captain Toad must find his brigade members and take them to the end of the level. Each of them has their own ability, which serves as a level-gimmick. Captain Toad will need to switch the leading member and then dismiss them to stay at different points to get past the levels.

Captain Toad/Toadette- Both are playable like the past game.

Blue Toad (The Brain)- Builds bridges and stairs at certain points.

Yellow Toad (The Sleeper)- Can sleep and spin around to trigger switches.

Green Toad (The Worker)- Breaks open caved-in areas, smashes crystals, can attack an enemy when hit by it, once only.

All Toads can push crates, run, use turnips, pick-axes and cannons.



  • Captain Toad
  • Captain Toadette
  • Blue Toad
  • Yellow Toad
  • Green Toad


  • Draggadon Jr.
  • Flaptrap
  • Stumper Bump
  • Gong-Kong
  • Magmaster
  • Mummy-Me
  • Cosmic Wingo
  • Wingo
  • Grand Mummy-Me

The Chapters

Chapter 1: Looking for Toadette!

(Draggadon Jr.)

Chapter 2: Onward, Toad Brigade!

(Flaptrap and Draggadon Jr.)

Chapter 3: The Tricky Trail of Trials!

(Stumper Bump, Gong-Kong)

Chapter 4: Through the Crater

(Mummy-Me, Magmaster)

Chapter 5: Search in the Stars

(Cosmic Wingo)

Chapter Extra: The Realm of Treasure 

(Wingo, Grand Mummy-Me)


  • When idle for a while, Captain Toad will hum his own theme-song.
  • The Yellow Toad will fall asleep when idle for a while.

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