Captain Blackeye
Full Name Captain Blackeye
Location Isle O' Hags
Land of Dreams
Timber's Island
Class Pirate Captain
Main Weapon(s) Musket
First Appearance Banjo-Tooie (2000)

Captain Blackeye is a notorious pirate who sails around the seas often intoxicated, he is a minor reccuring character in the Donkey Kong series that also appears in Timber's Island and Wrapped Up after his debut in Banjo Tooie. He had a walrus sidekick named Blubard however it appears they seperated.

The Land of Dreams

Sometime after Banjo Tooie, Captain Blackeye sobered up for a short time and set out to the Land of Dreams the place where Banjo is from. Here he found a boy named Edison and a rabbit living happily so the pirate set out his ships and attacked the island and claimed it for himself, it is presumed he now has a base set up somewhere here on the island. This is where he met Blubard for the first time.

Conquering more Land

While still drunk Captain Blackeye found himself on Timber's Island an island ruled by Tigers with many other species living there he decided that this would be a great place for a new home and a new territory and so he set out to capture the land for himself only to be thwarted by Timber the tiger for whom the island is named, Bumper a knowledgable badger and Pipsy a mechanical mouse together they defeat the Captain here he is angered by the incompatence of his sidekick and leaves Blubard somewhere in the ocean, Blubard seemed estatic.

Extracting Revenge

Captain Blackeye wandered around Drunk for a long time until he was approached by Eustace on the behalf of the Mother Brain who told him that he could be a powerful and respected pirate once again and get his revenge on those annoyingly fluffy animals all he had to do was pledge loyalty. The captain quickly agreed and with his new armada went back to Timber's Island and found only the tiger and two children Iron and Amber.

Even Blackeye's new armada was no match for the tiger and pokemon masters and he was defeated again and to ad insult to injury the two children stole his ship and left him marooned on Timber's Island where Timber forcably befriended him. Blackeye seems to hate this punishment and has to suffer through it sober as there is no alcohol on Timber's Island.

Kingdom Hearts Decade

He's the leader of The Organzination of K.A.M.E.N. and is known as Kamen Rider Darkness. He sent lots of Kamen Riders to kill Sora because he's the chosen one. On the final battle, it was Kamen Rider Decade VS. Kamen RIder Darkness. He was defeated to combat and was sent to God's Evil Hell.


  • Captain Blackeye keeps a secret that he actually has webbed feet.