Freeze in hell, Flash!
Captain Cold in Justice: Apocalypse


Captain Cold by IsmailFeroz (tbc).

Captain Cold is a fictional DC villain.


Justice: Apocalypse

One of the Flash's deadliest foes, Captain Cold possesses a freeze gun which is lethal when fired, due to its freezing temperatures. Darkseid gave Cold specific orders to find the scarlet speedster and end him.

Lego Batman 4: Marvel vs. DC

Captain Cold appears as a boss and playable character in this crossover game between Lego Batman (hence the title) and Lego Marvel. He is hired by Hydra to destroy the Hall of Justice alongside Heat Wave, Professor Zoom, and Solomon Grundy. All four of the villains are defeated by Green Lantern, Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Captain Cold's character token is hidden in the final level of the game (Final Curtain (Possibly)) in the fight between Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Catwoman against the Grim Reaper.