Captain Falcon
The Blue Flier
Universe FZeroSymbol1F-Zero
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances SSB/SSBM/SSBB/SSB4
Recent Game 'U/3DS Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS
Availability Starter
Final Smash Blue Falcon/Ultimate Spectacular Intergalactic Impacting Falcon Punch X-52 Omega

Captain Falcon makes his fifth return to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Captain Falcon is the intergalactic bounty hunter of fame and fortune. He wields his amazing Falcon power that he can unleash as punches and kicks as well as comes armed with his trusty sidearm. He has been buffed considerably in Super Smash Bros. 5. Aesthetically, his appearance retains his console version models for F-Zero GX.

Changes from Smash 4


Special Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Falcon Punch 25% (ground), 28% (ground reverse), 22% (air), 25% (air reverse) Captain Falcon winds up and releases his iconic fiery punch.
Custom 1 Falcon Dash Punch 20%/16%/13%/11% (ground), 22%/18%/15%/13% (ground reverse), 17%/15%/13%/11% (air), 20%/18%/16%/14% (air reverse) Captain Falcon dashes forward a fair distance forward before unleashing his Falcon Punch. Weaker than normal, especially in the later stages.
Custom 2 Mighty Falcon Punch 22%/18%/9%/6% (ground), 25%/18%/6% (ground reverse), 19%/18%/6% (air), 22%/18%/6% (air reverse) Has a very large hitbox, but does less damage and has longer startup lag. However, since there is greater force behind the punch, it deals more knockback. recovery.
Side Special Raptor Boost 9% (ground), 8% (air) Captain Falcon dashes forward and follows up with an uppercut. Can meteor smash the opponent if used in the air.
Custom 1 Heavy Raptor Boost 12% (ground), 12% (air) More starting lag, but deals more damage and has super armor.
Custom 2 Wind-up Raptor Boost 8% (ground), 7% (air) Moves and charges faster but does less damage.
Up Special Falcon Dive 5% (hit 1), 12% (throw) Captain Falcon attempts to grab an opponent, finishing with an explosion. If successful, he will cry "YES!!!". Does a harmless flip if the attack fails.
Custom 1 Falcon Strike 8% Falcon jumps up and punches in the sky. Goes higher than Falcon Dive, but doesn't grab opponents.
Custom 2 Explosive Falcon Dive 10% (hit 1), 15% (throw) Charges longer and doesn't go as high as Falcon Dive, but has more launching power.
Down Special Falcon Kick 13%/11%/7% (ground), 15%/13%/11% (air), 9% (landing) Captain Falcon bursts forward with a flaming high-speed kick. If used in the air, Captain Falcon will plunge down at a diagonal angle.
Custom 1 Falcon Kick Fury 1% (ground loop hits), 7% (ground last hit), 2% (air loop hits), 5% (air last hit), 5% (landing) Hits multiple times, with the last hit launching the opponent.
Custom 2 Lightning Falcon Kick 12%/10%/6% (ground), 14%/12%/10% (air), 4% (landing) A fast kick that doesn't have as much power and takes slightly longer to charge, but goes right through opponents. The landing hit paralyzes opponents.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Falcon Blaster 6% (close), 10% (far) It does more damage far away but less knockback compared to up close which does more knockback but less damage. It has slight ending lag but can be spammed.
Custom 1 Charged Falcon Blaster 10% (close), 15% (far) It charges first before firing. It does set knockback regardless of the distance but traveling further does more damage. It slows down the more it travels.
Custom 2 Shotgun Falcon Blaster 6% (close per hit), 3% (far per hit) Captain Falcon fires a round of shotgun blasts that spread out and travel out further. It does more damage and knock back from up close.
Side Special Falcon Heel 18% (clean), 15% (explosion clean), 10% (late), 8% (late explosion), 3% (hit) Falcon jumps forward, spins int he air, and then slams his heel into the ground; causing an explosive effect. It does more damage if the attack hits with a clean hit and explosion on the center of the heel but will do less damage outside of the attacks radius. He also does damage when traveling forward and will push opponents forward. Captain Falcon will travel for some time during the attack and can be used as a horizontal recovery move though it sends him all the way down to the blast line if he misses.
Custom 1 Dynamic Falcon Heel 14% (clean), 20% (explosion clean), 8% (late), 15% (late explosion), 3% (hit) The explosion has a much larger blast radius and does more damage compared to the default though the distance covered is lessened and has ending lag.
Custom 2 Sprinting Falcon Heel 13% (clean), 8% (late) Captain Falcon can charge this attack though charging it does effect the damage output. Instead, it increases his distance of the attack. It doesn't produce the explosion effect. It is weaker but doesn't have any lag and travels quite far even when uncharged.
Up Special Falcon Crusher 2.6% (loop), 10% (final) Captain Falcon charges forth while spiraling and produces a flame effect. It can catch opponents and do continuous attacks with then launching them with the final hit. Captain Falcon can slightly influence his trajectory by tilting the control stick
Custom 1 High Velocity Falcon Crusher 18% (head), 16% (body), 14% (legs) Instead of capturing in opponents, it does damage and launches opponents upwards. The head portion does the most damage and knockback while the other portions do less knockback and damage.
Custom 2 Flying Falcon Crusher 1.3% (loop) Captain Falcon can travel more freely and spins more quickly, dealing more hits but less damage compared to the default. It also has less strength in catching opponents and doesn't deliver a final hit.
Down Special Raptor Crash 6%, 6%, 12%, 5% (Falcon) A powerful attack that can damage Captain Falcon if it connects fully. Captain Falcon spins in a circle; ejecting flames as he spins. He then knees upwards; rising vertically. It will knock opponents upwards and deals high damage to opponents. It can also cancel out weak to mid power projectiles.
Custom 1 Soaring Raptor Crash 4%, 4%, 10%, 3% (Falcon) It does weaker damage but is quicker, will cause Falcon to float slightly while performed in midair, and has higher vertical movement that before.
Custom 2 Comet Raptor Crash 4%, 4%, 20%, 10% (Falcon) Captain Falcon jumps in the air, spins in midair, and then crashes down at a slight forward downward angle to the ground; slamming his knee into the ground. It does damage to Captain Falcon if it connects making it a high risk move. It has high knockback when it connects.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Blue Falcon 10% (hit 1), 20% (hit 2), 10% (throw) Captain Falcon calls in the Blue Falcon, which crashes through the stage in front of Captain Falcon. Whoever it hits when it first appears will be hit by the rest of the move. Characters who are not hit will stay in place until the end of the smash. A short cutscene appears, and the opponents are run over and sent flying. Like certain other Final Smashes, if no one is hit when the Blue Falcon appears, then the attack fails.
Final Smash 2 Ultimate Spectacular Intergalactic Impacting Falcon Punch X-52 Omega 7% (per punch), 15% (final attack) Captain Falcon causes his fist to be powered out by holding it back. Fir engulfs it and from the fire comes thousands of eagles cries. He throws his fist froward which causes fire projectiles in the shape of a fist to burst out; dealing damage as it stretches across the screen. It juggles opponents and deals damage. In all, 40 to 50 projectiles will fire out. Captain Falcon then sends one super large fist projectile forward which slams forward; dealing the most damage and cause opponents to be KO'd.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Faces the camera, salutes and exclaims "Show me your moves!" This taunt is notable in Melee for being one of only two that has a different animation depending if the character is facing right or left; in both Melee and Brawl, Falcon will finish the taunt faster if he faces the left. (Up)
  • Bends slightly down while leaving to the side and raises one arm upwards at an angle and then another one in front of him pointing the same way. He says "I'm the winner!"
  • Charges himself up with fire, similar to a Falcon Punch. (Right)
  • Holds out his hand and challenges, "Come on!" (Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Captain Falcon punches forward while going "Hiyah!"
  • Salutes the screen.
  • Captain Falcon encloses his fist in fire and says "No way!"

