Greetings loved ones, let's take a journey!
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Capital City SacraMENTOS
Largest City Los Angelcake
Language(s) English
Leader(s) Sugar Daddy (former), overtaken by Katy and the Queens of Candyfornia
Government Dictatorship
Population 38.8 million (estimated)
Abbreviation CA

Candyfornia is the most populous country in Osiris and the third most extensive by area. Located on the Pezcific coast, Candyfornia shares borders with Eeria to the north, Lutetia and Illusia to the east, and Ratchetland to the south. Katy Perry, known as the American Björk and female Michael Jackson, is the current governor of Candyfornia. Most recently, the country was faced with nuke threats from Exorthica, who demanded they meet a boatload of demands within 24 hours or face weapons of mass destruction. Candyfornia obeyed and is now investing in better national security.




The Queens of Candyfornia were held captive by Sugar Daddy in various candy related devices such as wrappers, gum bubbles and blobs of Jell-O. That was before the legendary heroine Katy Perry burst onto the scene, making discoveries and passing through locations such as candy forests, chocolate rivers and an angry Gingerbread Man's house. Some of her daring acts of bravery included crossing a twizzler tightrope above hard candy with sharp and pointed edges and climbing to the top of a candy snake to lounge in cotton candy heaven. She faced the Sugar Daddy's dice and rescued the Queens of Candyfornia who were then led to the beach for a celebratory dance. Seeing the women freed, Sugar Daddy became enraged, marching on the women's position with an army of gummy bears. Katy quickly defeated the army with whip cream guns attached to her bra, after which the stunned king threw down his staff and surrendered. As punishment for his crimes he was buried up to the neck in sand by Katy and the Candyfornia queens, doomed to eternally admire their beauty and wish women everywhere could be California gurls. 



A land where the grass is really greener. Warm, wet and wild - there must be something in the water. Much of the land is adorned with cupcakes, ice creams, cotton candy, and lollipops. Candyfornia is home to various iconic landmarks, such as the Jellywood Walk of Fame, the Jellywood Sign and some confectionery West Coast beaches. You could travel the world, but nothing comes close to the golden coast. It's definitely a land to visit when you have munchies... everything is edible.