Here is a list of Turrents that Melon Frost and other characters can build. Each one has a list of upgrades.

Bamboo Turrents

Bamboo Turrents are known to be very fast and can rapidly fire at opponents.

  • Bamboo Turrent: The basic Bamboo Turrent. There are no additions.
  • Bamboo Sniper Turrent: A advanced turrent that has been made invisible except for the computer, which is only made visible for the player and not enemies. It can now shoot even faster.
  • MK Chute: This extreme turrent can now launch darts that stun enemies in their tracks. It shoots like lightning!
  • UBS: Standing for Unrivalled Bamboo Shooter, it fires the fastest in the game. It can now shoot above itself.

Gem Turrents

Gem Turrents are known to be excellent poison spreaders. It doesn't shoot, but instead spreads clouds of poison.

  • Gem Turrents: The basic Gem Turrent. There are no additions.
  • Toxic Fumigator: A advanced Gem Turrent that spreads stronger poison that now makes enemies slower.
  • Fume Wave Cannon: A extreme fumigator that launches toxic gases that do more damage to pepole who have been in the poison gas cloud longer.
  • Apocalyfume: A giant fumigation tower that launches gas that instantly kills enemies that are in it for 30 seconds. It also now has spiked walls that damage enemies that try to destroy it.

Corn Cannon Turrents


Icicle Turrent


Syrup Turrent

Syrup Turrents are known to be able to launch bits of syrup that can slow enemies. It also has the highest health of all Turrents.

  • Syrup Turrent: The basic Syrup Turrent. There are no additions.
  • Maple Cannon: This advanced Syrup Turrent now sprays the syrup in a long wave instead of shooting it. The syrup stays after a while on the ground, making pepole who stand on it slower.
  • Syrup Spewer: This cannon of syrup has advanced syrup that now stops opponents instead of slowing them.
  • TBA


Blovers blow nearby enemies and harmful enemies away from the camp. It is advised to put it near the camp.

  • Blover: The basic Blover plant. There are no additions.
  • Fogger Blover: This Blover now makes fog and blows it at enemies, making it hard for enemies to see. This is very strategic, but also risky because only the Turrents will see them if they're fogged up.
  • Blovernado: A giant Blover that creates tornadoes that both push away enemies and harm them.
  • Hurricane Blovernado: A Blovernado that creates a giant hurricane that damages enemies with a wave and then launches them far away with a windstorm.

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