MP9 Big Bob-omb Bust

The mighty Captain Bomb!

Captain Bomb is the leader of the Bob-omb pirates. He is easily angered and always carries around his sword. He wears a large black hat and is Doug Piranha's arch nemesis. He lead the kidnapping of Chompy the Goomba. He will be playable in the upcoming game, Doug Piranha Summer Sports. He will also be the main villian in Doug Piranha 2.


Captain Bomb is a Bob-omb with a red belt and a sword. He has a black hat and a large moustache. He also has elf-like shoes. He is the leader of the Bob-omb Pirates.


Doug Piranha (Game)

He is the main villain in this game. He wants to enslave all of the goombas in Goomba fields and make them build the Bob-omb's ultimate weapon.

Doug Piranha:Summer Sports

He is a playable character in this game.

Doug Piranha 2

He is confirmed to be the main villain in this game.

Timmy Tick Tock:Block Breaker

He makes a cameo in this game as a picture that appears when you clear all of the blocks in training mode.


  • In the game Mini Robots, there is a Captain Bomb plush doll in the background of the shop.

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