Captain Wally or normally shortened to Cap'n Wally or just Wally, is a sailor who appears in Fantendo - Wounds of Time. He is somewhat the leader of the group, and of course as the Captain, makes the desicions.


Wally is a strong, energetic leader, who is very athletic and sets tasks in lots of small goals, although a Captain, he is very negative during storms and rain. Although, he is a friendly and welcoming Captain. Wally is actually quite squeamish and gets scared quite easily, but thinks himself as the alpha male of the back, but doesn't like to show it. He shows ignorance to laziness and slacking. Taking a old fashioned route as he was trained.


Wally wears a sailors shirt, but wears a navy blue jacket to show that he is the captain. He wears a black leather belt with a golden buckle of 'pride'.


Fantendo - Wounds of Time

Wally along with Teardrop are the two figures on the beach, Strafe saves Wally's live with CPR whilst Ella saves Teardrops. Wally is honoured and offers a free ship ride before Strafe is taken. Seeing Ella in distress and feeling bad for her, he vows that he will save him.


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