On Screen Appearance

  • Appears from the Blue Falcon and jumps off.
  • Comes in from the left via Falcon Kick and salutes.
  • Crashes down from the top in fire and shakes his fist.

Victory Animations

  • Performs two jump kicks, then strikes a pose.
  • Charges up red energy, similar to one of his Melee poses, but with fire added.
  • Does three consecutive roundhouse kicks, then poses.
  • Does several punches and then raises his fist which pulsates with fire energy.
  • Salutes the screen and says "I saw your moves."
  • Races in on his Blue Falcon, jumps out, and performs a pose.

Losing Animations

  • Looks forward while clapping; emotionless.
  • Is rocking back and forth while smoke floats off from him.
  • Is panting with his vizor broken.

Victory Fanfare

A flourished remix of an electric guitar-based cover of the short track that would play when a character finished a race in F-Zero GX.

Idle Poses

  • Makes a battle pose where he leans forward and thrusts his arm out
  • Another battle pose where he crouches slightly and thrusts his elbow out
  • Tips his hand to his helmet and taps it.
  • Slightly shakes as he charges energy by slightly crouching and holding up his arms to his side


Captain Falcon's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.

Captain Falcon

Unlock: Classic Mode

Captain Falcon (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Captain Falcon (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


F-Zero Falcon

Unlock: Boss Battle


Blood Falcon

Unlock: Boss Battle


Captain Falcon (Raptor Boost)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop


Captain Falcon (Falcon Heel)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop


Captain Falcon (Purple)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Captain Falcon (Green)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Captain Falcon (Up Taunt)


Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Captain Falcon Maskless'

Unlock: Complete all Captain Falcon Character Challenges

Blue Falcon

Unlock: All Star Mode (Easy or Normal)

Ultimate Spectacular Intergalactic Impacting Falcon Punch X-52 Omega

Unlock: Unlock all Captain Falcon's trophies

Alternate Costumes


Color Title Color Notes Status
Default Blue Captain Falcon's default appearance. Starter
Black Black Resembles his outfit from the Japanese commercial for F-Zero X. Starter
Purple Purple Based on Blood Falcon's outfit. Starter
Green Green Based off Pico's and Beastman's Outfit. Starter
Blue Blue Slightly resembles his outfit color scheme from the original F-Zero. Starter
White White Slightly resembles Jody's Summer's Outfit. Starter
Yellow Yellow --- Starter
Cyan Light Blue Slightly resembles Rick Wheelers color scheme. Starter
Black Black Slightly resembles the coloration of Black Shadow as well as Mach Rider from the game Mach Rider. Starter
Orange Orange Confirmed to taken from Mach Rider. According to Sakurai, this color scheme was intended to be used for a playable Mach Rider but was scrapped for unknown reasons. Starter
F-Zero Falcon Blue Costume based off from his appearance in the original F-Zero. Locked
Blood Falcon Crimson Costume based off of Blood Falcon/ Locked
Captain Falcon Unmasked Blue Retains his appearance from Melee without a helmet. Locked


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