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FALCON PUNCH! Captain Falcon as returned as a starter fighter in Super Smash Bros. Omega! He is very speedy but he is also agile and strong! He is a Speedster character and his main element is Fire.

Special Moves

Standard Special: FALCON PUNCH. Captain Falcon uses his most famous move: the FALCON PUNCH! He charges his fire fist and then he punches inflicting 27% of damage.

Side Special: Raptor Boost. Captain Falcon dashes and attack uses a strong fire-based uppercut. It inflicts 8% of damage.

Up Special: Blue Jump. Captain Falcon calls his Blue Flacon which flies up inflicting 16% of damage. Some frames later Falcon jumps helpless.

Down Special: Falcon Kick. Captain Falcon performs a fire kick which falls speedy if used in air but goes straight if used on the ground. It inflicts 12% of damage.

Final Smash: Blue Falcon. Captain Falcon calls his Blue Falcon and, if it strikes the opponents, he goes into a strange racetrack. The complete attack inflicts 45% of damage.

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