You know, I always wondered why Candace is always gone, and always comes back without getting severely hurt.
Perhaps, she's a secret agent, like us...
What? Nah... she's just a Green Giraffe, Roxy! You think they are that active?
Sheila Piunazj and Roxanne D'Urre, about Candace, Agent RX

Candace (Agent RX)
Candace in her normal status in Agent RX.
Full Name Candace
Current Age 5
Gender Female
Location Badeed
Class Secret Agent
Pet (When off-duty)
Main Weapon(s) N/A
Ability/ies Martial Arts

Candace is Sheila's pet Green Giraffe from the game Agent RX. Candace seems to be a mindless, domestic house pet, although she is actually a secret agent, member from another agency than the one simply called The Agency, where Sheila and Roxanne are the members of. Both Roxanne and Sheila don't know Candace is a secret agent, even though they are secret agents themselves.


Not much is known about Candace's personality, although she wants to stop all the crime in Pructor, like Roxanne.


Candace is a lime green Green Giraffe, with her own spotted pattern. She also wears a light orange/gold wig.


Candace has a lot of martial abilities. Unlike Green Giraffes, however, she does not change her size. Sheila thinks she got born without this ability, but it's also possible that she refuses to use it.

Game Appearances

Agent RX

This is Candace's first appearance. In a few missions, Candace has to be found, as she might be lost. Sheila remarks that she wonders why she gets lost.

Paper Fantendo: Dimensions Destiny


  • Candace is based on both the Phineas & Ferb characters Candace Flynn (appearance and name), and Perry the Platypus (the fact of being a secret agent and being an unusual domestic house pet).
  • Candace might have some kind of relation with Bearded Giraffe.