Cameron Hudson
Full Name Cameron Hudson
Current Age 23
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Orange Beach, Alabama
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Good at working in a team
Nationality 25px-Flag of USA
Ethnicity African-American
Height 5'8"
First Appearance The Los Angeles Crew

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Cameron is a human from Alabama. He is a team worker who likes helping out.


Cameron is a somewhat short 23-year-old African-American male and has short black hair. He wears a Miami Heat basketball jersey, light blue jeans and cerulean trainers. He also has a goatee.


Cameron was born in Alabama, but moved to California at a young age. Cameron was never all that excited about life until he met a soon-to-be friend, Vyacheslav Trovorski. The two became friends fast and got along well. Vyacheslav taught Cameron about teamwork, which is something Cameron soon warmed up to. Cameron then decided to do as much team-related stuff he could do and became rather outgoing. Following high school, he and Vyacheslav worked together before meeting a group of others who joined forces and started working together as a big team.


Cameron is happy-go-lucky and tends to try and block out negativity. He likes joking around and helping people.