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Cap'n Boo is the third boss of Super Mario : The Invasion 2, he is the captain

of all boos, which are his crews, he is found in Boo Yard, unlike King Boo, he

makes the boos all of his crew, He is a high ranked boo hired by King Boo,

his first appearance is Super Mario : The Invasion 2

Super Mario : The Invasion 2

His appearances is : he wears Golden captain hat, under the hat is a crew hat, he carrys a scimitar on his hand, he has earrings on his sides, and he has a beard, he will attack mario by throwing the scimitar at him like a boomerang, it will home on him, so mario has to be careful to not get hit, if mario gets hit, Cap'n Boo Laughs, and trys again, if he dodges correct, the scimitar will hit a wall/platform, and fall, Mario will have to carry the scimitar and throw it at Cap'n Boo, thus he will get dizzy, getting him damaged, if hit 2 times, his hat will be messed up and torn apart. if hit 2 times again, he will be defeated, thus getting him out of the way for mario to journey further, he makes cameo appearance in the final boss room's background room glass

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