Developer(s) Reaper Games
Publisher(s) Reaper Games
Platform(s) DarkReaper, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One
Release Date(s)
DarkReaper: 2012

Wii U: 2013 Xbox One/PS4: 2014

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action RPG
Series Capella, Princess of the Galaxy
Successor Capella 2
Media Included Reaper Floppy. Blu-Ray, Nintendo Disc.

Capella is a action RPG by Reaper Games. It is their launch title.


Capella, the princess of the Galaxy, is sent from planet Xeny to destroy the Parasites from planets Meryl, Starlux, Edel, and Targa. After destroying the Parasite Queens from the four planets, another planet is discovered to be the source of the parasites, known as Isolon. Capella has to defeat Professor Polodi to end his parasite factory.

A post-credit scene shows that Professor Polodi is making the four Gems of Darkness.


Character Homeland Age Description
Capella Xeny 500+ (actually looks 18 - 22) The princess of the Galaxy, she is chosen to destroy all of the Parasites in the world.
Captain Grandia Meryl 38 Army master of Meryl, He is determined to find the one responsible for the parasites.
Tatyana von Mollix Starlux 27 Pop-star, hostess of news of Starlux. She is the number one star of Starlux.
David Egbert Edel 48 The president of Edel. He executes the latest ideas he has to protect his country.
Zero Targa 52 Mastermind of the Targa Navy Guards, he plans to supervise the best plans to ascend.
Carmilla Xeny 323 (looks younger) The one advisor of Capella, She tells the location after analyzing the souls of the Queens.
Ddcompany Isolon ??? Master sidekick of Professor Polodi.
Professor Polodi Isolon ??? The mastermind of the Parasites, he plans to take over the universe with it.


The campaign consists of a planet selection, with 10 to 30 levels each. There are 110 levels in total, and 6 bosses. Once you clear the first planet, you move on to the next one.

Planet Levels Description
Meryl 10 Home of the Grandians, who are the masters of researching other lifeforms. Their enemies are the Lords of Polis.
Starlux 20 Home of the Mollix and the Lyrians.
Edel 25 Master researchs reside here.
Targa 25 Home of the Targians,
Isolon 30 Secret hideout of the Parasites.


Weapon Name Description Rank
Phasesword A sword that has a purple glowing blade. *
Grandian Bow A bow that shoots  magical arrows. **
Starlux Wand A magic wand that shoots stars. **
Hammer of Edel A hammer that can make shockwaves. ***
Targa Flail A chain attached flail that is a long range striker. ***
Isolon Blade A sword that shoots sword beams. ****
Influx Waver A upgraded version of the Phasesword, it shoots enchanted beams that returns to the enemy after it's hit. (hidden weapon) *****

Film adaption

Director Max Reaper
Producer(s) Ophelia Reaper
Studio(s) Reaper Pictures
Writer(s) Marceline Reaper
Distributor(s) Warner Bros.
Genre(s) Fantasy-adventure
Music Tatyana Abadeer
Country of Origin United States
Tabitha St. Germain

Tara Strong

Theatrical Release Date(s)
March 17, 2017
Home Edition Release Date(s)
July 31, 2017
Age Rating(s)
PG-13 (for sequences of action violence and peril)
Original Language English
Budget 225 million
Box Office $550.345.678
Runtime 145 min

In 2016, Warner Bros has picked up rights for making Capella, into a film adaption.


The Lyrians are the only faction not to be victims of the parasites.This could mean that since Lyrians are androids, they are immune to parasites.

The Lords of Polis didn't appear, but they did make a appearance in the game Spla2n. This could mean that Spla2n is in the Capella universe, like