Name How to Unlock Ability
Bub N/A N/A
Camwoodstock N/A N/A
Bob Play as Bub and win 5 times Has a ghost trail which shows where bubbles will go
Des Play as Camwoodstock and win 10 times Her bubbles go instantly, and have a ghost trail to show for easier firing
Super Drunk Beat Arena Mode Fires 3 split bubbles when the fire button is tapped when the bubble is moving. Useful for gunshotting.
Derpy Hooves Beat Arena Mode with Camwoodstock Bubbles are slow, but can change bubble direction by pressing fire button which will stop the bubble. Useful for controlling bubbles.
Rainbow Dash Beat Arena Mode with Des Bubbles go fast but have a ghost trail to show where the bubble will fire. Useful for quick work. Also can make rainbow bubbles rise up to the other player in VS.
Friendly Drunk Beat Puzzle with Super Drunk Makes fire bubbles rise up to him if 4 or more bubbles are cleared simotaniously. Chains count.
John Egbert Get 100% in characters excluding this character Can add 1 bubble to the opponent if he clears ANY bubbles. VERY USEFUL FOR WI-FI.

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