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Captain Rainbow: Escape from Wish Island is a game for The Legendary Pop-Fizz 42 and ROC.


Captain Rainbow

Captain Rainbow

Captain Rainbow


Nick's new TV show is a hit, and he wants to go back to that wishing island to tell his friends, but when he gets there, he finds out that a mysterious force has pulled the island from the planet! It's up to Nick's Alter-Ego, Captain Rainbow, to stop the force, and save the Nintendo characters trapped there!

Characters and their Wishes

  • Nick/Captain Rainbow has no wish.
  • Birdo wishes the island would stop moving.
  • Lip wishes that she wasn't sea-sick.
  • Lucas wishes that his brother and mother would be alive.
  • Waluigi wishes to be included in Wario's games.
  • Q*bert wishes that he could speak English (or Japanese).
  • Mach Rider wishes he could find his parents.
  • Ralph wishes he could find enough meat to satisfy him.
  • Hammer Bro. wishes he didn't owe a debt to Bowser.
  • Luigi wishes He wasn't neglected by his Brother.

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