Name Cinematic Bubble Colors Difficulty Origin Image Music
Zen-Chan He charges at the playable character but to no avail, trips. Blue, red, yellow, green Easy N/A Bubble Bobble SMS
Mighta He summons a stone, pushing the playable character across the screen. White, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow Easy N/A Bubble Bobble NES
Drunk He tries to throw bottles at the playable character but throws too hard and misses. Green, Orange, Yellow Medium N/A Bubble Bobble Arcade

He gotta go fast and makes the character dizzy before chanting "Cumon step it up!"

Red, blue, white, black, pink, green Medium
Sonic 1 Green Hill Zone Music
Changeling The changeling flies around, scaring the playable character. Black, Green, Blue Hard
809px-Changeling swarm S2E26
Bubble Memories Boss Theme
Reimu She summons tons of bullets but they all miss the playable character. Red, White, Black Medium
Touhou: Imperishable Night Stage 4 Theme
Monsta He bites the playable characters foot, making them cry. Purple, Orange, Black, White Medium N/A Wave Man's level theme (Mega Man 5)
Discord He tries to discord the playable character but the magic is blocked by super drunk's bottles suddenly. Black, White Red, Pink, Green, Orange Hard
Touhou: Imperishable Night Extra Stage Theme
Hyper Drunk He tries to attack the player but misses and hits himself with his staff. Black, Green, Lime Green Hard TBA Bubble Symphony Final Boss Theme
Cupcakes Pie She tries to stab the playable character but, again, super drunk saves the playable character. Black, Red, Dark Red, Brown, White Hard
Cupcakes Pie
Area 5 Arrange Mode (Bubble Bobble Plus/Neo)
Red Uns The machine flies by the character, making it dizzy. Red, Green Very Hard
Level 4 (Platypus)
Infection Virus Ship The machine freaks out the character Green, Grey, Blue, Pink Very Hard
Level 5 (Platypus 2)
Discord Rematch He tries to KILL the playable character but the attack is blocked by super drunk's bottles suddenly... Again. Blood Red, Red, Black Lunatic Mode
Bubble Memories Final Boss Theme
Chrysalis She tries to cocoon the playable character but super drunk slaps her with a bottle. Black, Lime Green, Green, Blood Red, Red, White Lunatic Mode
Final Boss (Platypus)
Lightning He tries to kill the player by grabbing a knife and putting it to their neck, but protoman stops him in time. Red, Dark Red, Brown, Black, White, Orange, Cinnamon Brown, Blood Red Lunatic Mode TBA

Final Boss Remix (Pokemon Black/White)

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