Captain Gameboy is a show starring characters from various Game Boy games, and Game Boy Color games in the second series. It is similiar to Captain N, but features Gameboy games instead.


Note that the only character's listed are major, recurring characters. Characters who only appear in one specific episode or arc are not listed.

  • Captain G: A boy who was transported to Game Boy Land. He fights using a sword made out of tetromino's.
  • Dr. Mario: A fatherly figure to Captain G, he tells him everything he needs to know about Game Boy Land.
  • Princess Daisy: The princess of Game Boy Land, she is often kidnapped by Wario.
  • Pikachu: A Pikachu who has been Captain G's faithful companion since he arrived in Game Boy Land.
  • Link: Captain G's adventuring companion, he is skilled in sword fighting.
  • Kirby: An adorable puffball, he adventures with Captain G. He has the ability to eat his enemies to copy their powers.
  • Wario: The main villain, he wants to take over Game Boy Land.
  • Captain Syrup: A secondary villain, she competes with Wario to see who can be the most villainous.

Season Two

  • Captain GC: Another boy who was transported to Game Boy Land, many years after the first Captain G.
  • Cyndaquil: Captain GC's Pokemon starter that he got from Professor Elm.
  • Kris: A girl who helps Captain GC out, using her Chikorita.
  • Link: Link returns, but with a new red tunic which he got from the Fairy Queen.
  • Silver: Captain GC's rival, he is always getting in his way and fighting him with his Totodile.
  • Rudy the Clown: An evil clown who wants to take over Game Boy Land.

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